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Cadia [edit]
by Cadia | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 26, 2008

Long-time best friends Courtney (19) and Tori (19) have been singing and performing together for years. After becoming fast friends in the seventh grade, the girls found themselves walking through their difficult teenage years together. Looking back and learning from these experiences, the girls have banded together to address themes of honesty, empowerment, self-esteem, compassion and confidence found in God. Their name, Cadia, is derived from the Greek word Arcadia, meaning place of peace, symbolizing the peace found when fears, insecurities, and trials are released. Their self-titled debut will feature the Revolve Tour theme song "Inside Out", "Trust In Me Now" and other compelling tracks of encouragement to young people.

Track Listing
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01. Trust in Me Now
02. I'll Stay
03. Safe Place to Fall
04. This One's For the Girls
05. Shadowfeet
06. Jesus
07. Only A Prayer Away
08. Speak
09. Radiate
10. Curious
11. Inside Out

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Nice Debut Album for Female Duo Cadia | Posted October 13, 2008
Cadia is a derivative of the ancient Greek word Arcadia meaning 'a place of peace.' Friends Tori and Courtney have very nice vocals and the great first single Trust In Me Now got my attention earlier this year and is one of the best songs on this nice debut album. One can't help but compare Cadia to fellow female vocalists BarlowGirl and even Britt Nicole and Jessie Daniels and those are certainly fair comparisons.

As a debut album, there are no big surprises on Cadia and if you like teenage female Christian pop artists, you'll like this album. For me, the highlights are Inside Out, the theme song of the Revolve Tour, an upbeat anthem with nice lyrics "Time to bring it to the light, Everything we try to hide, Are you with me, are you ready to shine, From the inside out, Who cares what it looks like, Oh yeah, take your heart for a joy ride." As a father of 3 daughters, I like songs with this kind of positive message for girls. The other highlights for me are the great cover of the excellent Brooke Fraser song Shadowfeet and the Ian Eskelin (All Star United)-penned Jesus. Cadia is certainly a worthwhile choice for fans of this style of album.

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Cadia [Cadia] | Posted September 24, 2008
[Main Review]

Cadia is a derivative of the ancient Greek word Arcadia meaning ‘a place of peace.’ This
new group based out of Nashville, Tennessee consists of long time friends, Victoria ‘Tori’
Smith and Courtney Myers. The group was signed to Fervent Records at the end of last
summer, and after a little wait, release their self-titled debut, ‘Cadia’ which hits stores on
February 26, 2008.

I think Cadia sounds much like their female counterpart and label mates, BarlowGirl. While
I think the similarity between the two lies within the vocals of both, the music is really what
separates the two. Their debut according to the press releases aims at the audience of
the “teenyboppers, rock ‘n’ rollers, schoolboys, and grandmas alike, they have a special
heart for girls in their middle school through college years. Those years are crucial in
shaping one’s future self-image and well-being, a time when young girls most need to be
reminded of Christ’s unconditional love.”

The album features many uplifting and inspirational tracks. One which seems to point
directly to their ‘target’ audience is the song, “This One’s For the Girls”. The song, an
anthem for the new teen, is a reminder of the issues and problems some teen girls may
face through these crucial years. Another song that would fit along the lines of this theme
in my opinion would be the track “Inside Out”.

The one track I enjoyed the most was the Ian Eskelin penned track, “Jesus”. This song
can sum up how I feel at times in my faith. No matter what’s going on in my life, I know my
Savior has ‘been there, done that’. There’s nothing I can go through that my Jesus can’t
get me through. Great song, great message!

One other track that definitely caught my attention was “Speak”. While in my opinion, I
could always sit back and let the Lord speak to me more, and let His word speak to me, I
think this song is a reminder of what our goals and focus should be on. Allowing the Lord
to speak through us. Whether it’s through events, people or even His word. We must take
the time to listen, spend time with Him in praise, worship and prayer.

While the Lord has definitely blessed this group with outstanding and heart-stopping
vocals, I think they sound too much like BarlowGirl and really haven’t established an
identity of their own. I think that there is much time to accomplish this, because after all,
this is their debut and at only 19 years-old, I think they have a bright future ahead of them
in the Christian music.

Closing Thoughts
While I think that Cadia sounds too similar to BarlowGirl, the message of their debut album spreads one of hope, love and encouragement through a meaningful relationship with Christ. I think these girls have a lot of potential and we should expect great things from them in the future!

