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Insomniatic [edit]
by Aly & AJ | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 10, 2007

Anyone who has ever met Aly & AJ Michalka has no doubt experienced their infectious energy, and felt their passion for music and for life. Their music comes from the heart. Herein the insomnia begins.

The follow up to Aly & AJ's platinum debut Into the Rush is Insomniatic which arrives in stores July 10 on the eve of their US headline tour. The CD was written or co-written entirely by Aly & AJ, and showcases the girls' strengths as songwriters and musicians.

In the two years since their initial debut album, Aly & AJ have grown...and so has their music. The central theme of Insomniatic is relationships, both the ups and the downs, and it lyrically demonstrates female self-empowerment and vulnerability as only Aly & AJ can.

Insomniatic begins with Aly & AJ's first single "Potential Breakup Song" which adds a distinct rhythmic element to their signature rock/pop sound. In "Bullseye" the girls voices are both slinky and sneering as they wrap around near thrashing guitar jams reminiscent of The Runaways. In "Division" Aly's crystalline and angelic voice segues into AJ's booming bluesy voice seamlessly. "Like Whoa" starts with soft cooing and transitions into a high energy danceable chorus. The album offers a softer side of the sisters as well, in songs like "Silence" and "I'm Here" to which Aly & AJ added piano and strings.

Aly said of Insomniatic, "This record is more experimental for us. It still has flavors from our first record, but we definitely worked on different sounds and production on this album." Added AJ, "We're looking forward to touring right after the album comes out. We've added a lot of different elements to the show with all the new songs, and can't wait to play live again."

Track Listing
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01. Potential Breakup Song
02. Bullseye
03. Closure
04. Division
05. Like It Or Leave It
06. Like Whoa
07. Insomniatic
08. Silence
09. If I Could Have You Back
10. Flattery
11. I'm Here
12. Chemicals React (Remix)
13. Careful with Words [Wal-Mart Bonus Track]
14. Tears [Target Bonus Track]

Entry last edited by LampaFan on 10.17.08

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Logan (12)

A solid sophomore release | Posted February 16, 2008
Perhaps one of the most successful teen artists of all time, Aly & AJ return for a follow up to the platinum selling Into the Rush. But is it safe to call it a follow up? Lyrically, the album is a huge step forward and several small steps back at the same time - no, there's no cursing or sensuality, but nothing even comes close to the positivity of the first record. Rather, Aly & AJ seemed to have a fun time bashing a certain ex-boyfriend on this record, with songs like "Potential Breakup Song" and "Division" clear evidence of that.

Still though, the album does offer quite a bit of light along with the darkness - "Blush" proves a standout, speaking out and strongly advocating purity until marriage. The album offers other catchy pop songs including "Bullseye" and "If I Could Have You Back" and perhaps the only two faith-backed songs on the album, "Silence" and "I'm Here" are standouts as well.

Sum-up: Another solid record from a Christ-fearing duo, with a little bit of bad after taste. A good alternative to Hilary Duff, though.

Songs to Download: "Silence," "Closure," "Blush," and "Like Whoa."

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LampaFan (182)

A Huge Jump From Their Debut! | Posted November 14, 2008
This is a huge jump from their debut! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE "Potential Breakup Song" and "Like Whoa". Like whoa, they're awesome! WAYYY better than their debut!

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Pretty Good | Posted September 25, 2008
I normally don't go for the striaght up pop stuff like Aly and Aj,but this cd is pretty good.Granted,it doesn't sound like they spent a ton of time on writing the lyrics,but the music makes up for it.All in all,this CD is good.I really like Closure,Like It Or Leave It,and Like Whoa.

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joanna (29)

Disapointing | Posted August 15, 2008
There are a few good tracks on this album, Like Woah is fun. On the whole though i was disappointed. i found the songwriting to be nothing particularly deep or clever. There's nothing particularly distinctive about the music, its similar to what a lot of other artists are doing. Unless you are really into this kind of pop music it isn't worth wasting your time or money on.

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Little Mix | Posted June 21, 2008
This was my first listen to the duo Aly & AJ and honestly it was more popish than I expected. Yet most of the lyrics are thoughtful and fun. "Division" and the title track "Insomniatic" have a more rock tone than the others and also happen to be my two favorite songs on the entire recording. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys light upbeat pop and a little bit of rock.

