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DOOM. EP [edit]
by Social Club Misfits | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: September 20, 2019

Track Listing
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01. Doom.
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02. Believe
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03. Tamo Aqui (feat. Rey King)
04. God WYA
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05. Enough (feat. Austin French)
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06. Stones
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Entry last edited by BraddenFord_NRT on 09.20.19

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BPence (91)

Excellent EP from Social Club Misfits | Posted November 19, 2019
Social Club Misfits, comprised of rappers Fern (Fernando Miranda) and Marty Mar (Martin Lorenzo Santiago), return with Doom, an excellent six-song EP. I've enjoyed some of their previous music, particularly 2018's Into the Night, and its predecessor 2017’s The Misadventures of Fern & Marty. I really enjoyed Doom and look forward to their new full-length release.
Below are a few comments about each song:  
Doom – This song was written by Jung Youth, Dave James and Marty and Fern, and produce by James and Marty. Jung Youth handles the vocals on the chorus, with Marty and Fern each taking one of the verses. If they can reach one person, it will be worth it. It’s never been about fame, but purpose. God never said it would be easy, but that He would be by their side and never leave them.  
The song features keys and some nice percussion.
Key lyric:
I know that You’ll be there
Now there’s no more doom
Believe – This song was written by Fern and Marty, and produced by DJ Pez and Marty. Dave James adds vocals to the song. Marty has stated that the song is about struggling with faith, looking for an answer and waiting on a response. Do you still believe in what you can’t see? The song features keys, percussion and bass.  
Tamo Aqui – This song was written by Fern, Marty and Israel Steven Mercedes. The song was produced by Rey King, who also sings the chorus. The song title means “We are here” in English. Fern sings the first verse in Spanish and Marty the second in English. The song features a good beat, horns and backing vocals.
God WYA – This song was written by Fern, Marty and Ben Lopez and produced by Lopez. He’s sorry for the time he’s wasted, when he took God for granted. Now, the more he prays the freer he feels. The song features a good beat, driven by bass, percussion, keys, backing vocals, and has a memorable chorus.  
Enough – This song was written by Fern, Marty, Willyecho and Austin French. It was produced by Jordan Sap. Austin French handles vocals on the chorus and bridge. The joyful song features finger snaps, bass, keys and percussion. Even when we’re broken and tired, God is enough, enough, enough. A highlight.  
Stones – This song was written by Fern and Marty and produced by Dave James and Marty. The song features guitar, backing vocals, bass, drums and synth. The song is about being honest about our struggles. We don’t always understand, but it’s the peace of God that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7).  
Key lyric:
I know I’m not perfect
But You still said I’m clean
Best songs:

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DOOM. EP by Social Club Misfits | Posted October 20, 2019
At first, when I heard the Social Club Misfits' first single off this EP: "Believe" on August 16th, I was so excited, but it wasn't that great as I had expected it to be. Mainly because it was pretty much the same tune and melody during the entire song which was kind of disappointing. Then I heard another lo-fi song off the project: "Tamo Aqui" featuring Rey King on the choruses. I was pretty happy with the tune on this one, it was catchy. But the thing that was annoying was the flute over the vocals coming into the chorus (sung by Fern).
When I heard they were actually gonna do the whole EP all lo-fi, I got scared. I was thinking of the work they put out already off the EP. But to my surprise, on September 20th, when it released, I was pretty impressed with the songs they had new on there, especially "Enough" featuring Austin French and "Stones." The songs they released before dropping the complete project weren't that good but the other songs were really good. I'm happy for this EP to be out in the world, honestly. They did really well on the last songs I think.

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