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Give Yourself Away [edit]
by Robbie Seay Band | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 28, 2007

In the last few years, Robbie Seay Band has built a name for being one of the smartest and most uncompromising new bands in Christian music. The band's debut album Better Days earned the trio a solid college following not just because of Seay's enigmatic melodies and gritty vocals but also because of his challenging perspective on justice, faith and hope.

With its balance of modern worship and folk-pop, Robbie Seay Band has made fans of influential people including David Crowder and author Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz). Compared to Better Days, Give Yourself Away is bigger in regard to its songs and its message.

Track Listing
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01. Rise
02. Song Of Hope (Heaven Come Down)
03. New Day
04. Starting Over
05. Shine Your Light
06. Love Wins
07. Eternal One
08. Stay
09. Beautiful Scandalous Night
10. Come Alive
11. Can't Go Back
12. Go Outside

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Excellent Worship Album! | Posted February 08, 2008
Along with Jared Anderson, Steve Fee and David Crowder, Robbie Seay is among the best worship leaders today and this is an excellent worship album. It flows extremely well, starting with the title track "Rise" where the chorus urges to "give yourself away" and has been used in American Idol commercials, then "Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)", "New Day", "Eternal One" and "Beautiful Scandalous Night" are the other highlights. Robbie's vocal intensity matches the lyrical intensity and this is my favorite worship album of the year!

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IronJedi (114)

Devoted | Posted October 16, 2007

If you're a fervent fan of modern worship music or a part of the emerging/post-modern church movement, chances are you've heard of Robbie Seay and his band. If not, do yourself a big favor and go track down their debut, Better Days or their latest album, Give Yourself Away. Go on. I won't go anywhere... You back? Great!

Give Yourself Away, the sophomore release from Houston, Tx. worship leader Robbie Seay & Co., is the tremendous follow-up to the band's overlooked 2005 Sparrow debut. Drawing on everything that made Better Days a exceptional, but overlooked debut, producer Tedd T. pushes Robbie, Ryan and Dan to the next level musically and, I suspect, lyrically. Whether it is the effervescent melody and attitude of "Song of Hope" or the encouragement offered in the subtly drowsy "Shine Your Light On Us," each song of Give Yourself Away is a succinct and inspired musical package that deftly avoids triteness, or presentation that is "too neat."

"Robbie Seay possesses one of the greatest voices bestowed upon the human race. Seriously. When you hear it you will understand. It is strange and lush and excessively subtle with all the gravel of humanity resonating within it." If this is how David Crowder describes his fellow Texan and worship leading peer, I don't think my description could do be any better.

Seay is equally as adept in his ability to turn a lyrical phrase. In fact, it is through both his vocals and lyrics that he exhibits a seemingly innate ability to capture the moments when and where human fraility and the awe-inspiring Divine intersect. The combined talent of this trio ensures the music of Give Yourself Away is finely crafted, multi-layered and aptly mirrors the unique mood of each song.

If you are a fan of the Passion Band, Chris Tomlin, the David Crowder Band and Tim Hughes, give some time and money away so you can experience Robbie Seay leading a worship experience.

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Incredible! | Posted August 20, 2009
Robbie Seay Band's latest album, Give Yourself Away is totally incredible! It has quickly become one of my favorite albums in my collection. The catchy song "New Day" is one of my favorites. It has not failed to lift me up on several occasions. "Beautiful, Scandalous Night" is a slower song but it has deep lyrics.

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Great Album!!!!! | Posted October 28, 2008
RSB delivers another great album of faith based songs. Alot of these songs are Praise and Worship songs that could be sung in Church(which RSB does in their home church). The songs are pop praise with a little rock flavor. Would highly recommend checking out this CD.

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Kinda sounds like Peter Gabriel... | Posted February 19, 2008
These guys a great!!! I hadn't heard much of 'em till the song "Song of Hope." It's one of my favorites. I like music that's got a good guitar run and a driving rhythm. "Song of Hope" makes ya want to drop the top and just cruise!!! Maybe not right's like 10 degrees outside. On some of the slower stuff, he sounds like Peter Gabriel. I think he's got a very soothing voice. Keep on rockin' ya'll!!!

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=] | Posted February 16, 2008
good album- love "song of hope".

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kl1995 (52)

Go Robbie Seay Band! | Posted November 25, 2007
Another great album by Robbie Seay Band. Eternal One is an excellent song so is Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down). Starting Over, and Beautiful, Scandalous Night are great songs. Beautiful, Scandulous Night is a great song for anytime of the year, even though it's an easter, christmas song {don't know which one it's really for}. Another amazing one!

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dreambig (120)

Give Yourself Away | Posted November 06, 2007
I just got this album in the mail yesterday and I'm listening to it now. I'm not even half-way through the CD and I really love it. they've got catchy songs. It's a great CD. My favorite song will probably always be "Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down".

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In Agreement | Posted September 23, 2007
Kenny is right, this CD is amazing. Probably Robbie Seay Bands best album so far. A must have.

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Kenny (5)

Great!! | Posted September 21, 2007
One of the best albums of the year a must buy for any music fan!!

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