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Fall EP [edit]
by Jon Foreman | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 20, 2007

"Be on the look out. This album is nothing ground-breaking, but it is really good. It's very organic/acoustic/folk. Jon Foreman is such a great songwriter. There are very little if any electric instruments used (electric guitar, synths, electric bass, keyboard, etc.) The drums are VERY minimal to say the least. Lots of great instruments like harmonica, violins, cello, double bass, piano, acoustic guitar, trumpet, organ, and something I can't figure out what it is. Maybe an oboe. Either way, after hearing this, I can't wait to hear what's next."

NOTE: This is a digital only release. The Fall/Winter EP released January 15, 2008.

Track Listing
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01. The Cure For Pain
02. Southbound Train
03. Lord, Save Me From Myself
04. Equally Skilled
05. The Moon Is A Magnet
06. My Love Goes Free

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RossMan (134)

nice job | Posted March 08, 2008
im really excited that switchfoot has been able to go independent and that jon has been able to produce this cd
jon foreman is an inspiring and great man and i think he needed this chance to prove that he is better than most think and hes done it very well congrats jon and i cant wait for the Spring and Summer - EPs
i deffinatly recommend this album

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Fall E.P. | Posted February 16, 2008
Absolutely amazing! A rather surprising twist from the sounds of Switchfoot, and a great way to start off the set of four E.P.s Jon is putting out, both musically and lyrically, look forward to the others!

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Fall - Breathtakingly Beautiful | Posted February 04, 2008
Wow ... I fell in love with this album immediately. The minute I heard "The Cure for Pain" ... I was hooked. I sat in my room with the lights out and just let the lyrics swirl around me. It is like catharsis for the soul. Amazingly stirring ... and it pulls at you. There is a sense melancholy in this album. And when it ends it leaves you with a sense of hope ... somehow. It is definitely breath taking.

It's like listening to the autumn leaves. Their beautiful as they are dying ... but yet you know that after the beauty comes death ... and it leaves you with a bittersweet feeling in your heart. But nevertheless there is hope ... because you know there is new life in spring. It just leaves you thinking ... as it ends with "My Love Goes Free."

Just let go and fall back ... the lyrics are a beautiful balm for the soul. It has a folk sound to it that is so inviting ... daring you to bare your soul.

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Very good | Posted January 15, 2008
I'm not a big fan of switchfoot but when I heard "The Cure For Pain" I knew I'd like this album. Its a great EP and is full of personal songs from Jon Foreman. His vocals are great and the lyrics are something different, but in this case different is good

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joanna (26)

A beautiful new direction | Posted December 07, 2007
This EP takes a different focus to the big rock anthems he is known for with switchfoot, instead featuring stripped back acoustic arrangements. As usual Jon's songwriting is great, but here shows a more personal introspective bent. My personal favorites are The cure for pain and Equally skilled, a song based closely on Micah 7. He has set the bar high for what looks to be an excellent series of EP's.

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Fall... just the begining | Posted December 03, 2007
Over the past decade, Switchfoot has seen sucess in both the mainstream and christian music scene. They have swept listners over with songs like "Dare You To Move", "Meant To Live", "Stars", and many others. Obviously this success is mostly thanks to Jon Foreman; frontman (guitarist, singer, songwriter) of Switchfoot. He has never run out of thoughts and ideas to write songs about. But ofcourse there are songs that are meant for a rock band, and there are songs that are more intimate that only need an acoustic guitar and a mic. Jon has both these sides, and besides Switchfoot songs such as "Let Your Love Be Strong", "Let That Be Enough", "Only Hope", and others, Jon has written some songs that are a bit quiter and obviosuly close to his heart. His new Fall EP is the first of four EPs to be released by him over the next year, cleverly titled Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. These songs express the deepest thoughts that go through the mind of Jon Foreman. These songs really show his love for Christ; something that has been sort of a background message in the Switchfoot songs. "Though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit here in darkness, the Lord, the Lord alone, he will be my light." This is just one example of the incredible message that Jon is sharing. The unique use of bass clarinet and other instruments make the songs very easy to listen to. The beggining of "Southbound Train" starts with a cello and harmonica and give the auditory image of a train. The record was carefully thought through. Jon Foreman has carefully chosen these songs and has done an excellent job making them amazing songs to listen to. The upcoming EPs are really something to look forward to. This is a must hear for any Switchfoot fan, or anybody at all. A great album, by an amazing artist... but it's only the beginning.

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