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Let Go - EP [edit]
by Lexi Elisha | Genre: Country/Southern Gospel | Release Date: November 01, 2012

Lexi, now 19, has her newest EP, "Let Go", produced by Ben Kasica of Skillet on iTunes and many other sites alike. Thousands of copies were both shared and downloaded within the first couple weeks of the record being available. Since the release, Lexi has been featured on numerous newspapers, websites, and radio interviews all while touring to support the record. Many eyes have caught on to Lexi's fresh sound; she is a seasoned artist and tremendously talented.

Track Listing
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01. By The Lake
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02. Without You
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03. Effortless
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04. Let Go
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05. Right Here
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Lexi Let's Go | Posted June 18, 2012
If there is one trend in music that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, it would be the happy, yet subtle marriage of southern infused pop. Artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood have been mastering this style for several years now, to high praise and much acclaim. And many other female pop vocalists in the mainstream world have followed their innovative lead. 
Still, as catchy and innocent as many of their songs seem, one can only handle so many tales of love gone wrong before it becomes tediously repetitive, not to mention their occasionally dark outlook on the topics of heartbreak and revenge. For the faith based crowd who enjoys this style of music but with no positive alternative in sight, it would seem as if we were stuck lingering with these artists stories of long lost love, just to enjoy the melodies that accompanied them.
Enter in fresh faced 18-year-old female vocalist, Lexi Elisha. 
Lexi is the latest addiction to Skies Fall, a record label former Skillet guitarist Ben Kasica started in early 2011, boasting a wide variety of acts and genres. Having gotten her start singing in churches, schools and garage studios growing up, the Indiana native is making her first big splash in the Christian pop circuit with her debut EP, Let Go.
The five song project begins with “By The Lake,” clearly giving the listener a taste of Lexi’s country infused pop styling’s. “Without You” offers much of the same, showing musical maturity beyond her years. While both songs lyrically dabble in the subjects of broken romance, unlike her secular counterparts, they are penned from a Christian viewpoint, and rather than go on about vengeance and backstabbing, they encourage the listener to move forward and lean on God.
“Effortless” switches things up a bit, taking a more direct pop approach musically, while singing about the effortless love our Heavily Father has for His creation. It becomes a beautiful moment of worship on the EP.
The high energy “Let Go” will instantaneously become a fan favorite, especially among her female audience. Singing about the dramas of life and how easily our emotions can get in the way, it offers the listener a necessary reminder to let go and allow God to take control of every aspect of our lives. 
Bringing this short yet sweet EP to a close, is the brilliant track, “Right Here.” The song speaks of being in a place of total emotional turmoil, but how in those times when we feel farthest from God, He’s actually the closest to us. It’s the strongest song on the album musically and ties up this brief collection of songs on a praiseworthy note. 
Closing Thoughts:
Lexi Elisha has a very bright future in Christian music, Let Go being a perfect representation of that. Her bright vocals and bubbly sprit shine on every song, making her a sure force to be reckoned with in the future of the industry. 
I think Lexi would fair well in both pop and southern/pop variations of the genre, but I’d honestly like to see her continue on the latter of the two, seeing as it suits her vocals extremely well and carries a ton of crossover potential. Whichever road she chooses however, she will certainly have a dedicated fan base following her, and it will be a treat to continue to watch her evolve and develop as an artist, seeing as great things most certainly lie ahead for her.

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