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One Song At A Time [edit]
by Jamie Grace | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 20, 2011

The full length debut album from singer/songwriter Jamie Grace contains the number 1 CHR radio hit 'Hold Me', featuring vocals from tobyMac. Other notable songs on the album include 'With You', 'Come To Me' and 'God Girl' done in a hybrid sound of acoustic pop, hip hop, folk, reggae and even country. The majority of the songs were produced by Christopher Stevens (tobyMac, Carrie Underwood) with additional tracks produced by Arch Nemesiz (production duo of GabeReal and Dave Wyatt of DiverseCity) and David Garcia (Mandisa, Group 1 Crew).

Track Listing
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01. Ready To Fly (Prelude)
02. Hold Me (Featuring tobyMac)
03. With You
04. Show Jesus
05. Come To Me
06. God Girl
07. Holding On
08. You Lead
09. One Song At A Time
10. 1945
11. Not Alone

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Jamie Grace [One Song At A Time] | Posted September 29, 2011
Spend any time at all with Jamie Grace, and it’s obvious that she’s special. Her infectious smile, bright eyes and her expressive way with words are all tell-tale signs: this is one unique girl. But the effervescent spirit in this young woman is even more powerful and compelling than what can be seen. Her contagious joy and message of hope can only be understood in the context of her story. And her struggle. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Jamie Grace learned two powerful lessons: one, that ministry is a way of life; two, that life is good, even when it’s hard. Diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at age 11, her young life became a series of heartbreak and challenge, a long season of physical exhaustion, emotional stress and spiritual doubt. Then one day, inspired by the powerful testimony of Tammy Trent on the Revolve Tour, Jamie Grace came to a life-changing conclusion. “I heard Tammy speak and I thought, ‘I’ve cried enough. It’s time to accept my joy.’ It was just the long process of finally realizing that, even with Tourette’s, I still have something to do with my life. I love to sing. I have a story, and I’ve got to share it.”

One Song At A Time is one of my most anticipated full length albums of the year. On the heels of Jamie’s massive number one hit song “Hold Me” featuring TobyMac from Jamie’s Hold Me EP, I didn’t know how she could possibly follow-up on that type of introduction as an artist. It was well worth the wait, and this is not only one of the best debut albums I’ve heard, it’s also one of the top albums of the year. To call Jamie the next big thing in Christian music may be an understatement. Just like her mentor TobyMac, her album is accessible well beyond just the Christian music market. This year has seen a remarkable amount of female artists dominate in all music markets. From Colbie Caillat, Adele, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga to Laura Story, Francesca Battistelli, Mandisa and Natalie Grant, you can add Jamie Grace to that impressive list.  I love the joyfulness of “Hold Me.” My youngest daughter Bethany just turned 5 years old and she sings “I love, I love, I love, I love the way You hold me” when she’s walking around in the grocery store. I’m really moved by the lyrics, “Just when I feel this crazy world is gonna bring me down, That's when Your smile comes around.” As God’s children, it brings me such comfort to think of Him smiling down on us. “With You” and “1945” are great examples of the many autobiographical, comforting and catchy songs on the album which is chock-full of hits, including the follow-up single “You Lead.”

One of Jamie’s strengths in addition to her soothing and strong vocals are her infectious and engaging lyrics. “You Lead” is a great follow-up to “Hold Me” with the electronic pop arrangement by producer Chris Stevens, and the prayerful and sincere chorus “You lead, I’ll follow, Your hands hold my tomorrow, Your grip, Your grace, You know the way, You guide me tenderly, When You lead, I’ll follow, Just light the way and I’ll go, ‘cause I know what You got for me is more than I can see, so lead me on.”  She further demonstrates her commitment in the lyrics: “And I…know my God is still God and You got my back.” Jamie is truly a “God Girl” and is a wonderful role model for any age girl. Being a father of three young daughters, I heartily recommend Jamie’s songs and her ministry GraceTalk where she conducts Bible studies and talks about her unashamed commitment to Jesus. She wrote my favorite lyrics on the album in “God Girl,”—“And when my ears start hearin’ what people say, Hurry up find love ‘cause times tickin’ away, well I’m not bein’ lazy, I'm just waiting for, still waiting for the right boy, ‘cause I only want to listen to Your voice, so I’ll be listenin’, always listenin’ to You everyday.” Amen to that! With our societal pressures to date and lose our innocence, it’s so refreshing to hear a godly girl proclaim that she’s in love with our Savior. The song connects to the biblical Truth found in Song of Solomon 2:7 (MSG): Oh, let me warn you, sisters in Jerusalem, by the gazelles, yes, by all the wild deer: Don't excite love, don't stir it up, until the time is ripe—and you're ready.” That’s what Jamie’s all about, loving God with all of her heart, expressed in one catchy song after another. “Show Jesus” and “Come To Me” are also upbeat, catchy and filled with biblical Truth. I am a ballad guy, and I am excited that Jamie delivers two of her strongest songs as prayerful ballads, “Holding On” and the gorgeous closer, “Not Alone.” These are both piano based songs with Jamie revealing her heart. I can’t help but get emotional listening to Jamie yearning, “His arms are holding you, His love will see you through, When you try not to cry but to take it, All the stress, and the hurt and heartache, You may feel pain, But not as great as His name, You're not alone, No you're not alone.” God loves you so much. Lean on Him and He’ll give you strength. These songs are all for God’s glory. To You be all the glory. “Lord, I love the way You hold me.” Amen!

Lord thank You for amazing Christian music artists like Jamie Grace who love You and want to glorify Your Name through their songs. Thank You for giving Jamie the gift of song-writing and singing so that she can give her offerings of praise and worship back to You, One Song At A Time.  This great debut album not only assures Jamie Grace of a Best New Artist nomination, it could even win her the award. 

