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Open Eyes [edit]
by Beacon Light | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: April 14, 2015

A lot of emotion and energy went in to creating Beacon Light's 3rd studio album, "Open Eyes." The album is the story of the highs and lows of life and features guest appearances by Steven Malcome, Kaylee Johnson, Chase Stancle and more!

Don't miss the impactful singles, "Overload," "Color Blind" and more!

Track Listing
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01. Open Eyes (Intro)
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02. Y.W.N.T.M.D (feat. Steven Malcolm)
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03. Overload (feat. Kaylee Johnson)
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04. Color Blind (feat. Chase Stancle)
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05. They Don't Want It
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06. Party (feat. George Moss)
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07. Can't You See
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08. Never Die
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09. Heal Me (feat. Briana Bailey & B. Coe)
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10. Jesus Loves Me
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11. VIDEO: Making of the Album: Part 1
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12. VIDEO: Making of the Album: Part 2
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Telling Redemption Stories | Posted May 12, 2015
Beacon Light, the young Grand Rapids, MI native, is back with what could only be described as a young man's story of redemption. Open Eyes is evidence that the church is becoming bolder in telling the truth and, although some may be not ready to hear the truth, young artists are beginning to infuse a level of reality into their artistry that was once considered taboo.

On first listen I was surprised at a few things-- some negative, some positive. On the negative side, I was surprised at how much "Open Eyes (Intro)" sounded like another young Michigan native, namely NF. On the turn up track "YWNTMD," Beacon's sound changes and morphs to that of Skrip, and on "Overload" it sounds like Andy Mineo showed up. I'm not sure if this speaks to a young man trying different styles to find his niche, or to the current homogeneity of Christian Hip Hop.

But this album is not just about style. Beacon shares his heart. This is the heart of hip hop: challenge your listeners, tell the truth and do not be afraid. On "Overload," he talks about the overwhelming love of Christ that overloaded his life. With "Heal Me," Beacon lays out struggles with his faith, the hurt of a daughter who died and the divorce of his parents. He lays the pain inside in front of the cross and asks Jesus to heal him and all of the broken hearts that are in the church and around the church. This is an open prayer that we can all pray. 

The boldness is front and center on "Color Blind." It is not common for race relations to be talked about in Christian music, and it is even less common for a white man to ask forgiveness for the actions of his ancestral past regardless of his direct involvement. The song resonated with me given my own personal history.

In what is the most honest and heartbreaking track I've listened to since Tedashii's "Chase," "Jesus Loves Me" is Beacon's personal testimony. It goes from being raised the church, the damage done when he was molested, the questions of whether or not Jesus loved him during this time and then the pain that went through the family when his parents were divorced. It is a heart wrenching song, then there is hope in the voice singing the children's song: "Yes, Jesus loves me / Yes, Jesus loves me / Yes, Jesus loves me / the bible tells me so." I found my heart beating faster and my emotions rising as I listened, leading to the prayer of faith and the moment of redemption for both Beacon and the album.

Closing Thoughts:
I applaud Beacon Light for his willingness to share openly and to be honest about his past. This may not sound any different than any other general market hip hop, however, Beacon Light does not glorify his past, but glorifies the God that saved him and redeemed him from his past. If you have been struggling with your faith in any way, shape or form, this album carried a clear message of redemption in a young man, and a message of redemption that you too can grab a hold of, pray for Jesus to heal you and know that He loves you.

Song to Download Now: 
"Jesus Loves Me" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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