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Reanimated [edit]
by FF5 (formerly Family Force 5) | Genre: Electronic/Dance | Release Date: June 18, 2013

Family Force 5's latest 12-track electronic album will be released digitally on June 18th and available available on the bandís online store as well as at summer festivals. The album will be a perfect addition to any Family Force 5 collection, as it features three new songs and nine remixes of FF5 songs from releases "III" and "III.V" in addition to classic throwback tunes from "Business Up Front/Party In The Back."

Track Listing
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01. Chainsaw (f/ Tedashii)
02. Phenomenon
03. Superhero (Nico Stadi Remix)
04. Cray Button (McSwagger Remix)
05. Wobble (Smile Future Remix)
06. Can You Feel It (The Toxic Avenger Remix)
07. Paycheck (Riley Friesen Remix)
08. Zombie (McSwagger Remix)
09. Get On Outta Here (Riley Friesen Remix)
10. Next Level (F/ Soul Glow Activatur and LZ7)
11. Love Addict (RAC Mix Remixed by AndrC Allen Anjos)
12. Put Ur Hands Up (Davis Harwell Remix)

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Electronic Animation | Posted June 21, 2013
Family Force 5 has long been known for their rock-turned-dance-party approach to music. With their sizzling summer remix album, one of the most dance-inducing bands in Christian music just kicked it up to the next level.

The album starts off with one of the three tracks not heard on previous albums, the in-your-face single “Chainsaw.” Tedashii spits some rap rhymes on the bridge, adding to the gritty tone of the track. “Phenomenon” is the second original song, taking a much more slick and atmospheric approach. This track is one of the results of FF5 frontman Soul Glow Activatur’s partnership with NGEN radio.

“Superhero,” a late addition to 2011’s III, is the first to get the remix treatment. The Nico Stadi remix doesn’t remove the sober and vulnerable heart of the song, but it changes the musical vibe to a dark-edged dance track with sharp vocals. “Cray Button” comes next with a remix that removes some of the rock punch of the original while still maintaining a very beat-centered danceability.

A quirky, dynamic treatment of “Wobble” takes the track in a very different musical direction from the original, although the alternately chill and grungy sound works surprisingly well. “Can You Feel It” is also taken in a much different direction with a remix that glosses over the original’s high octane rock and roll feeling in favor of a drifting, extra-terrestrial detachment.

“Paycheck” features the strongest dubstep influence on the album, taking an already more sober song in an even darker direction with deep vocal distortion and dirty bass drops. Previously heard in the music video credits, the full “Zombie” remix takes some of the strongest melody elements of the original and layers it with some intense electronic programming.

Bass-heavy “Get On Outta Here” gets a remix that maintains the aggressive self-confident swagger, drawing out the already strong beat even more to emphasize the punch-in-the-face quality of the song’s theme. “Next Level” is another new track featuring British rap outfit LZ7. This is music tailored to pump up a crowd, bringing out the best of Family Force 5’s high-energy dance party elements.

The last dance remix takes on Family Force 5’s older classic “Love Addict.” This take on the song effectively updates the song to a style closer to the five piece’s more recent electronic dance direction without toning down the energy level. The album finishes with an acoustic cover by David Harwell of older Family Force 5 jam “Pur Ur Hands Up.” The arrangement works surprisingly well, although the chill acoustic sound seems slightly out of place beside the bumping beats driving the rest of the collection.

Closing Thoughts:

Reanimated is a solid collection of remixes that should effectively tide Family Force 5 fans over until another full release while also potentially drawing in more electronic music fans. It’s a good balance of maintaining the heart of each song while still giving each enough of a makeover to give fans a reason to purchase the reimagined tracks. This is also a very worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for a solid, bass-heavy dance album with clean lyrics that still maintain an energy-infused punch.

Song to Download Now:

“Chainsaw” (Get it on iTunes here.)

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Reanimated and Remixed | Posted August 20, 2013
 Family Force 5 is still going strong with their latest album, Reanimated.  Employing some remixers from Dance or Die with a Vengeance, plus some new guys, FF5 has put together a good blend of new songs and remix genres ranging from hardcore house to dubstep to trap to alternative hip hop.

The first track, "Chainsaw" is one of the newbies.  It's a gritty, banging song, that could find its way into a club, with its mixture of alternative hip hop, and hints of trap and the band's familiar crunk rock style.  The style then shifts to a somewhat anthemic electro house track, "Phenomenon."  

Now onto the remixes.  The Nico Stadi remix of the more recent "Superhero" continues the house trend started by "Phenomenon," although there are traces of trance as well.  Aside from the sound, the lyrics plead to God for salvation from trouble.  The familiar "Cray Button," remixed by McSwagger, ends the house music streak.

Moving away from house, the next few tracks contain unique dubstep sounds mixed with some trap.  "Wobble (Smile Future Remix)," the song about the hilarious dance invented by the band contains wobble :) bass riffs (wubs), but sounds more like trap.  This trend continues on to the next four remixed tracks: "Can You Feel It (The Toxic Avenger Remix)," "Paycheck (Riley Friesen Remix)," "Zombie (McSwagger Remix)," and "Get On Outta Here (Riley Friesen Remix)."

Next, another newbie comes up.  "Next Level," which features British pop rap group LZ7, shows FF5's unique dubstep sound with hints of their old crunkcore sounds and vocals.

There are two remixes left.  The RAC Mix of the band's well known "Love Addict" contains hints of hardcore house, but still sounds like the original to a certain extent.  Last but not least, "Put Ur Hands Up (Dave Harwell Remix)" gives listeners a break from all the gritty club bangers on the album with a sudden acoustic sound, which seems kind of out of place among the other tracks though.

I'm not a huge fan of trap, and some of these remixes I don't care for myself.  But overall, this effort will keep fans busy until the band's new album comes out.

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