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In Memory [edit]
by April Sixth | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 08, 2005

Track Listing
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01. Roses
02. It's Not Good Enough
03. Dear Angel
04. Living A Lie
05. Same As Me
06. Foster
07. Bring Me Down
08. Here I Am
09. Shadowed
10. You Come Around
11. In Memory

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full song reviews! Go the 6'th!!! | Posted April 22, 2008
it took me forever to find this album, but it was worth it!!! more then worth it!!!! lol...

Roses ~ 4.5/5 one of, if not the, best song's on the album. musically it's crazy. love the intro!!! not much beets it!!

It's Not Good Enough ~ 5/5! it's nut's!! there's even a drum solo in it!!!! now that's hard to come by these day's!!! *nod* lol... so ya, this is my 2'nd fav.

Dear Angel ~ 6/5 j/k. but ya, it's that good, nice blends, good acoustic parts, it's the radio friendly song, so this was the first one I heard by them... and then I bought the album... so ya....

Foster ~ 4/5 great song. the guitar is incredible!! he's nut's... great drum riffs! great song!!

Living a lie ~ 4/5 not my personal fav. but it's amazing anyway!! guitar's pretty good. and then of course the drums are good drum solo? maybe? ya, good song!

Bring me Down ~ 4/5 good, but not amazing... kinda the weak song on the album, but not to bad... guitar, drums, and vocals, surprisingly, were vary good...

Here I Am ~ 5/5 love the song!! it's really good can't say much about it, but it's really good... good melody. did I mention the drums?

Shadowed ~ 5/5 sweet!!! awesomeness!! insane!!! the best song on the album!! by far!!! but not my fav. surprisingly...

Same As Me ~ 4/5 Good Melody, guitar's good with vocals.... over all not to bad a song...

You Come Around ~ 4.5/5 lyrically the best on the album!! musically not so much, but not to bad...the drums are not to bad...

In Memory ~ 9 million/5 best title track I've ever heard!!!!!! not kidding!! if you had to get only one song, get this one!!!! but then you'd miss out on the rest....anyways the drums, not to crazy, but vary nice beet's... vary creative!! guitar's good.... My #1 fav. one the album!!! can't go wrong with this one...

So let's recap, great album, well worth the 15 or so you'll spend on it... the only complaint I have is the lyrics, a lot of the son's are about suicide.... but I guess no one's perfect, but this band shore come's close!!!
Hope this helps!

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