Rating: 8.0 out of 10 (80%, B-)

Review written by: Jay Heilman

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dreambig (120)

Cadia | Posted April 20, 2008
I agree with everyone else. Cadia is most likely going to be the best new duo of 2008. Their songs are so deep and meaningful. It's hard to choose a favorite song because all of them are great. but the song that really spoke to me was "Safe Place to Fall". but I guess one of my very favorites would be "Inside Out" because that's the first song I heard by them. and it's got great meaning too. so this album is just great overall.

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Great Debut | Posted July 02, 2012

I stumbled upon this album through iTunes’s Genius program, and instantly loved it. Tori and Courtney’s vocals aren’t the best, but they’re really good. All the sings are sweet, including the cover songs This One’s For the Girls and Shadowfeet. The album seems to be aimed toward teenaged girls, but everyone could enjoy it. The messages are positive and Christ centered. Some make you want to dance while others make you cry. My favorite song would be Curious or Speak while my least favorite one would be the cover of Mariah Carey’s This One’s For the Girls (though I do like it better than the original, just never like the song that much).

This album was a great buy! A nice strong debut!

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: ] | Posted November 11, 2008
I usually tend to not like artists who don't write their own songs, but I actually really liked this cd! A few of my favorites on this album are Shadowfeet, Safe Place to Fall, Only a Prayer Away, and Trust in Me Now. I love the harmonies! I hope they make another cd... and maybe write a few song themself? :p

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i LOVE cadia. | Posted April 26, 2008
i never heard of them until i went to Revolve Tour in Atlanta.
and Inside Out was the theme song that year.
it was AWESOME!!!
i wish that they were there now.

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Truly Amazing! | Posted March 13, 2008
Cadia is definitely going to be one of the best new artists of 2008. Their voices blend together to make beautiful harmonies reminiscent of BarlowGirl. The girls both have a bit of a country style to their voices, making them perfect for the songs on the album. "Trust In Me Now" is a beautiful song, but is a rather slow song to start an album. "I'll Stay" picks up the tempo, and has a catchy hook. "Safe Place To Fall", "Only A Prayer Away", and "Speak" follow suit of "Trust In Me Now." Although the album has no true "ballads", these songs are slower-paced pop songs. The ZOEgirl influence is evident in the upbeat songs "Jesus" and "Curious." "Radiate" is another good pop song---not too slow, but not upbeat either. Cadia does a great job on the album's 2 remakes. The cover of Martina McBride's "This One's For The Girls" is perfect for a Christian group to cover, as it reaches out to girls everywhere. Cadia puts more of a pop spin on the song, instead of its original country-pop song. "Shadowfeet," a cover of Brooke Fraser, is amazing. This is by far the best slower song on the album. They take Brooke's original acoustic sound and adds heavier instruments to give the song a "fuller" sound, and to make it more climactic. Another highlight of the album is the song that gave Cadia a name..."Inside Out," the theme song for the ever-popular Revolve Tour. Thousands of teen girls attend this conference every year, which exposed them to this song, and Cadia. The song is as upbeat as the album gets. It has a killer guitar hook and catchy chorus. The only bad thing about the album is that it seems like the girls just want to let loose and rock a little. Their voices seem fit to produce more upbeat, poppy songs like ZOEgirl, but instead the album has a softer tone. I hope that the sophomore release has more upbeat tunes---that will definitely earn them my coveted 5-star rating---and I don't give those often.

Highlights: Shadowfeet, Inside Out, I'll Stay, Trust In Me Now, Curious
Great: Jesus, Safe Place To Fall, Speak, Radiate, Only A Prayer Away, This One's For The Girls
Good: None
OK: None
Bad: None

*Little Known Fact: The brown-haired girl (Courtney Myers) is the older sister of Carolyne Myers of the new teen group, pureNRG.

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kl1995 (52)

Great New Duo!!! | Posted February 28, 2008
Cadia is definitely one of the greatest new duo this year. I love their song 'Trust In Me Now' and can't wait to get money to buy the song on I-Tunes!

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mrgaro (1)

Cadia is great new group | Posted February 09, 2008
Cadia's new album is loaded with exciting songs that speak to teens. These guys are very talented and have a fresh sound with a great message.

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GuiRi (34)

Cadia rock the house ! | Posted January 30, 2008
I listened all the music from your self-titled album, and the most perfect are : Radiate and Only a Prayer Away.
The last is sooo deep !
They sound like the Barlow Girl, but more Pop !
This girls are so talents ! And Courtney is the older sister of Carolyne Meyers from PureNRG, and i don't know ! :P

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Mitzy (109)

LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!!! | Posted September 25, 2008
LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!! I am happy that i got this cd... i've been wanting to get it!! and i love it!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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