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Holyname [edit]
by HolyName | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: January 13, 2023

olyName's self-titled debut album from Facedown Records has debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top Christian/Gospel Albums list, #10 on the Top New Artist Albums chart and #15 in Current Hard Music Albums.

"We feel shocked and truly humbled and grateful by the people who have supported this release and made it a success," Tommy Green says as he reflects on the project's wildly successful debut. "The pain and the journey and the faith journey of this record is the substance of struggle and devotion that many people can identity with in these days. There is a time for lament, a time to stop and listen to the pain of the world and the pain of the soul. That is faith as well."

Track Listing
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01. Meet Me Somewhere Quiet
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02. Creed (feat. Rev Gang)
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03. The Sect
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04. Fall on Your Knees
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05. Open Skies
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06. They See
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07. Celestial
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08. Perpetua
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09. Mr. Millstone
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10. My Way
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11. Follower
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12. St. Dismas
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Holyname - Holy Drone Violent Worship | Posted January 21, 2023
What You Need To Know:

Holyname is a band formed through and debuting with Facedown Records. They formed in 2021, comprised primarily of Tommy Green (formerly of Christian metal icon Sleeping Giant) and his friend Joe Holt. After several singles, this is the band's self-titled, debut album and it features a handful of guest vocalists, familiar to fans of Christian metal.

What It Sounds Like:

The band described their music as "holy drone violent worship." Essentially, that is accurate when you understand it and hear the music. "Holy" music is definitely the first and foremost important aspect; a strong focus on Christian faith is evident. The descriptor of "drone" is of the structure of the songs. Often, the songs repeat their truths, much like the style of old hymns.

"Violent" is used as one of many words used to describe the music of hard rock or metal music. There are screams, growls, breakdowns, and all you'd expect from great metal music. And it is "worship" at its core - lyrics wrote like prayers to God and about His people.

Spiritual Highlights:

Tommy Green originally wrote the song "Meet Me Somewhere Quiet" and covered his brother-in-law's song "Fall On Your Knees" to kickstart the project during the 2020-2021 lockdown period. But this was more than just a fun project. Tommy has been going through a difficult time of trials and questions about his charismatic Christian faith. The depth, imagery, and songwriting of this album are reflections on his newfound love and following of the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith.

Each song is vivid in spiritual imagery, even though some of it may be lost on the average, modern Christian denomination follower, as they are based in Orthodoxy. But regardless, his grief and broken-heartedness allowed him to write songs that redirect our focus from struggles and pain to hope and love for God. Combined with his past in the music world, and this revitalized passion, the record produces an intense, theological focus on God while creating unique, memorable music.

Best Song:

The song that best encapsulates everything this record is about would be "Fall on Your Knees." For starters, it features one of the strongest guest vocalist spots with Brook Reeves from Impending Doom closing the song out powerfully. Then, the songwriting is drone-like worship at its finest, immersing the listener into the song and lyrics. And it truly feels like you are singing along to a heavy hymnal of adoration to the Lord. There's not a dull moment in the 8 minutes and it is a prime example of heavy worship.

For Fans Of:

Demon Hunter, My Epic, Mothaltar

Bottom Line:

Facedown Records has had its fair share of unique bands, some of them exclusively forming in or through the label, but nothing quite like Holyname. Even though they remind me of other Facedown bands like My Epic or Everything In Slow Motion, they still stand alone.

I would have loved more songs like "Fall On Your Knees" or "My Way" as the project seems to excel at the longer, droning style of their music. Some of the shorter songs feel rushed and the guest vocals often steal the spotlight. I highly encourage any Christians who are struggling in their faith and have questions to wrestle with the content found within these songs - you will be encouraged. Holyname is a peculiar, yet exceptional band that delivers timeless, reflective truths for all its listeners. Holyname is an instant classic in Facedown Records history and will be a hallmark for future releases.



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