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    Kim Stratton
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    This story has the key elements of a great novel or movie. It has the classic ingredients of going from nothing, to having it all, losing it all, and getting it back. With unfailing faith, determination, and against all odds, her name; Kim Stratton.

    "Not gazing at the past, but looking forward to the future, I'm celebrating! Admittedly, this journey for me has been a tumultuous ride of ups and downs", says Kim.

    It's been seven years since she's recorded her last CD. This is very significant, because according to scripture, seven is the number of completion. Now she's looking forward to new heights and new beginnings. Kim's career began with her first recording as a solo artist for Glorious / Integrity Music.

    Her debut release, "I'm In This Place", gained nominations for (2) Stellar Awards: Best Solo Performance Female and Best New Artist; and was also nominated for (2) DOVE AWARDS: Traditional Black Gospel Song of the Year, "Rich in Jesus Name", and Album of the Year, "I'm In This Place". The title song, "Im In This Place", also received a Grammy nomination.

    Her second recording, "Kim Stratton Live with the A.F.C. Mass Choir", rapidly took the country by storm with a guest appearance by the "Queen of Gospel", Albertina Walker. Hit songs such as, "Mercy Saw Me", uplifts you and reminds you, of who you are, and whose you are. "Whatever Happened 2 Our Love", released Spring 2001, was the third recording; including songs like, "Rendezvous" and "What Ever Happened 2 Love"; taking you to a place of intimacy in worship.

    "After running away from life, I found myself leaving Chicago and moving to Atlanta, a place of solitude. As I would sit in the middle of my bed each day, pouring my heart out onto paper in my journal, the words turned into lyrics, and the lyrics turned into this project. I wanted to sing about bad times from a healed perspective", Kim states.

    This CD takes you into her breathing space, where she openly shares thoughts about her life, her divorce and being broken hearted; to healing and forgiveness, hope, redemption, letting go , and moving on. Kim brings to life the stories and emotions of the past seven years ups and downs, with incandescent hope. It's been a long time coming.

    Kim launched her own record company, Jehovah Jireh Records, where she is the CEO and first artist on the label. Her experiences of, "Life Lessons Learned", through God's Grace and Mercy, were the inspiration for her new CD entitled, "Almost 4-got 2 Worship", released August 2007.

    She has been afforded an awesome opportunity to have control of the creativty of her music, and owning the rights to all her music, through a Label Deal distributed by Kingdom Records / Universal Music Christian Group.

    "Almost 4-got 2 Worship", offers a variety of different genre styles of Gospel, Neo-Soul, Traditional, Spoken Word, Contemporary, and Praise and Worship. It takes you on the journey we as Christians find ourselves, challenged through the passing and failing of spiritual tests, to ultimately becoming victorious in Jesus. Kim is unabashed and up front with her emotions. Her prophetic spirit might take some by surprise, but make no mistake, she opens up, becoming very transparent in both human and divine nature.

    Kim's first music video includes a duet with Yvette (Williams) Graham, to the title track, "Almost 4-got 2 Worship", produced by T.J. Hemphill. Kim says, "There's nothing like taking on issues, especially topics that the church may sometimes simply not wish to address." Led by God, Kim decided to record her new CD. The title alone reminds us that despite what we are going through in our lives , we can't 4-get 2 worship.

    When asked why not write a worship CD, Kim stated that she knew everyone knows her for singing worship songs. However, when she began this project, life and issues kept becoming the essence of everything she started to write.

    "I felt the release of God to write about where I was from a Christian perspective. God kept reminding me that I should write songs which took place on those hard everyday issues we Christians face. He also impressed upon me to use my personal experiences as an example to others of how God can bring you through and out, the most difficult of times. The Bible says, 'They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony', Kim expresses. Yet in the end, she brings it home in worship, with songs like, "I Will Praise Thee Oh Lord" and "My Choice".

    This is Kim's journey. If you're interested, come travel along with her. Even if you have to get off at the next exit or two, it's ok. This harmonic sound project includes, "Life lessons Learned", entering the journey of making mistakes, getting hurt, moving on, and chalking it all up as life lessons; formulating the person Kim is today. Wooh! "God's Gone Make Me Laugh", inspired by a sermon from Bishop Noel Jones, details drying up the tears, and no more tissue, 'cause "God's about to make me laugh." "Living My Life on Purpose", is about looking at life and trying to figure out who I am, why I am here, and what I am supposed to be doing?"

    Kim has put together an impressive array of collaborators; among them are, William Kilgore, (Eroglik Media of Alsip, Illinois), who produced the entire project. " William was a sleeping giant who's wide awake now." Alvin "Cornbread" Garrett, (Jiffee Mixed Music), who produced and laid the tracks for, "Life Lessons Learned"; lyrics written by Ms. Stratton. Both Kim and Cornbread co-wrote, "U Aint Gotta Prayze", and played base on, "God's Gone Make Me Laugh". Mike Weatherspoon produced, "What Ever Happened 2 Our Love", a Spoken Word piece, where God speaks to the body of Christ, reminding us that we should never forget our first love. Kim's prayer for everyone who listens to this CD is that they pay close attention to the lyrics of every song, for she promises there will be a blessing.

    Kim is, "Happier Now", than she's ever been. Her new personal testimony, "Change was good for me!", is a reflection of her new life and her new song, "Almost 4-got 2 Worship"

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