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Bridgecity [edit]
by Bridgecity | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: August 27, 2013

Portland, Oregon is the city of bridges. It is an eclectic city, a diverse place connecting all kinds of creativity, music and art. BridgeCity, the band and team of worshipers that takes its inspiration from the city from which it hails, is also about connecting. But on a deeper, more intimate level. Their passion is to create songs that help connect youth in a spiritually vibrant and inspiring way to the Father.

Sonically, the guitar-driven band, often compared to Hillsong United, is known for their passionate songwriting, intimate worship moments and uniquely diverse musical stylings. The tracks feature sweeping keys and analog synth patches as well as stripped-down Rhodes piano solos.

BridgeCity, is also more than a band. It is a movement with a heart for the church and a passion to see people encounter God through worship. They annually host over 8,000 teenagers at their worship and lifestyle conference each January. It is at this event where BridgeCity will premiere their new project. Students from around the country will experience these all new songs for the first time live!

Track Listing
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01. It's All Because
02. Joy
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03. Let Faith Arise
04. God Is Love
05. Beyond Wonder
06. Forgiven
07. Found In You
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08. Can You Feel
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09. Show Us Your Glory
10. Open The Heavens
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11. Our God Reigns
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12. Create In Me
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13. Be Still And Know
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14. Power
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15. Digital EPK (Not On Album)
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Building Bridges Between Genres | Posted February 26, 2013
Bridgecity strives to blend several different genres into the modern worship genre. Their debut, self-titled effort is big, bold, and throws a lot into the mix in what feels like an attempt to engage a younger audience into worship.
There are definitely a lot of intriguing elements to this approach. Opening track "It's All Because" opens with a catchy electro riff with a slower, yet emotional chorus. There's a rock feel to it that just works. It's an album highlight and starts the album off with promise. 
There are a few other electronic elements sprinkled throughout in tracks such as "Can You Feel." However, most tracks rely on pleasant piano-driven intros to hook the listener in, and it mostly works.
"Forgiven" is a slower song that grows into its harder edge in the second half of the track. It would make an excellent single and feels like one of the more developed offerings on the album. "Power" is a surprisingly raw rock track that feels a bit out-of-place among the softer worship. Nonetheless, it's a refreshing change, and so it's welcome. It actually feels like something that Petra would've done.
The entire album is pleasant and offers a creative and upbeat spin on the genre. Some of the tracks feel a tad too long at times and the album could use a little bit of trimming to create a bit more focus on the album's true highlights.
Lyrically, the album is safe and straightforward. It no doubt brings glory to God. Yet, from an artistic point-of-view, there's little here that you haven't heard before. "I'm forgiven / my past erased / it's all because of your great love and mercy / my sins forgotten / you took my place" is an example of one of the stronger choruses on the album. 
"Our God reigns / forever God be glorified" and similar common phrases in CCM sound very good set to these uplifting and energizing music. Listeners content with that will find Bridgecity a refreshing and enjoyable act. Those looking for more lyrical meat will probably be disappointed.
Closing Thoughts: 
Bridgecity has done a good job with their first effort. There's a lot to like musically and a few of the tracks are definite standouts that it would be wise to promote. They're well on their way towards distinguishing themselves with a unique worship sound. 

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