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Milk And Honey [edit]
by Crowder | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: June 11, 2021

"The title "Milk and Honey" is about promise. When God brought his people out of Egypt, He was leading them to the land of Canaan, a land full of every good thing, flowing with milk and honey. But to get there, He led them into the wilderness. Although they were no longer captives, it was gonna be a long, difficult journey to the land of promise.

Mercifully, Almighty God in His sovereignty understood how doubt can creep in and faith in His covenant promise can be eroded and robbed by circumstances and surroundings. So He gave constant reminders that He was leading and that He was with them — fire by night and a cloud by day. ⁠

In between captivity and promise, we need to be reminded. We need something to sing, or hear, or touch, or see in the sky — a signal of what the truth of reality is. If we look and are diligently aware, it’s all around us — in His holy scriptures, in His people, in the beauty of this world that He spoke into being, in images as concrete and as simple as a ring you can slip on your finger to remember: He is God, and He is good. ⁠

This album is a celebration of the future we are marching towards together and a prayer that each of us can live in this promise in the here and now.⁠" -Crowder

Track Listing
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01. Good God Almighty
02. In The House
03. He Is
04. Milk & Honey
05. Higher Power (feat. Hulvey)
06. Sweet Jesus (feat. Maverick City Music)
07. God Really Loves Us (feat. Dante Bowe & Maverick City Music)
08. Who's Gonna Stop The King
09. Better Than Sunrise
10. Glory, Glory (God Is Able)
11. Hallelujah For Every Broken Heart
12. Anchor

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Album Review: Crowder - Milk & Honey | Posted June 10, 2021
What You Need To Know
It's Crowder's 4th solo album! Kind of enough said right there. Crowder's one of the most iconic presences in Christian music today, both in terms of appearance and sound. Whenever he drops a new album, you know it'll be something to pay attention to.

What It Sounds Like
Lead single "Good God Almighty" is a definite product of Christian radio right now. With a call and answer chorus and a funky groove permeating the verses, the song is a definite foot-tapper designed to get people out of their seats and clapping around. Several other songs follow in a similar vein, with Crowder's signature folk-funk style driving the songs home. The title track is primed for similar commercial appeal with these same ingredients. "Who's Gonna Stop the King" manages to be an album highlight, with soft worshipful verses that explode into a rocking power chorus. "Hallelujah For Every Broken Heart" has "Christian Radio Hit" written all over it, with a rousing chorus that both praises the savior and encourages the discouraged. Every part of its composition seems to be made to resonate with radio fans. But "The Anchor" proves that Crowder still knows how to pen an emotive low-key ballad with spine-tingling execution. 

Spiritual Highlights
Crowder is always good for lyrics that aren't afraid to play around with some words toward a greater theme. Lead single "Good God Almighty" reorients a phrase commonly used in a blasphemous way into a straight up praise anthem. Many of the songs deal with the power of God like "Who's Gonna Stop The King" and "In The House." "Hallelujah For A Broken Heart" offers encouragement to those going through stormy seasons. Common themes for Christian music, but delivered in signature Crowder style. 

Best Song
"Who's Gonna Stop The King

For Fans Of
For King & Country, Unspoken, Zach Williams

Bottom Line
Crowder is always reliable for putting out albums that stand out from the pack. Milk and Honey is no exception and will surely be one of 2021's landmark releases in the genre.


Check out Crowder on Apple Music and Spotify.

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BPence (150)

