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Jonas Brothers [edit]
by Jonas Brothers | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 07, 2007

Jonas Brothers' self-titled album features the hits "Hold On," "Kids Of The Future," "Year 3000," "S.O.S". The album includes a hidden track, #15, with the Baby Bottle pop theme song, which they did for a commercial.

#5 - Billboard 200
"Year 3000" - #31 Hot 100
"Hold On" - #53 Hot 100
"S.O.S." - #17 Hot 100
"When You Look Me In the Eyes" - #25 Hot 100
RIAA Certified 2x Platinum (2,000,000 copies sold)

Track Listing
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01. S.O.S
02. Hold On
03. Goodnight And Goodbye
04. That's Just The Way We Roll
05. Hello Beautiful
06. Still In Love With You
07. Australia
08. Games
09. When You Look Me In The Eyes
10. Inseparable
11. Just Friends
12. Hollywood
13. Year 3000
14. Kids Of The Future
15. Baby Bottle Pop (Wal-Mart Bonus Track)

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i love the jobros. | Posted December 05, 2008
oh yeah.
i love ALL of the songs on this album.
i think i could probably listen to them twenty-four/ seven.
yeah i like it that much.
hah. =)
my favorite song out of all of them is probably well i cant pick i love them all.

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When You Look Me In The Eyes | Posted June 07, 2008
So I was on GodTube and they had "When You Look Me In The Eyes" music video. And someone said that people ususally think that they are talking about a girl looking them in the eyes, but actually their dad is a strong christian and I guess he helped them write this song and it is really talking about God. I thought that was col. I LOVE this song because of the nice beat and everything! It's pretty!

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Anyone else think so... | Posted October 20, 2007
Does anyone else think this cd is better than the first! They all sound much better,and much much more mature, compaired to the last cd. Though for a "christian" band it would be nice to hear more lyrics made for God and not girls (although the songs for girls, are always so sweet, and make me wanna smile!) This is a great cd, in the song "hollywood", they tell their fans that their not falling for the whole hollywood act.
They may be doing a lot of stuff with disney (songs,movie,tv show, concerts, guest roles,ect)
but they still keep their faith going strong,
in fact "that's just the way we roll",
kinda reminds you of "I am what I am" off the first album, both reminds us all to stay true to ourselves. These boys have come a long way in such a short time, and I can't wait for more.
But I am going to take half a star away, just because they need to start including God in on these songs!Hope this review helps!

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... | Posted July 08, 2008
I love the Jonas Brothers. They are amazing!!!!!!!!. The best song on the abum, by far, is "When you Look Me in the Eyes"!!!! I just love that song!!!

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jonas brothers rox! | Posted April 27, 2008
there songs are really catchy.
and very good too.
when you look me in the eyes is the BEST song on here.
its like #1!!!
oh yeah!
most people my age are like jonas brothers are childish and all this.
but i like them.

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irocketh (90)

Really bad | Posted April 07, 2008
Where do all these talent less kid pop bands come from? Is there like some magic forest where they just grow on trees? Their's nothing to set these boys apart from everybody else! The vocals stink, they're no talent on the guitar work, and the lyrics are just about girls.

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JB | Posted January 15, 2008
Hey I love the Jonas Brothers and i think that they will be the next big thing in the Disney world and then I think that they sould really enhance there Christianity and then they will be the best thing in the world and then they could be the best and I would die to meat them and they are the coolest to me and I love them and you should too. Just sayin.

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Jonas Brothers | Posted December 16, 2007
Oh my goodness! I love this cd! I got this cd around a month ago, and I have listened to it everyday. I love S.O.S, and Hold On! They are uplifting and encouraging! When You Look Me In The Eyes is a very romantic song. LOL, I would like if that song could be played at my wedding. (not that i'm engaged or anything)Year 3000, and Kids of the Future, are great songs too! LOL, I'm not sure what year 3000 means but that's okay. But I enjoy the cd. I love all of their songs!

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More God Stuff Please! | Posted November 21, 2007
I agree with chickyboom52. You can really tell the Jonas Brothers have matured more on this album, but I really would like more direct faith filled songs from them in the future! Their songs are sweet, but the lyrics are just all about girls for the most part. I think my favorite songs have got to be the ones that aren't so girl-oriented: "Hold On," "That's Just The Way We Roll" and "Hollywood." I would include "Kids Of The Future" in that, but personally I find that song a cheesy rip-off of "Kids In America." You just can't take a classic song like "Kids In America" and change the lyrics! It's not right! But, all in all, I do like the Jonas Brothers a whole lot and I'll give this CD 4 1/2 stars. All I ask for are more songs about God, please! :)

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=] | Posted September 27, 2007
This is great for any preteen. Anyone older than that, I'm not so sure.

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