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Rope [edit]
by Lexi Elisha | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 05, 2014

"Perfection, the unattainable dream, purity, self-worth, nostalgia, contentment, happiness…these things are on full display on the Rope EP" Taking listeners on a vulnerable, emotional journey, Lexi's creativity and writing cannot be denied throughout the carefully crafted Rope EP. Her passion for music, family, the place she grew up, and heart wrenching love are undeniable themes. Against the odds of many 21 year old singer/songwriters, Lexi created a glorious, haunting story concerted with tender, yet potent vocals.

Track Listing
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01. Lucky Girl
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02. Trailside Road
03. Young and Beautiful
04. Rope
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05. Weaker Mind
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06. White Fence
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Vulnerable and emotional journey | Posted August 14, 2014
Taking listeners on a vulnerable and emotional journey, indie singer-songwriter Lexi Elisha has delivered Rope EP. Every song connects emotionally with listeners. Lexi displays incredible maturity for a 21-year old singer-songwriter, writing introspective songs about her family, the place she grew up, and heart wrenching love.

The album opens with a prayerful song of hopefulness with “Lucky Girl” which reminds me of “Well Done” by Moriah Peters, where the faith based singer counts her blessings which she knows come from God.

“Trailside Road” moves me to tears as the song allows listeners to eavesdrop on Lexi expressing the hurt she’s experienced as she prays: “I lie awake at night / Seeing visions of my past / This heavy heart of mine / Never fails to bring me back.” The song has a modern day Psalm feel as her brokenness is so heartfelt and personal and she continues with a David-like realization, “My eyes fixed on the sight / Of you under the street light / Find myself on my own, On my own.” It is a captivating and poignant song.

One of my favorite songs on the album is Young and Beautiful.” As my 3 daughters grow up, this is a message about finding their true identity in Christ and that they will always be young and beautiful to me that I want them to know: "To be innocent / To feel alive in my own skin."  You can hear Lexi's personal connection to the lyrics as she sings this emotionally charged and catchy song.

I can't get enough of the introspective and vulnerable song, “Rope.” You’ll feel the emotion poignantly expressed by Lexi as she passionately sings, “Love will make you hurt, it has no sympathy, like an overdose of hope that leads to empty realities, you’ll say I’m the one to blame.”

“Weaker Mind” is ultimately a message directed to men about not being objectified as a woman and listening to God’s ‘still small voice’ for truth and finding her identity to pass on to other women with the deeply moving lyrics, “I will not sell my soul to gain…I’ll live and die broken instead…find a weaker mind.”

Lexi’s vocals and heartfelt sincerity in many of the songs including "White Fence" cause me to hang on every word she brilliantly sings.  Lexi pours her heart out in every single song which allows listeners to eavesdrop on her expressing her deep feelings, insecurities, and heart cries.
Closing Thoughts:
Lexi Elisa has delivered the ideal album to minister to anyone struggling with fear and self-doubt. I really enjoy how each song gives a glimpse of how Lexi is processing the events in her life.  If you are looking for the words to express your feelings in times of hurting and pain, these songs are a wonderful companion. The stand-out songs “Trailside Road,” “Young and Beautiful,” “Rope,” “Weaker Mind” and “White Fence” are the most transparent, vulnerable and authentic songs I’ve heard in quite a while. If you like ambient indie style “gourmet” singer-songwriters like Lara Landon, Sara Groves and Audrey Assad, you need to check out Lexi Elisha. Musically and lyrically, I am captivated by the hook-filled and honest nature of these songs. The album features a great mix of laid-back indie-pop and singer-songwriter pop music like Adele, Lana Del Rey and Dara Maclean. Give Rope a few deep listens and you'll love it. I hang on every single word and the stirring vocals, transparent lyrics and musical arrangements are breath-taking.

Song to download now:
“Trailside Road” (Get it on iTunes here).

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TRENDING NEWS STORIES NRT Books Announces Launch | 'Mixtape Theology' Releasing October 2 |More News

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