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The Kane Mutiny EP [edit]
by Project 86 | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: November 27, 2007

A companion piece to Project 86's Rival Factions, this EP contains two new tracks, two previously unreleased remixes, and the first cover song in the band's history. Songs like "Rte. 66" and the "Kane Mutiny" continue where the epic journey of Rival Factions left off, while the Sisters Of Mercy original "Lucretia, My Reflection" has the band taking on new territory with their version of the goth/new wave track. The two remixes of their previous LP ..And the Rest Will Follow provide fresh interpretations of songs "From December" and "Something We Can't Be" complete with special guest appearances by members of Anberlin and Underoath.

Track Listing
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01. The Kane Mutiny
02. Lucretia, My Reflection
03. Rte. 66
04. Something We Can't Be (Joey B. of The Echoing Green Remix)
05. From December (Randy T. Remix)
06. Evil (A Chorus Of Resistance) Music Video

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pretty good | Posted January 17, 2008
The best thing about this EP is easily the remixes. Finally putting my hands on the song "The Kane Mutiny" felt good too, after feeling ripped off with the whole 'itunes only' situation. Anyway its good but not great.

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Josiah (47)

it's pretty sweet | Posted December 06, 2007
i like it, comes with the weird vid...which i guess is pretty sweet, lol
The Kane Mutiny is a sick track, Rte 66 is pretty good too, the cover is interesting, very different, well, it kinda plays off some of the slower songs from Rival Factions, well, probably vis versa, seeing how it's a cover from an 80's song... lol. But ya, i watched the music vid for the original b4 this EP was released and it reminded me alot of the "slower" songs off RF, like "Normandy" and "Molotov". Then theres the remixes, they're ok, really different than the normal p86 sound. When they put the remixs on myspace awhile back everybody freaked out, idk what the big deal is/was i liked them then and still like them now, it's not like p86 is changeing they're sound, just experimenting a little with something unlike their music. Anyways, all in all, it's a great EP, only 5 bucks too.. OH the booklit thing was pretty interesting as well.
The only thing i don't like about it is that it's only digital, can't get it autographed, and since i don't have an ipod, i can only listen to it on my computer. And they shoulda put that other song that was orignally gonna be on RF, "Digital Dreams" i think it was called, hopefully we'll see that song on something soon... but i'm happy with "The Kane Mutiny" and "Rte 66" for now :) Nnnyways, i like it overall, not entirly sure i like were p86 is goin with there sound, well, i like it but i like the older sound better, lol but ya, this is a good EP, worth the buy

haha, this turned out to be a lot longer than intened...

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