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As For Me And My House [edit]
by John Waller | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: May 03, 2011

From the artist who brought you “While I’m Waiting” from the movie Fireproof, John Waller’s music has been heard by millions, touching lives all over the world. His third album, As For Me And My House, picks right up where While I’m Waiting left off and continues to boldly proclaim the Word of God in song, with a Joshua 24:15 declaration to this generation.

Track Listing
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01. Our God Reigns Here
02. As For Me And My House
03. Yes
04. Because God Is Good
05. Somebody Else's Story
06. Count It All
07. Man Of The Valley
08. The Jesus I Need
09. The Marriage Prayer
10. Fallen
11. Bless Us And Keep Us

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John Waller [As For Me And My House] | Posted April 26, 2011
From his early days leading the critically acclaimed band According to John to his impactful ministry as a solo artist, John Waller has continually used his gifts as a singer and songwriter to inspire, educate and encourage the body of Christ. With such powerful songs as “The Blessing” and “While I’m Waiting,” from the motion picture "Fireproof," Waller is back with a brand new collection of Scripture-based songs and declaration-style anthems designed to inspire listeners to fight the good fight of faith. Waller articulates what it means to live a God-centered life in a turbulent world. As For Me and My House is a potent collection of songs buoyed by Waller’s insightful songwriting and compelling voice. “The title track is, to me, the heart of this record,” Waller says of “As For Me and My House,” which joyfully declares “we belong to the Lord, and we will not give our hearts to another.” For sure, the title track, based on Joshua 24:15 is one of the stand-out songs of the year and as a husband and father of three young daughters, I have personally signed the Joshua 24:15 declaration on John’s website:
The album opens with the anthemic “Our God Reigns Here,” a song Waller felt strongly about revisiting from the his previous album, which is direct spiritual warfare. “Yes” is a sonically vibrant song that reverberates with the truth of God’s goodness and positive touch on our lives. “Because God is Good” is a celebration of the Lord’s grace and sovereignty. “Every believer that I know can relate to the fact that life doesn’t go the way we plan it all the time,” Waller says, “but the Bible promises all things work for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Things have not gone the way I thought they would go, but God has always been good to me. It’s because God is good that sometimes life doesn’t go the way we want it to go. It’s because of His goodness that He spares us from going the way we think things should.” Waiting on the Lord has been a theme in all of John’s albums. His faithfulness and commitment to write and sing songs based on his personal experiences makes him one of the most relatable artists I’ve ever heard.
“Man of the Valley” is a poignant song about the challenges that help us grow. Among the album’s many highlights is “The Marriage Prayer,” a beautiful duet featuring John’s wife Josee. “She’s always sang with me and when we lived in Colorado, she was on my worship team. She’s done backup vocals on my records, but this is her debut singing her own,” Waller says of the song. “Somebody Else’s Story” is a tender prayer that captures Waller’s heart for sharing Jesus with others as he sings “I want to be a part. I want to be a part of somebody else’s story, somebody else’s story of redemption. I want to be the one to shine the light of Jesus into their darkness. Lead me to that someone I pray. Lord I want to bring You glory.”
The messages of the album are all extremely biblical and uplifting. Every song seems to have lyrics that come straight from The Bible. For example, “Count It All” is based on Philippians 3:8: More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowingChrist Jesus my Lord.” That type of Biblical Truth is throughout the album, especially in songs like “As For Me And My House,” Yes” and the worshipful closing song “Bless Us And Keep Us.”
This is a great adult contemporary worship album. If you like Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns and MercyMe, then you should really enjoy John Waller. If you like the song “While I’m Waiting,” then you’re in for a real treat with the entire album. Musically, I feel that the album is a slight step up, in particular with the songs “Our God Reigns Here,” “Yes,” “Because God Is Good,” and “The Marriage Prayer” which are my other favorite songs on the album in addition to the title track, which is an amazing song. As For Me And My House will have you singing along in praise to our Savior!

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TCMRB (44)

John Waller: As For Me and My House | Posted September 15, 2011
Before I started listening to this album I really was not excited. I always thought John Waller was ok. I first head him on the movie Fireproof, where they played his song "While I'm Waiting." In my mind that is still his best song. So, I really was not looking forward much to reviewing this CD; and after listening to his latest project I still think Waller is decent. He is not amazing, but he is also not bad. As For Me and My House does not really have any stellar songs on it. Overall the album is good throughout; however, there are not really any songs that stick out on it.

The album starts off with the song "Our God Reigns Here," which is pretty good song. It sounds a lot like every other worship song out here. I like the words; but, I would have liked it if the song had more distinguishing features to make it different than other songs. The title track "As For Me and My House" is one of the best songs on the album. The song is very uplifting and had me humming along by the third time through the album. One grip I have against the song, and most of the other songs on the album, is that there really are not that many words in any of the songs. The songs are comprised of like 75% of the same stuff, and a couple really short verses. After awhile it gets really old hearing the same thing over and over again. A little more originality would be welcomed.

