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Look Up [edit]
by gatewayNEXT | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: March 27, 2012

Gateway NEXT, the worship ministry that is changing and impacting thousands of young lives weekly during Gateway Church services in multiple locations throughout North Texas. Look Up, the first album recorded by the children's worship team, is filled with songs and words of declaration inspiring young hearts to be bold in their response to the voice of God that speaks openly with them. This first album will capture the attention of the next generation that is already changing their present world with their boldness, while building up their faith to be the catalyst for change tomorrow.

God is calling the next generation to rise up and walk with Him in worship. Young feet jumping in excitement, young hands raised in adoration, and young hearts thirsty to know their Savior.

Gateway NEXT presents an opportunity for parents and leaders to see God moving in the hearts of young people and step into the worship experience encouraging, strengthening, and leading these young people to hear the voice of God and respond faithfully.

Look Up by Gateway NEXT: it's an uninhibited, pure and sincere brand of worship songs, full of life, energetically responding to the call of our loving God. (1 Samuel 3:8)

Track Listing
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01. We Are
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02. Look Up
03. You
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04. How Great Your Love Is
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05. One Way (All the Way Out)
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06. Gonna Love You
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07. Living For You
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08. Secret Place
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09. My Heart
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10. Masterpiece
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TCMRB (44)

Gateway Next: Look Up | Posted March 31, 2012
Gateway Church is a rapidly growing church with 24,000 members, who has created many live worship albums. Their latest, Great Great God, released November 1 of last year (read our review here). Look Up, however, is the church's first kids worship album. Gateway Next was created specifically to make music for the next generation of worship leaders. The album features a bunch of fast-paced songs that are great for kids to listen to. A few of the songs are really cheesy, but there are some that are really good, that I think any kid would like to listen to.


"We Are" is a great intro that features a kid talking about the greatness of God. "Look Up," the title track, follows that up with the first real song that has a techno, pop type beat. The track has a few really cheesy lines in it, but other than that, it is one of the better songs on the record. It feels perfect for kids, and reminds me of music I liked when I was the age Gateway Next is targeting with this CD. The song talks about how through God we can do anything, and that all we have to do is look up to Him and realize that He is right there for us.


"You" is another one of my favorites on the album, which talks about the fact that Christ is there with us at all times and is our best friend. The vocals on this song are great, and the beat is decent - not one of the best beats, but it is definitely alright. "How Great Your Love Is" is right now my favorite song on the record, and I could automatically recognize Dara Maclean's voice on the song. She has a very distinctive voice, and I believe it sounds amazing on this track. "How Great Your Love Is" is pretty self-explanatory as far as the theme goes, in that it talks about how great God's love is for us.


Kari Jobe is the one that does the sixth track on the record, "Gonna Love You." Her voice sounds spectacular on this song, and it is definitely a highlight on the album. The song teaches kids to love God with all their hearts and to serve Him with all their hearts as well. It is a great track to play for kids, and Jobe's vocals will definitely be appeasing to any child's ears.


"Secret Place" talks about being secure in Christ, and teaches kids to go to Him when they feel afraid because He is always there for us. The lessons each of these songs teach are really good, and is definitely better at doing this than most children's CDs I have heard in the past. "My Heart" is a very upbeat song with a little bit more of a techno beat, like the title track. I feel like this song is executed a little better than the title track, and will definitely get kids on their feet. Then "Masterpiece" closes out the album on a slower note that talks about giving thanks to Christ for how amazing He made each of us.


If you are looking for a good children's album, look no further. Look Up feels like a really good worship album for kids, that has a mixture of really fast-paced songs, as well as slow songs to get them worshiping. The downside is that some of the lyrics feel a little cheesy to me, but that could be just because I am teenager and I think everything is cheesy. So maybe you can even chalk that up to me just being a teenager. The fact that Dara Maclean and Kari Jobe are on the album make it that much better. Definitely consider buying this album if you have kids or you work at church in a children's ministry and want some good stuff to play for them!


Favorite Song: How Great Your Love Is


Favorite Lyrics: "I am a masterpiece in your eyes!" (From the song "Masterpiece")


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