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    Yemi Alafifuni
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    Yemi Alafifuni is a talented artist with a passion for gospel, pop and R&B. Hailing from Nigeria, but based in the UK, this charismatic singer and songwriter managed to combine stunning melodies with infectious grooves and great beats, in order to create a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound.

    Yemi's early days where marred with identity issues and a chronic lack of self -- esteem. Yemi suffered from a broken home and his quest for a sense of belonging took him on a journey with God. 

    Trusting God through the diverse & mostly challenging situations was difficult but by God's Grace, Yemi found strength to progressively grow in God and he is still growing. Yemi's beginning is very low and humble but this has helped build active faith, a term Yemi describes as the force of God behind any exploit. 

    Yemi's baptism into Gospel Music
    At the beginning of Yemi's walk with the Lord, he began to gravitate towards christian music. At the time, Maranatha! Music was the acceptable western music records and so Yemi began to listen to all the records he could find especially Kids Praise. Soon after, Yemi began to teach his fellowship music whilst serving as an usher.

    Yemi's baptism into music came at a time of desperate need. His home was behind a boarding school and every other night a set of girls will gather to sing worship songs. Though they were across the swamp (the landscape that separated the school from Yemi's home), their music travelled far and ultimately into Yemi's usually room.

    The voices were so beautiful and heavenly that it kept Yemi up all night. Shortly, Yemi began to practice to sing just like the ladies across the pond and looked forward to their session.

    Yemi said; "This for me was my divine induction into music. I have never met any of these ladies and I don't think they know how much impact & influence they had on me. It was as if God sent angels to train me every midnight (which is the time the ladies meet). I am grateful to these ladies wherever they may be."

    For many years, he has led and been an active member of the church choir.  He had won several local gospel singing soloist competition during his early years but his passion isn't about awards or position.  His first recording album was 'Uncensored Worship' which was released on the 4th of April 2015.

    Yemi Alafifuni is one of the worship leaders at COHP, UK -- a church where the lifestyle of Jesus is natural and worship is undiluted. He enjoys his time in worship, appreciating every opportunity by giving his absolute best to God. Our God deserves 100%, all the time -- no exceptions -- Yemi believes.

    Today, God deserves it all and Yemi has a desire to see the nations worship God in Spirit and in Truth where the love of Jesus is shed abroad in our hearts and our lives mirror heaven.

    He loves Jesus and believes every heart should too. His music will bring you closer to the throne room of the Father and your heart will connect in worship.

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    TRENDING NRT NEWS: Staff Voices: A Journey Through Sound | Sarah Reeves Essentials | Narnia Coming To Life

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