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Rest [edit]
by Beckah Shae | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: September 04, 2012

My first worship project entitled “REST.” is releasing September 4th 2012.

This has been a dream of mine for over 7 years and I am extremely excited to get it into your listening ears & hearts! Every album I release reflects the season I’m walking and growing in. This one has definitely been one of Rest.

It is a very different sound from my other projects. I would describe the sound as calm, serene, relaxing, ambient, tranquil, with a heartbeat. There is movement and stillness at the same time.

It is my desire that this project sets an atmosphere for your time of devotion and intimacy with the Lord. That intimate “you and Him” time, that “place” where you can wrestle, cry, wait, and listen.

May He speak to you, comfort you, and strengthen you. May He take you away from the opinions of men and noise of this life to REST in His unchanging truth & everlasting peace that surpasses all understanding, where you can believe Him for all things. May He lead you beside the still waters to a place where there is no fear for tomorrow because you’re embraced with grace by the very one who holds it.

Resting in His Love,
Beckah Shae

Track Listing
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01. Rest
02. You and I
03. Without You
04. Everlasting
05. Have Your Way
06. Overflow
07. Your Presence
08. Forever Yours
09. Unique
10. You Conquer

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Take off your love glasses and REST | Posted September 24, 2012
Rest, the latest release from Christian dance-pop star Beckah Shae is a sharp departure from her previous album. Destiny was filled with uplifting anthems that you could bob your head to and get lost in the fun of it all, while the true message of the album lingered in the background.

In a way, Rest is a perfect companion piece; you cannot listen to this album on mere superficial terms. This album draws you to a deeper place, a place of true rest. When all the fun is over, we need to know where we can go and who we can go to; this album will allow you to draw closer. This is a meditation album, not a worship album.

The album starts with the title track and immediately you understand the journey you will take over the next 40 minutes or so. "Rest" is a word from God's heart to yours. In God's love, in His arms, in His peace and in this place, whatever place that may be, you will find rest. Beckah's vocals are almost surreal throughout this entire album and it is right here on track one where your attention is captured and you begin your journey into rest.
From this place it is the listener's turn to respond to God's welcoming invitation to find rest in Him. In "You & I," the lyrics are a direct response to Rest as we welcome God's love and protection and we state our desire to "wanna go / where it's only You and I."

"Without You" follows along the same line. It states our dependence on our Father and His Holy Spirit. This song seems to come from a place of deep reflection and realization of when everything else seems to be falling away, God is still there nad He is all we need.
From a time of personal response and reflection, "Everlasting" ushers in a time of praise and worship. It draws directly from Psalm 103 and is a beautiful interpretation of a beautiful Psalm. The lyrics stay true to scripture and the vocals and production emphasize the beauty of how God's love is truly everlasting just as He declares in Jeremiah 31:3. 
There is a slight musical shift into "Have Your Way." The sound is reminiscent of Destiny, with a slight pop feel and a more distinct bass line, however, thematically, the dependence on the Lord is still the central idea and how that dependence and reliance leads to peace. Following on from allowing Jesus to have His way in our lives, there is a dramatic musical shift once again, only in style, not in tempo.

is the centerpiece to this album. The acoustic piano, accompanied with strings, and balanced with Beckah's deep heart cry is sure to be a favorite from this album and may even find itself played in churches. Once again the dependence on God and His Holy Spirit and a desire for God to overflow in our lives is the central theme. As we walk with Christ, our heart cry should be "There's so much more to this life / when you are here / Consume every part of me / so I'm missing nothing / And the more I seek you I find / that You are here."
The point of rest in any given situation is to get a break and get re-energized. The best place for this rest is in the presence of our Lord and Savior. "Your Presence" speaks of this quiet place where all of our questions fade away and fears die; a place where love has won. It is in this presence of God that we find restoration and replenishment so that we can finish well.
As the album begins to draw to a close a response from God comes in what is a continuous conversation. "Forever Yours" is Jesus' cry to us, yes, you read that correctly, Shae writes a beautiful lyric that says, "Please hear my cry / you're what I'm desperate for." What would seem to be a usual statement from us to Jesus is what His heart is for us as well. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will be Forever Yours. With "Unique," our identity in Christ is re-confirmed. As you listen to this song, let it truly sink in to your spirit that this is how God views His amazing creation that is you.
The final track is the victory cry. "You Conquer" is not your typical high paced victory cry, it starts with a trumpet blast that somewhat reminded me of the final battle in Chronicles of Narnia. The song states clearly that God has conquered us and as such has conquered the sin within us. It also speaks of God's relentless pursuit for us. This is a wonderful reminder that God truly wants to capture your heart and shower you with His love.
Closing Thoughts:
This is a beautifully reflective album, within the liner notes Beckah writes, "It is my desire that this project sets an atmosphere for your time of devotion and intimacy with the Lord. That intimate "you and Him" time; that place where you can wrestle, cry, wait, and listen." She has done exactly what she set out to do. The production quality is fantastic and Shae's vocals are sublime. In her own unique way she has provided an avenue for the listener to take off the love glasses and Rest in the presence of God.