Excellent New Release From Crowder | Posted June 11, 2021
Milk & Honey is Crowder’s fourth studio album and his follow-up to 2018’s I Know a Ghost. Crowder has written that the title Milk & Honey is about promise. The album is a celebration of the future we are marching towards together and a prayer that each of us can live in this promise in the here and now. It features a variety of musical genres, though less of the swamp rock and bluegrass that his previous albums have included. Several of the songs are about Jesus and will make find themselves into worship services. This is one of my top albums of 2020 thus far.   
Below are a few comments about each song:
Good God Almighty – This song was written by Jeff Sojka, Ben Glover and Crowder, and produced by Sojka and Glover. The song has charted high on Christian radio. Crowder describes this song as some good old-fashioned group singing, people singing in harmony. An excellent opening song.
Key lyrics:
Good God almighty, I hope You'll find me
Praising Your name no matter what comes
'Cause I know where I'd be without Your mercy
So I keep praising Your name at the top of my lungs
In the House – This song about the church was written by Jeff Sojka, Ben Glover and Crowder. The song features banjo, drums, bass, backing vocals and hand claps.
Key lyrics:
Doesn't matter if you're rich, you're poor, whoever you are
This is where we all find grace
He Is – This song about Jesus was written by Hank Bentley, Jeff Pardo and Crowder, and produced by Bentley and Pardo.  The song, which builds throughout, features piano, acoustic guitar, bass, banjo, drums and backing vocals. It would be an excellent song to sing in a worship service.
Key lyrics:
He is hope for the hopeless, rest for the weary
Help for the hurting, He is, He is
Mending the broken, bearing the burdens
All that you're needing, He is

Milk & Honey – This song was written by Seth Philpott, Hank Bentley and Crowder, and produced by Zach Paradis and Bentley. This song is about heading to the Promised Land. The upbeat song features Crowder’s swamp sound, banjo, hand claps, percussion and bass.  
Key lyrics:
Choirs will be singing, saints on bended knee
Angels will be dancing, we will all be free
God in all His glory as far as you can see
It's like every day is Sunday in the land of milk and honey

Higher Power – This song is written by Solomon Olds, Rebecca Olds, Jeff Sojka, Crowder, Hulvey and Ben Glover, and is produced by Glover, Sojka and Solomon Olds. This song about the power of God’s gathered people, features Hulvey on vocals. The high energy song is driven by guitar, drums, bass, a heavy beat and backing vocals.    
Key lyrics: 
Higher power
We stronger, we louder
Put your robe on we the choir
We champions, throw the flowers

Sweet Jesus – This song was written by Solomon Olds, Rebecca Olds, Jeff Sojka, Crowder and Ben Glover, and produced by Glover and Sojka. The song features, guitar, finger snaps, bass, drums and the excellent backing vocals of Maverick City Music.  
Key lyrics:
Say His name, say His name
The name above all names 
God Really Loves Us – This song was written by Jeff Sojka, Crowder, Dante Bowe and Ben Glover, and produced by Glover and Sojka. The song features Dante Bowe and Maverick City Music. The song is driven by piano and builds beautifully with the backing vocals.   
Key lyrics: 
We are not alone
God really loves us

Who's Gonna Stop The King – This worship song was written by Jordan Sapp, Jeff Sojka, Crowder, Colby Wedgeworth and Ben Glover and produced by Glover and Sojka. The song begins with hand claps, and builds, with bass, percussion and backing vocals. No one is going to stop the King.  
Key lyrics:  
Praise Him, praise Him
Praise the everlasting King
Better Than Sunshine – This song was written by Jeff Sojka, Crowder and Ben Glover and produced by Glover and Sojka. The song about Jesus features acoustic guitar, percussion, bass and backing vocals.  
Key lyrics:
My Savior is better
My Jesus is better
His love is forever
Glory, Glory (God Is Able) – This gospel song was written by Ed Cash and Crowder and produced by Ben Glover and Jeff Sojka. The toe-tapping song features piano, bass, percussion, backing vocals and banjo.
Key lyrics:
I feel better
So much better
Since I laid my burden down

Hallelujah For Every Broken Heart – This song was written by Ed Cash, Crowder and Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE, and produced by Ben Glover and Jeff Sojka. Jesus uses all of the pain and hurt in our lives. The song features bass, piano, hand claps and backing vocals.
Key lyrics:
Hallelujah for a broken heart
Hallelujah when I'm falling apart
There's a sun rising when the sky is dark
I'm singing, hallelujah for a broken heart

The Anchor – This song was written by Tommee Profitt and Crowder and produced by Profitt. The song, about Jesus, features piano, a passionate vocal and builds powerfully with a chorus.  
Key lyrics:
He is the anchor
He is the anchor of my soul
Best songs
Good God Almighty
He Is
Milk & Honey
Sweet Jesus
God Really Loves Us
Glory, Glory (God is Able)
The Anchor

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