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aly and aj rock! | Posted April 26, 2008
aly and aj are very good!
i love potential breakup song.
its catchy to me.
because at first i didnt really like aly and aj but when i first heard that song i loved them instantly.

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Good but.... | Posted March 14, 2008
I have to say, this cd was more personal to them and I could tell most of these songs were written just from a certain situation. Not that they were forced to write a song. Umm I understand that they originated with Disney and everything associated but it seems as though they wanted to just write a bunch of songs about their faith but didn't want to lose their audience. I really wish they would have written more about their faith and love for Christ without the subliminal messages. I still think it's a goos cd but it's more for girls who have just gotten over a break-up (or make-up as was referred to in "Potential Breakup Song").

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Even worse than before... | Posted December 23, 2007
This album is worse than Into The Rush. At least there were a couple redeemable songs on that one, whereas this one has none. Zero.

It makes me so mad that Aly & AJ claim their lyrics are from a Christian perspective. If you get beyond the musical qualities of "Potential Breakup Song" and actually listen to the lyrics then you'll be astonished. The chorus is to a boy, telling him "you're not living until you're living, living with me." That is downright horrible. Is that the kind of example that should be set for young women and girls? I think not. If Aly & AJ really are Christians, then they need to be living for God and glorifying Him with their music. That's what it's all about.

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"Insomniatic" Won't Put You To Sleep... | Posted October 08, 2007
After the awesome album "Into The Rush," in which I loved every single track, I was expecting "Insomniatic" to be the same. The style is wayyyy different than ITR, in a good way for the most part. Although the album as a whole doesn't measure up to ITR, some songs do. The album opens with "Potential Breakup Song," the first single. This song has a happy feel to it with a more poppy, dance-y sound to it---a lot different than the more acoustic, soft rock style of ITR. This song is somewhat addictive. I loved this song at first, but it gets annoying after a while. The next 2 songs have a more ITR feel to them with midtempo soft rock sounds (Bullseye, Closure). Both songs are catchy in their own right, but neither are favorites. The spoken ridge in "Bullseye" is quite cheesy and "Closure"'s chorus is very repetitive. Next up is the first ballad, "Division." This is definitely a stand-out track and the strongest ballad. It has more of a rock "power ballad" style to it, and the chorus is unbelievably catchy for a slow song. Track 5 is the upbeat "bob-your-head" kind of rock song, reminding me of Avril Lavigne's latest album. The catchy "Like It Or Leave It" is another strong track on the album with a very addicting tune. "Like Woah" is next, with a PBUS style to it---more poppy, dance-y, and just plain fun. The title track is next, and has an odd rhythm pattern, which makes it very unique. Its chorus is addictive and guitar-driven, harder than anything else on the record. "Silence" is a slower tune, which I'm just not a fan of. It isn't catchy or addictive and it's just kinda boring. "If I Could Have U Back" is a combination of Bullseye and Like It Or Leave It, style-wise. It's addictive and fun (LIOLI), and has a soft rock/pop style (BE). "Blush" is a beautiful, pretty ballad, with hard-hitting lyrics, probably the most mature song on the album. "Flattery" and "I'm Here" are less than impressive, sort of mellow and boring, like Silence.

Excellent: Division, Like It or Leave It, Insomniatic, Like Whoa, If I Could Have You Back
Good: Potential Breakup, Bullseye, Closure
OK: Silence, I'm Here, Flattery
Bad: None

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THIS CD SUCKS! | Posted September 09, 2008
oh my gosh! i thought they were Christians?? wut is this ?? a game to them ?? The song "Potential Break-up song" is aweful! NONE OF THEIR LYRICS MENTION GOD!!!! and DID YOU NOTICE THAT IN THE POTENTIAL BREAK-UP SONG VIDEO , ALY AND AJ QUICKLY FLIP THE FINGER TO THE CAMERA! IF YOU SLOW IT DOWN HALFWAY THRU THE SONG YOU'LL SEE IT!!!

I CAN"T BELIEVE THEM> Their cd;s should NOT be sold in Christian bookstores

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w/e | Posted January 21, 2008
pssshhhh..... loserfaces..... it is worst than the other ones. i like SOME songs, but idk.. i guess they try to please their mom AND their dad in their songs, being Christian, and unChristian....

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