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namzy (134)

Rest | Posted September 10, 2012
 This is an amazing album with a lot of uplifting music i am loving it already amazing amazing. This is an amazing album. Gal God has blessed you with a wonderful gift use it for God's glory alone not yours. God bless.

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Rest | Posted September 10, 2012
The album opens with "Rest," which sets the rest of the album mood. It was a good opener. The rest of the songs sound pretty much the same until you get to the half-place song, "Overflow," which is more upbeat than the first half put together. Then the other songs sound the same again until the album ends with "You Conquer," which did not really conclude the album.
In conclusion, the album was, musically, not very creative. The lyrics were very scripture based, and that was great. Her vocals were good, but it got draggy after some time
This album is perfect for quiet time because it doesn't hold on to your attention. But if you are the dance/pop fan hoping for music to rock to, this isn't the album.
This album was filled with slow songs from beginning to end, and that was not what I expected from Beckah Shae. I feel that "Rest" is not the most memorable of her musical offereings.

Best tracks:
  • Rest
  • Overflow

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wencdj (34)

Trance Worship | Posted September 10, 2012
Rest is the title of the newest release by Dance artist extrordinaire Beckah Shae. Fans of Destiny might be at a loss for words here, though. Rest is beyond question a Worship album, not a dance album. Unless of course you are into slow dancing.

Techno fans keep your heads on. Beckah has not abandoned us. People have been known to say that while worshipping they can be in a trancelike state. Beckah has given us a trance album. This is nothing like Destiny, and yet if you loved it you will love this. It's like an entire album of Are Your Ready, the first cut from Destiny. Or better yet, this is Music Inspired by The Story done entirely by Beckah Shae, who wasn't on that excellent compilation.

The loudest, hardest song on the album is actually a remake of Destiny. Of the slow trance, which will have you swaying and tapping along, Rest and Without you are among the many high points.

I have to take off a half-point in fairness to fans who expect a bit more high energy, but stay with it. I did, and believe me, the orchestration and her voice build throughout the entire album. You will be having a standing ovation for this album by the time it concludes, and then you will hit repeat. You will not rest.

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Translucent... | Posted September 08, 2012
 Other attempts have been made but Beckah acheives the Goal of true relaxation, mental stimulation and spiritual contemplation while gliding through the musical stratosphere with a silky steering wheel, peeking through the veil into His presence. Nice Accomplishment!

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The Power Of Rest | Posted September 07, 2012
Beautiful, Unique, Peaceful. Not the fast tempo dance album you would expect, but not any less amazing. Biblical thoughtful lyrics. Filled with anointing and power. Buy, Listen & Enter into His rest.

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The beginning | Posted September 07, 2012
HOTT HOTT ALBUM! I've been waiting for a good slow jam cd. I'm still waiting for a station dedicated to BOC (Body of Christ) music.

-Imani Talib

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Rest | Posted September 06, 2012
 This alnum is incredible, it is by far one of the best album by a female vocalist this year. It is a great and soulful worship album. The title track Rest is one of the best song that Beckah has ever sang and it is the gem of the album.

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Great | Posted September 04, 2012
Your song "Rest" is absolutely beautiful!!! It is very peaceful and gives you a sense of awakening. I love how your voice goes from low to high in a quick second, it adds so much emotion to the song. Really great!!

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