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  • "My King Is Known by Mercy" from My King Is Known by Mercy
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    Worship Artist Josh Pantana Premieres New Video
    (Tuesday, January 10, 2017)
    Josh Pantana
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    My name is Josh Pantana. I’m a songwriter and worship leader based in Nashville, TN. Seeing God glorified through song has become my great passion, but it hasn’t always been. Growing up the son of southern gospel singers, I was exposed to church music from a very early age. When I was 12, my older brother bought my twin brother and me acoustic guitars for our birthdays, and taught us a few chords. By high school I was writing songs, booking shows around town, and recording albums. I was in love with music. 
    I’d dreamed of Nashville for many years. After a few semesters of college, my twin brother and I had the opportunity to move to Nashville. We signed a deal recording country music. At first it seemed like all the puzzle pieces were just sliding into place, but it didn’t take long for things to fall apart. I watched as my hopes and dreams unraveled. By a mixture of pride and entitlement, I became depressed, and was left with a heart full of bitterness.
    When you read the book of Genesis, you can’t help but picture the radical power of its flood. It changed everything. Maybe you recall the headlines about Tennessee’s 500-year flood back in 2010. It devastated much of Nashville, and took down my job, record deal, and band with it. I think of Noah. With the uncertainty of his future, and that of the whole world's in mind, he chose to trust the Lord; and when the dark clouds cleared, and that first sun rose, what a profound sense of hope there must have been. In the same way, God used a flood to bring about change in my life. It devastated my deluded dreams, and then brilliant light began to push back the shadows and storms that had covered my heart. 
    I began attending a church called Midtown Fellowship, and soon joined the worship team. Midtown's worship leader soon thereafter began to unpack a vision of a community of artists immersed in the God’s Word, and striving to create art for the express purpose of our local church. The idea was songs for our church - from our church. God was now redeeming not only my heart, but my dreams. In a wave of inspiration, I wrote the song, My King is Known by Mercy. I had read from Timothy Keller’s book, Jesus the King, where Keller describes the Call of our Lord. He sites J.R.R. Tolkien, saying that “the hand’s of the King are healing hands, and thus shall the rightful King be known.” I was so moved by these words. What a mystery that the one, true King chooses to reveal Himself by mercy. Jesus has proved that He is the good Shepherd. He is the one who finds every lost lamb, and leads them home. Although that journey home may seem treacherous, and at times, unsafe; I trust that He is good, and will be faithful to accomplish every subtlety of salvation within me.

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