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Bright Start to a Bright Future | Posted September 19, 2011
The Internet can be a valuable tool when it comes to discovering new music, especially in Jamie Grace's case. The 19-year-old Atlanta native has been an up-and-comer in the Christian music scene for the last several years, having toured both as a singer and emcee with the iShine Tour. 
Jamie’s biggest break however, came in the latter half of 2010 when she was discovered by--would you believe it?--tobyMac, from her CCM cover songs on YouTube. Jamie’s talent caught his attention right away; he immediately knew there was something special about her. 
“When some people sing and play, it’s almost effortless, and their joy is all over them,” Toby is quoted as saying. “That’s what grabbed my attention with Jamie Grace. I’ve not been this excited to work with an artist in a long time.”
A whirlwind year would follow the announcement that Jamie was the latest addition to the Gotee Records roster. Not only did her first single, “Hold Me,” maintain the No. 1 spot on Christian Hit Radio for over several weeks straight, she dove right into touring on the 2011 Revolve “Dream On” tour, and headed into the studio to record her first full length album with acclaimed producer Chris Stevens. She did all this, plus carried a full load of college classes in her pursuit to become a children's pastor. Some might call her a superwoman and others might call her crazy, but it was that free spirit and energetic attitude that immediately won her over to the masses. 
As a very big fan of Jamie Grace as an iShine artist, I—along with many others—eagerly anticipated the September 2011 release of Jamie's debut album, One Song At a Time, and it doesn’t disappoint. 
The album begins with a short prelude titled “Ready To Fly,” which transitions nicely into the aforementioned, “Hold Me,” a duet with TobyMac and hands down Christian music’s Summer anthem of 2011. Moving onto new music, the breezy and relaxed “With You” talks about the stresses of everyday life, but how everything seems to disappear when we stop and focus on God.
“Show Jesus” shines a different light on what other people see when believers show the love of Jesus, while the country flavored “Come To Me” brings a NEEDTOBREATHE vibe to a poignant song about resting in the Lord. “God Girl” is an anthem for all girls about waiting for God to lead them to their husbands. It encourages ladies to avoid all the pressure the world puts on them to find love on their own and understand they are loved by God. It sends a great message and is a sure highlight on this album.
The piano driven “Holding On”--co-written by Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real--talks about facing doubt and holding on to the truth found in the word of God. “You Lead” picks up the pace of the album once more and takes the role as the most upbeat song on the record. Musically, it follows along the catchy pop lines of “Hold Me” and conveys a wonderful message about walking by faith. I would love to see it as a radio single in the future. 
The album’s namesake, “One Song At a Time,” previously featured on her debut EP earlier this year, has been re-recorded for this album and highlights Jamie’s hope for her ministry in music, relating her private life and her carrier to be “note by note by line, one song at a time.” 
“1945” is hands-down the standout track on this record and quite possibly one of the best CCM pop songs of the year. Whimsical and charming, it offers a look back at the simplistic lifestyle of prior decades, and how although life might have been far more simple back then, we’ve been placed on Earth for such a time as this: “I could have been born in ‘45, but the truth is, I got here right on time and I thank God for every day of my life, it’s suits me just right.”
The album comes to a close with the moving and melodic “Not Alone,” talking about God being there for us, even in the hardest moments in life. It’s an unexpected way to finish an overall upbeat album, but with Jamie’s soulful vocals and passionate lyrics, it works, and somehow manages to bring the album full circle in the end. 
Closing Thoughts: 
There are going to be several times while listening to this record you forget you're listening to a young twentysomething share her life experiences, and think you're relating to an old friend. Jamie’s style of songwriting is honest and quirky, almost as if you were reading out of the pages of her diary, and it’s what makers her lyrics both unique and fun to listen to. Musically, this album is all over the place--pop, subtle rock, hip-hop, even country--but it highlights the musical capabilities that made Jamie such a hit on YouTube. 
Coming in at around 45 minutes in length, the album feels a little short, but that's kind of a good thing, because it only leaves you wanting more. One Song At a Time is one of the strongest debut albums of the year and one to which men and women alike will be able to listen and relate. Jamie Grace has a VERY bright career ahead of her in this industry, and it will not only be a treat to watch her grow as a musician and songwriter, but also as someone who has made herself a confidant to her listeners. There is no doubt about it: this album is beautiful start to a very beautiful future. 

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Must Have Album | Posted February 25, 2014
Jamie's voice, lyrics and friends have come up with this amazing album. The pop feeling is light and shows Jamie's positivity. This pop album is nothing short of being a gem that shines for God. Empowering females to trust God to be that light that undoubtedly would lead to people wondering and knowing the God she believes.

Rather than making the album seem childish, she brings it out to show us that child like faith.

5/5 Overall

If there was one song for introduction as a must have is Come to Me.

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ofytube (160)

One Song At A Time | Posted February 18, 2014
You really should buy the first album One Song At A Time by Jamie Grace. This worshipper will make you praise with her songs. And you really need to listen to her music. Let's adore Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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One Song At A Time By Jamie Grace Album Review | Posted January 15, 2014
This is a real awesome album from Jamie Grace. I loved every single song on this album. I would say my most favorite song would be Hold Me with tobyMac. This is a awesome first album from her and I loved it the first time I heard it. I highly recommend this album to fans of Jamie Grace and even if you haven't heard of Jamie Grace be sure to check out this album as you will be a fan of her after you listen to this album.This is one of my favorite albums to listen to and I know other people will love listening to this album. Be sure to listen to it then you do like it or love it then be sure to check it out and add it to your music collection as soon as you can. 

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