After the title track comes the song "Yes" which is basically the only good song on the rest of the album. It is one of the more upbeat songs on the project and is one of the songs that can make you feel really great. After "Yes" the album really drops off. The songs start sounding like every other Christian song out there.

John Waller still has not made it into my top artists yet; but he is definitely getting closer. I was hoping for more really good songs like "While I'm Waiting," but I guess I will just have to wait a little bit longer for him to come out with more stellar songs like that. Overall the album was decent it you want to listen to something that sounds like everything else out there.

Favorite Song: As For Me and My House

Favorite Lyrics: "He said He'll finish the work He started in you. Your needs He will supply. He'll never leave you, nor forsake you, and that's a promise." (From the song "Yes")

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Official Review! | Posted May 03, 2011
Take the acoustic styles of artists such as Brandon Heath and Matthew West, mix in a little Chris Tomlin and Lincoln Brewster praise and worship, mix, and what do you get?  A sound that defines John Waller’s latest release, "As For Me and My House."  What can only be described as a remarkable work of faith, praise, and true desire to celebrate what God and His son Jesus truly are only scratches the surface to John's passionate music and certainly the message that permeates this album.  From "Our God Reigns Here" to the title track and all thru the end on "Bless Us and Keep Us," John has provided a marvelous prayer and piece of art.

Leading off is “Our God Reigns Here,” in a very ethereal and commanding nature as John commands evil spirits to leave because “our God reigns here,” whether it be the place of worship, the home, or wherever, it ties very well and transitions seamlessly into the next song and title track “As For My And My House.”  Coming from Joshua 24:15, the title track is the overlying anthem and theme for the worship-driven album, starting out slow and gradually building up into a triumphant chorus of voices declaring the same as Joshua did.  Moving into more of a contemporary worship feel, “You” follows next with the verse and then the chorus sung by a crowd, very similar in comparison to Hillsong or Chris Tomlin.  Once again, shining the production method used on the album, “You” transitions right into “Because God Is Good.”  If not aware of two different songs, it would be easy to miss the transition.  Playing to more of the contemporary pop style John Waller also subscribes to; resemblances of other popular artists such as Matthew West and Brandon Heath come to mind.

“Somebody Else’s Story” is a great example that reflects John’s ministry-minded focus.  A great line of the song that shows this would be “I want to be a part of somebody else’s story of redemption,” modeling the Great Commission given to us in Matthew 28:16-20.  The next track, “Count It All,” references taking everything we have and laying it at the foot of the cross, counting it all as loss and serving Him.  “Man of the Valley” is a great song with pure instrumentation and can have various interpretations on how the song is presented, but a great song nevertheless, followed by “The Jesus I Need,” a song of desire and hope in knowing that our Jesus, our Lord, our Savior heals not just physical wounds, but eternal souls.

Bringing in some southern roots, “The Marriage Prayer” is a great track that serves as a model prayer for couples struggling in their marriage.  Following the success of the song “While I’m Waiting” which was featured in the movie Fireproof, “The Marriage Prayer” is a great attempt to follow along the same path in order to help strengthen relationships.  The song also features a very talented female vocalist that assists Waller through the verses.  From a song to strengthen marriages to another love song, “Fallen” is a love song to Jesus, the “intimate lover” as John writes, “I have fallen, I’ve fallen forever in intimate love.”  Rounding out the album is “Bless Us and Keep Us” revolves around Numbers 6:22-27 and is a very fitting ending to the album.  The tracks is very reflective, calming, and worthy of closing your eyes and soaking in the power of God’s love surrounding us as we ask Him to bless us and give us peace.  Amen.

Closing Thoughts
Between the obvious message-driven lyrics to the driving melodies and even the qualities of the behind the scenes production, the entire record did not fail to put chills in my spine and still causes me to sing along every time with arms raised to the air and praises sung to the One on high.  More than just a bravo to John Waller, but instead, a job well done for using his God given talents and giving it back to the One who gave it all.

Review Written By: Mike Laxton [] on 5/2/2011

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As For Me and My House | Posted October 26, 2011
This release has very inspiring and worshipful lyrics. There is a variety of tempos included with both slow worshipful songs and ones that are more upbeat and rock oriented. My favorite songs are "As for me and my house" and "The Jesus I Need".

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Great CD | Posted June 26, 2011
I really like this new album from John. I have his first one, and I like it as well, but this one is better in my opinion. I really like his kind of music, and every song of his is very well written. Highly recommended.

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Momma67 (24)

Should be great | Posted June 19, 2011
I haven't got this new record yet, but that is going to be changing pretty soon. I really like his music, and I can't wait until I am able to get this new stuff. He has a great voice, and all of his songs are really well written.

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