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Gold [Re-Release] [edit]
by Britt Nicole | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 26, 2013

Re-releasing third studio album Gold with new imaging and new mixes of “Gold” and “All This Time.”

The third album from contemporary Christian standout Britt Nicole is a laser beam of positivity. Its intense, narrowly focused beam of empowerment picks up right where 2009's The Lost Get Found left off. Rising through the ranks has given Nicole ample opportunity to shower teen and preteen young women with her unmistakable message of identity. For the most part, Gold is a return to the dance club fare that has become her calling card — a slickly produced tour that pairs her powerful voice with synth beats resembling many of the decade's hot pop singers from Jessie J to Ke$ha to Katy Perry. "All This Time" is one of the more intimate tracks, describing the singer's story of personal belief (and incidentally not sounding too unlike the well-known poem "Footprints") with the chorus "You've been walking with me all this time." Nicole never sacrifices substance for style, which is refreshing considering how well the album comes off as current and relevant.

Track Listing
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01. Gold
02. All This Time
03. Look Like Love
04. Who You Say You Are
05. Ready or Not (feat. Lecrae)
06. Breakthrough
07. Stand
08. The Sun Is Rising
09. Amazing Life
10. Still That Girl
11. Seeing For the First Time
12. Gold (Jason Nevins Rhythmic Radio) Remix
13. Gold (Wideboys Remix)

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Britt Nicole [Gold] | Posted February 23, 2013

Britt Nicole is back with her highly anticipated third full-length re-release Gold on February 26, 2013. Britt is one of my favorite female artists. She has an incredible heart for her ministry, is a wonderful role model for girls of all ages and she has an excellent singing voice. If you like Francesca Battistelli and mainstream pop music, then you'll love Britt Nicole. She has delivered the ideal album to minister to anyone struggling with identity issues. I've been married for 18 years and have 3 young daughters and this entire album really ministers to me and my family. She opens with the ultra-catchy dance-tempo title track, "Gold" which perfectly sets the tone for this excellent five star album. The title track opens with the lyrics--"You were walking on the moon, now you're feeling low, what they said wasn't true, you're beautiful, sticks and stones break your bones, I know what you're feeling, words like those won't steal your're worth more than gold." My daughters are more precious than anything in the world to me and to their Heavenly Father, and this song is a great anthem to celebrate the biblical Truth from Psalm 139, that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

Britt's favorite Scripture passage is 1 Chronicles 28:20 which she says reminds her daily of God's calling on her life. Hit song "All This Time" is next and has a sincere autobiographical style where Britt shares her testimony of when she was first met God and celebrates her salvation in Christ. It's the type of song that I've come to really love from Britt's albums in the style of "Set The World On Fire." It is a great song and Britt seems poised to pick up where she left off with The Lost Get Found, with a great mix of different styles, heating up and cooling down with every song a great showcase of Britt's excellent singing voice."Look Like Love" is a wonderful song of encouragement to live as a light and know that in Christ we can do anything. God will never fail us or forsake us until the work of the Lord is finished. Britt belts out the awesome chorus, "I want to look like Love, be more than just enough for the hearts that are broken, coming undone, It's up to you and me to leave a legacy, if we're all they ever see, I want to look like Love."Britt has the gift of encouragement and every single song lifts me up."Ready Or Not" features a guest vocal by Lecrae. The message is uplifting and mission-minded including the lyrics, "giving everything to see the lost get found" leading to the chorus--"Ready or not here I come, I'm about to show you where the Light comes from."

"Breakthrough" has a contemplative feel to open the song leading to an explosive chorus and some musical programming which will have you hanging on every note as Britt builds to the lyric, "I can feel a breakthrough coming." The encouragement continues with the gorgeous ballad "The Sun Is Rising" which proclaims "you're gonna make it, the night can only last for so long, whatever you're facing, if your heart is breaking, there's a promise for just the ones who hold on, lift up your eyes and see, the sun is rising." The song that really grabs your attention is the super-hooky dance song, "Amazing Life" which rivals any hit song in the mainstream pop scene yet includes celebratory and positive lyrics instead of destructive and sensual themes. One of my favorite songs on the album is "Still That Girl." As my daughters grow up, I love that our relationships are built on the understanding that God has great plans for them according to Jeremiah 29:11. Whatever happens in their lives they'll always be my little girls. Just like "Have Your Way," I can hear Britt's vocals break as she sings this emotionally charged song, along with the beautiful closing ballad, "Seeing For The First Time."

