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I Will Praise You [edit]
by Rebecca St. James | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: April 05, 2011

Rebecca charts another new course with I Will Praise You, a new collection of worship songs she terms "her most personal recording to date."

Produced by Mark A. Miller (Casting Crowns), I Will Praise You is the culmination of a powerful season of spiritual and personal renewal for Rebecca. More importantly, it denotes a stunning re-introduction of Rebecca’s signature approach to passionate lyrics and music dedicated to drawing listeners into God’s presence.

Co-writing five of the ten songs on the new project, Rebecca is joined creatively by modern worship counterparts such as Mia Fieldes (Hillsong), Jason Ingram, Fred Williams, Joel Smallbone, Fred Williams, and Michael Neale, among others.

From the opening notes of track one, listeners are offered a welcoming connection with Rebecca’s recognizably authentic vocal warmth and delivery. It’s a very personal invitation to a continuing journey with a trusted, familiar friend.

Track Listing
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01. I Will Praise You
02. You Never Let Go
03. Shine Your Glory Down
04. You Still Amaze Me
05. In a Moment
06. The Kindness of Our God
07. When the Stars Burn Down (Blessing and Honor)
08. Almighty God
09. You Hold Me Now
10. You Make Everything Beautiful

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LampaFan (179)

A Flawless Comeback for Rebecca | Posted April 04, 2011

It’s been almost five and a half years since a new Rebecca St. James albums has been available for her devoted fans. Now in 2011, St. James sheds her rock image and presents the third worship album of her career I Will Praise You.

The album begins with the effervescent title track that is upbeat, worshipful, and exciting. The song has St. James’ signature style stamped all over it. It’s a compelling, catchy tune that will sure to stick in your head for days.

Unlike previous worship albums such Worship God and Live Worship, I Will Praise You is almost completely void of cover songs, opting for an original approach. However, two covers are included, one of them being “You Never Let Go” originally by Matt Redman. Rebecca adds a wonderful pop/rock flavor to the song and her voice is in top form.

Lead single “Shine Your Glory Down” is a rock-infused gem that will make you want to rock out and praise God. The song has an extremely cheerful melody and undeniably catchy lyrics.

“You Still Amaze Me” is a heartfelt mid-tempo track reminiscent of “Take All of Me” from 2005’s If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something. “In a Moment” is one of the album highlights with a soft, piano-driven beginning that builds into an epic crescendo with full drums and echoing background vocals. The song is a passionate, worshipful moment.

“The Kindness of Our God” is a beautiful song that features Rebecca’s flawless upper vocal register. It’s laden with gorgeous bagpipes that add a wonderful flavor to the track. “When the Stars Burn Down (Blessing and Honor)” is a soft, fervent piece of art that Rebecca paints with her gorgeous vocals.

“Almighty God” is an urgent message to those searching for a loving God. Rebecca sings gleefully about Jesus’ powerful love. “You Hold Me Now” is a musical masterpiece with stunning vocals and deep, honest lyrics.

The final track on the album, “You Make Everything Beautiful” is a tender piece that showcases Rebecca’s absolutely beautiful voice. Throughout all of the beautiful instrumentation and sincere lyrics, Rebecca’s voice is the true standout gem of the album with its delicate accent and passionate urgency. She easily hits every note with perfect ease, something that many mainstream artists can’t do without the use of auotune.

Overall, I Will Praise You is one of Rebecca St. James’ finest works to date. It’s very different than her other releases, but that’s the beauty of Rebecca; she’s always building in her previous works and maturing the sound of her music. Congratulations to you Rebecca, for making a beautiful album that stands out above the rest.

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I Will Praise You - Rebecca St. James | Posted April 15, 2011
Ok, I purchased this CD online and I received it this past Friday and been listening to it in my car. Let me tell you, this CD has been playing in my car non-stop for a week already. Why? Because this is one of Rebecca's best albums yet. When I heard the full album the first time I immedietly fell in love with it. This album is just awesome from start to finish!

The album opens up with the title track "I Will Praise You". A fun upbeat song that lets us know that whatever the circumstance, I will praise you, Lord.

The second song is a remake of "You Never Let Go" which is not a bad listen. The third song which is the first radio single "Shine Your Glory Down" is another upbeat song that gets you moving.

The next four tracks are the songs that I just can't get enough of. Rebecca gave her all in these songs and these in each of their own ways they move you to worship God. "You Still Amaze Me" speaks for itself. God will always amaze us no matter what. The next track which, in my opinion is the most beautifly song, moving song that I've heard in a while, called "In A Moment". This song speaks about that wonderful day to come where God will come in all his Glory to pick up his church. When you think about it, all you can say is Hallelujah! I love this song so much! This should be the next radio single, in my opinion, as I am sure it will speak to and touch many lives.  The song that comes after is "The Kindness of My God". Everything about that song is great from the music(which i love), the voice, and the message! "Blessing and Honor" I love for the same reasons!

The next two songs "Almighty God" and "You Hold Me Now" are good listens and the final track "You Make Everything Beautiful" is just....Beautiful. I love how it sounds so peaceful, with her voice to match, and it's still catchy. Just a beautiful tune that praises God for all things beautiful.

Overall this album is top notch and I think Rebecca St. James went all out. This album could be one of her best works yet. I highly recommend this album for anyone! It's beautiful, worshipful, and just amazing! 

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