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Truthless Heroes [edit]
by Project 86 | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: September 12, 2002

Integrating catchy melodies and rock 'n' roll sensibilities to their already bone-crushing nu-metal sound, Project 86 forges ahead into new territory for heavy music. Shunning "rap-metal" conventions, Truthless Heroes confronts capitalism, compromise, and eternity with a solid delivery of hard rock.

Lead vocalist and primary lyricist of Project 86, Andrew Schwab, stated in an interview that he had "different aspirations for [it] than what came out."
The lack of success for "Truthless Heroes" was unfortunate. This concept album was designed to express the story of a character attempting to find fulfillment in modern culture. Some depressing, but heartfelt lyrics may have caused some of the lack of satisfaction with the album from fans.

Track Listing
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01. Little Green Men
02. Caught in the Middle
03. Know What it Means
04. Salem's Suburbs
05. ...A Word From Our Sponsors
06. S.M.C.
07. Team Black
08. Your Heroes are Dead
09. ...To Brighten Your Day
10. Another Boredom Movement
11. Bottom Feeder
12. Shelter Me Mercury
13. ...And Help You Sleep
14. Last Meal
15. Soma
16. Hollow Again
17. ...With Regards, T.H.

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Love this cd | Posted March 06, 2008
this my actually be my number one or two of my favorite project 86 cds...

its kinda funny because this was the roughest cd for project to make because they were struggling a lot at the time and a lot of thier fans left them... i dont think i would have if i was a fan back then...

but its funny cuz a lot of people actually dislike this record.. or so i hear... but i think the songs are amazing!!

sure, people say "oh the lyrics are so depressing.. blah blah blah blah"

i think they are pretty cool..

sure andrew writes lyrics that are hard to decipher but that doesnt mean you cant love the songs!! they do have great meaning and its up to you to decide what they are!

again Truthless Heroes is an amazing cd i recommend it for whoever likes this type of music..

favorite songs: little green men, salem's suburbs*, S.M.C., Team Black (woo), Another Boredom Movement, Bottom Feeder, Shelter Me Mercury*, Last Meal*, Soma*, Hollow Again*..

**** these songs make me extra happy even though they might depress you XD


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and thats the truth. | Posted March 04, 2008
yet project 86 always insists on cranking out another great album i dont know how they do it, but their songs are great as well as the messages!

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Awesome Band, Awesome Album | Posted February 10, 2008
Project 86 is the best band of all time in my opinion. Andrew Schwab is so good at expressing his emotions through his heart pounding lyrics. Their music videos are very interesting to watch. Truthless Heroes is the best album they have put out in my opinion. First of all, this album offers a full experience, boasting 17 tracks. There are 4 or 5 tracks that are interludes, but even so, these are great additions and intermissions between the gut wrenching guitar riffs. Each song is insane. The best part of the album comes at the end with a cluster of the 3 best songs on the album residing here. Schwab's screams and melodies are so powerful and they really draw you into the music. The theme of the album is like Schwab picking out the faults of the world and revealing them. Even though he doesn't really give any resolutions to these problems, he makes them evident, and in a very profound fashion. Overall, this is a fantastic album that doesn't get old. I am still listening to it to this day and it's about 4 years old. It is Project 86's best work, and you should definitely but it. They are definitely the best hard rock band EVER. Yes, EVER. Buy it, listen to it, bask in the glory that is Project 86.

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Rock on | Posted September 26, 2007

This album rocks my socks off. More melodious than all of their other albums but still is hard enough to keep me entertained, half of the songs on the CD deserve to be instant classics, and the other half are still better than 97.5% of all other music available today.

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Josiah (47)

I Like This Album Alot | Posted July 07, 2007
This is definetly their softest album (although it is still very hard) with alot more melodies then any other album they've released. My Favorite songs are probably "Caught In The Middle", "Your Heroes Are Dead", and "Know What It Means".

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