Britt Nicole's songs "Walk On The Water" and "Set The World On Fire" have been featured in television shows and movies and with Gold she is poised to "Breakthrough" as the premier female artist in all of Christian music. She has an infectious and upbeat musical style, layering her strong and distinguished vocals over the top of one hooky melody after another. Britt Nicole has really emerged as one of the top female vocalists in any genre and she is a great role model for girls struggling with identity issues. This album is loaded with positive grace-filled messages of hope. The upbeat and heavily produced musical arrangements on this album perfectly accentuate Britt's powerful and passionate songs. Don't miss out on one of the most upbeat and fun albums of the year. You'll won't be able to help but dance and sing along with the stand-out songs, "Gold," "All This Time," "Look Like Love," "Ready Or Not," "Breakthrough," "The Sun Is Rising," "Amazing Life" and "Still That Girl." This is one of my top albums by a female artist and one of my top overall albums of last year. If you liked The Lost Get Found, then you'll love Gold by Britt Nicole.

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Gold: A treasure among records | Posted March 17, 2015
Review of “Gold” by Britt Nicole
Starting the album off with a peppy but unhurried beat, the title track “Gold" does a great job of setting the tune for the record.  Some beautiful synthesizer chords and arpeggiated vocals adorn the intro to the song and showcase the producer’s excellent work.  The bass, drums and electric rhythm guitar that are prevalent in the verses and bridge are totally unique and original, and really catchy.  Although the lyrics are certainly inspirational, they certainly don’t present more than a facet of Britt’s faith.  This of course (maybe strategically) lead to lots of playtime on secular radio and even the Disney channel, as well as her normal appeal on christian radio.  I have heard a radio edit of the song where Britt’s rap segment is cut from the bridge, which kind of ruins it in my opinion, because Britt really kills it with that ditty!:)  Overall, the first and also shortest song on this album really takes the prize for being the catchiest.
What "Gold" lacks in spiritual content, “All This Time” certainly makes up for with great lines like, “I’m not the same me, and that’s all the proof I need!” The soft, acousticy feeling pop that we’ve come to expect from Nicole is certainly on display in this track. It certainly feels reminiscent of The Lost Get Found tracks like "Hanging On" and "Walk On The Water”  I really like this song a lot, and it’s had a lot of success on the radio, but it’s not getting a lot of plays on my iPod.  There’s better stuff on this album, so it gets ignored for the most part.
“Looks Like Love” has such a catchy intro and first verse, I was slightly disappointed with the rest of the song in comparison! I had just expected more:).  Don’t get me wrong though, Its an excellent track that ranks among the top tracks of the album in my estimation.
“Who You Say You Are” leaves you thinking “why doesn’t this play on christian radio?!!”  The awesome lyrics and unforgettable chorus really sparkle and shine like gold (no pun intended).This is one of the tracks from this album to pass the “Is she trying to sing along?” test with my mom.  It definitely stands out as one of the premier songs on the album.
Though it has certainly is quite popular, “Ready Or Not” certainly doesn’t cut it for me.  It’s almost entirely copied from popular mainstream artists smash hits, albeit masterfully.  The intro brazenly steals the guitar chords from  T-Swizz’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together” with the exact same effects. This is followed up with cutting and pasting the drum beat and beeping synths of “Extraterrestrial” by Katy Perry.  Then, similarly to Katy, Britt brings in a rapper to chant some lines at various parts of the song.  On top of it all, the producers chose Lecrae, the most over-used guest vocalist in christian music.  Finally, they take the lyrics from similarly titled “Ready Or Not” from Bridgett Mendler.  This song is nothing more than formula to get to the top of the christian music charts.
“Breakthrough” really IS a breakthrough for Britt Nicole.  The soaring vocals mixed with the well produced dubstep drop 2/3s of the way through stole the show for me.  I wish there was more of this new sound on this album!
Talking of soaring vocals, “Stand” is easily the best vocal performance Britt has ever offered her eager fans.  Though her high range does make it a little hard to sing along, this is probably the best song on this album.  Huge vocals + classic Britt feel + great lyrics = Awesome!!!
A little overshadowed by the previous tracks,”The Sun Is Rising” comes across as quiet and unnoticeable.
"Amazing Life" wins the award for my overall favourite song on the album.  As a self professed EDM freak, I can’t stop humming the chorus of this fantastic dance track.  I love this edgy and energetic Britt!!!
If you can keep awake through the long, slow intro of “Still That Girl” you’ll love the quiet pop song that is shyly hiding behind.  This was my favourite song from “Gold” for a whole month.
"Seeing For The First Time” certainly ends the regular album on a worshipful note, but I can’t say I liked it very much.  With so much excellent worship music out there, Britt should have stuck to her light pop sound.
The remixes of “Gold” vary largely in their quality.  The “Jason Nevins Rhythmic Radio Remix” sounds rushed, annoying, cheap and lame.  However, the “Wideboys Remix” is excellent if you love a nasty drop.
In total, the album “Gold” is Britt Nicole's best yet, but she still needs a little work to iron out the wrinkles. On a scale of -10 to +10, “Gold” scores an uplifting, catchy and timeless +6.4.  I recommend this album strongly to anybody looking for a record to put on shuffle in the car for a long road trip (and everybody else).

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