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Frequency [edit]
by Satellites & Sirens | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 22, 2011

Lead singer Geoff Hunker, Jonathan Dimmel, David Troyer and Dave Willey return with their independent sophomore release, Freqency, following-up their critically acclaimed debut on Word Records in 2009. The band continues to be defined by and concerned with what it means to make music in a world filled with the deafening voices of the information age. Their sound is a modern take on the popular synth-pop of the 80ís, blending synthesizers with rock guitars overtop of interesting grooves.

Track Listing
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01. Runaway
02. Frequency
03. Let It Go
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04. Ready To Save
05. Take My Hand
06. Make A Mess
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07. Run To You
08. Feel Alive
09. BlackSheep
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10. Tell It
11. Makeup
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12. Awkward
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Satellites & Sirens [Frequency] | Posted November 06, 2011
“Life, in general, is noise,” says Geoff Hunker, lead singer and founder of Dove Award nominated alternative rock band Satellites & Sirens, who released their second album Frequency on November 22, 2011. “And we busy ourselves so much that a lot of times we miss out on hearing what God’s direction is.”  The band consists of lead singer Geoff Hunker, Jonathan Dimmel, David Troyer and Dave Willey. They are a band both defined by and concerned with what it means to make music in a world filled with the deafening voices of the information age. Their sound is a modern take on the popular synth-pop of the 80’s, blending synthesizers with rock guitars overtop of interesting grooves. The meaning behind the band’s name is symbolic of their ministry: SATELLITES – heavenly bodies that circle the world, observing and advising it; and SIRENS – emanators of loud warnings and calls to action! Satellites & Sirens’ goal is to hear God’s message and loudly proclaim it to the kids of today’s generation.

Satellites & Sirens are one of the most promising new bands that emerged last year and they were nominated for Rock Recorded Song of the Year for their song “Anchor” and Rock Album of the Year. Opening track “Run Away” sets the tone perfectly for the musical and lyrical hook of the album, which is about finding our true identity. Rock fans will want to jump right to the incredible title track, “Frequency.” The driving synth-rock beat is perfectly married to the profound lyrics, “let’s not forget that this night is for living, and just like a drum, this heart won’t stop beating, for all of the radio listeners looking to feel…music and lyrics combining to heal your wounds. This frequency it comes and goes, let’s live and love in stereo, this frequency it comes and goes.” It is an incredible song and rocks my world like “Lose Control” by House of Heroes and “Pain” by Jimmy Eat World. “Let It Go” is a great song about releasing the burdens of guilt and shame that we carry. Many of these songs express my ‘emo’ feelings, and yet remind me that I wasn’t made for this world. This album has quickly become the soundtrack of my life especially in this song where I personally connect to the lyrics: “You gotta hurt sometimes but you didn't, You gotta lose sometimes but you wouldn't, You gotta give and take instead of running away.”

Lead single “Ready To Save” has permeated my soul and I find myself regularly singing the hope-filled chorus: “There is a Love that you’ve been waiting for, there is an answer, there is a cure, There’s a Healer, He’s ready to save you, He’s ready to save you, He’s ready to save.” “Take My Hand” addresses how our failures are redeemed by knowing our Savior and praying along with these lyrics, “Maybe we'll never know, but I pray we will finally see, That on our failing road in the dark we are not alone, It’s been so long I've spent my life content with giving in, To a life defined by the places that I have been, Take my hand Don't let go.” Amen. “Make A Mess” is an upbeat, hooky rock song that represents the theme of this incredible record, “We make a mess with the words that we're saying, We lose the best with the time that we're taking   We give love but we can't seem to take it, We get love and we turn around and fake it.” These are some of the deepest lyrics I’ve ever heard, all in extremely catchy rock songs. In “Run To You,” I pray along with Geoff and he passionately sings “Your mercies are never-ending, and You are Always…I Run To You, when hope begins to fall, I Run to You, You hear me when I call, I Run to You, Jesus. I Run to You.” The bridge makes me an emotional wreck, “You share in all my pain, You wipe away my shame, You heal me, You restore me, You make all things new.” This album is all about finding our true identity in Christ. He is the answer.

Satellites & Sirens are back with Frequency, my top alternative rock album of the year from both the Christian and mainstream music markets. They list as their
influences: Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, and 80's Music. They are a fantastic blend of those awesome musical styles, and with this album they have become my favorite Christian alternative rock band. I truly enjoyed their debut album and the stand-out hit songs “Breaking The Noise,” “Anchor” and “Take Me Back.” If you liked those songs, you’ll love this new album which is one of the catchiest and most hope-filled emotional rock albums I’ve ever heard. This is a five star album and is great for fans of alternative rock bands Abandon, Between The Trees, Deas Vail, House of Heroes, Mae, Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers and Jimmy Eat World, which are all my favorites.
Frequency is by far the catchiest, most energetic and emotionally engaging alternative rock album I’ve heard this year.

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username2 (378)

3/5 | Posted January 04, 2012
While the debut album from Satellites & Sirens sounded a bit similair to other bands in the genre, there was enough creativity to make me interesting in what the band could bring in the future.  Unfortunately, that will have to wait as they serve up their sophomore album that is more of the same.  The songs are still catchy and the music is fun, but the big problem is that it's generic pop punk.  The second half of the debut album saw some potential with what Satellites & Sirens could do but that is not apparent here.  Frequency is still enjoyable but for those of you yearning for some progression of sound by the band, you'll be sorrowly disappointed.

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