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StompTown Revival EP [edit]
by StompTown Revival | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 02, 2012

Stomptown Revival releases their debut EP on Save The City Records. The duo is comprised of Gabe Martinez, frontman for the critically acclaimed band Circleslide, and Brandon Bee, a solo artist/producer with over 80 production credits (Stacie Orrico, Matthew James, Amber Pacific), and together they are bringing their own indie rock and folksy blues sound to the marketplace. Stomptown Revival's unique rootsy sound is driven by acoustic and slide guitars, a harmonica, and a stompbox, a percussion instrument pioneered by early bluesmen. The music is innovative and brings a new excitement to the Christian music genre, with powerful lyrics that are vertical with a message of hope and resurrection.

Track Listing
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01. Guiding Me Home
02. Waiting For The Man
03. Born Again
04. Anthem Of Love
05. The Sun Will Find A Way
06. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
07. The Making Of StompTown Revival (Not On Album)
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KellyS (37)

Stompin' Good Worship | Posted October 22, 2012
Brand new act StompTown Revival consists of Americana blues duo Brandon Bee and Gabe Martinez (Circleside frontman). With plenty of soul and a love for a new brand of music they refer to as "spiritual stomp," this duo is creating a sound not found in Christian music today. With the release of their StompTown Revival EP, listeners are introduced to the unique southern stylings of what is hopefully only the beginning of this duo's long stay in the industry.
Debut single "Guiding Me Home" starts things off with rhythmic guitar plucks, but soon electric guitars and kick drum beats enter, giving the song more of a southern rock feel. As Bee and Martinez's harmonies sing the chorus, "You are the reason / Our souls carry on / Beyond this brief life / Through every season / Your beacon of love / Shines in the dark / You're guiding me home," listeners have the urge to clap along and stomp their feet. Reminiscent of a Southern rock, bluesy version of Shane & Shane, it's clear this duo has soul, in more ways than one.
As harmonica takes a prevalent place in "The Sun Will Find A Way," Bon Jovi-esque vocals ring out as they're joined by hard drum beats and echoing electric guitars. The song's hopeful chorus repeats, "And You roll the clouds away / And Your love is like the glorious day / Though there's pain / Oh the sun, the sun will find a way." Reminding listeners that God can make a way even in the darkest of times, these lyrics provide hope when it's hard to find.
Closing Thoughts:
With harmonica, slide guitars, kick drums, and the gritty southern vocals of Brandon Bee and Gabe Martinez, every track on StompTown Revival's EP oozes with authenticity and soul. With five original songs and a bluesy cover of "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms," this brand new duo sets the stage for what is hopefully many years of making "spiritual stomp" a well-loved genre in the Christian music world.

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Yes | Posted October 09, 2012
 this album is amazing plain and simple. In a world of hipsters and people who tend to lose their originality comes a sound that is amazing and unique. Folk and country have never been more prevalent in todays society then they are now. Stomptown Revival bring the south up north (for me) and I LOVE IT 

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Great Stuff!! | Posted September 28, 2012
 I've never been one for folk, a little country thanks to my girlfriend, but never been into folk. These guys are the exception. Their music is just awesome. Harmonicas, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, and whatever else they use makes for such a unique and amazing sound. Not to mention the lyrics in this album is something I would play for worship if I could

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I Could Listen To This All Day! | Posted September 25, 2012
 Oh, this is one sweet CD!  I know I'm older than most on this site, and this music is some sweet southern rockin', earthy, bluesy music!  These gusy sound older than they are, and if they are anywhere in my area, I will do whatever it takes to see them.  Every song a gem, lyriclly great, musically diverse, and so very good.

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