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    Teq Niq
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    Artist Background in shorthand
    Kudzai David Simbarashe Murapa is a Harare Born Emcee, Producer, Sound Engineer who is focused on the Hip Hop Genre but produces an all-round sound of Music in recording, composition and production whose aim is to change the way people think with his music in the form of Ministry and Revelation of Jesus Christ. Kudzai went to the Academy of Sound Engineering in South Africa where he did a course on Post Production to sharpen his skills in recording and production.
    Artists Background Details
    Kudzai was born in Harare on December 22nd 1986 which makes him 29 this year (2015). He was raised in Botswana and New York until returning to complete his Grade 6 and 7 in Zimbabwe at Hillcrest School in Mutare. He furthered his secondary school at PeterHouse High School in Marondera where his Music Career was birthed with a friend in form 2 around the age of 15-16. The Group was called Young Souljaz and they performed at some variety shows on campus grounds.
    In about 2004 after completing form 4 back at Hillcrest College in Mutare, Kudzai decided to attempt tertiary education in the United States of America doing a Degree in Accounting and Management. During this course Kudzai had to make a choice whether to pursue his dream or do what everyone else was doing to make money and get by. The leap of Faith was taken in 2007 when Kudzai finally secured a place at a college in South Africa, the Academy of Sound Engineering.
    In South Africa Kudzai was introduced to the music industry by the likes of Bongani Fassie and Leslie Mampe (Da L.E.S.). Kudzai featured on Da LES’s debut solo album in a song called “Rock Steady B-Boy” produced by none other than Bongani Fassie, Son of the Late Brenda Fassie, who was at the time breaking away from Ghetto Ruff Records to start His own record label and stable called “Fassie Records”. The latter specialized in Street Hip Hop mixtapes and original productions distributed by mixtape Madalaz and various other South African underground outlets.
    Sadly even after the struggle of finding a place and all the initial success, pressure from surroundings and surrounding circumstances drove Kudzai to an edge of life that many are familiar with where he broke down in many ways (Emotionally, Spiritually and almost Mentally). Struggling to cope with things it became more evident that something was trying to oppose his journey in the music industry and college life.
    Kudzai had to return home (Zimbabwe) and regroup; there was a lot of redirection ahead of him after all he had learnt in the Hip Hop Industry and abroad versus the local scene and appearance of things at home. Besides all the popularity, the prop, and the good feedback on his music, there was just something missing from the entire equation that had a lot to do with purpose and reason. He found himself returning to the word of God in 2011, realizing that his self-made success was not all there was to life and his skills and talents called for BIGGER things than just your every day “Rap & Hip Hop” artist, promoting the same sort of behaviors that were destroying society and lives of the people he had witnessed in his generation.
    Upon the awakening, Kudzai received a vision of Rap and Hip Hop in a whole new way. What is known as Davidic Hip Hop was something that was new to the world as it was one of the first vessels to carry the word of God for Christians in Hip Hop as Praise and Worship with the core element of winning souls to the light of Jesus. Now having a more spiritual understanding of what music is to God, more than what it is to man, Kudzai decided to call His Movement “Revelation Music” because it is focused and was founded on the Revelation of Christ Jesus.
    “We hear a lot of things from rappers and trend setters but not anything that can help us become better people and grow in spirit” Seems to be the main complaint of those who are forced to witness the decline of morals in secular culture and the abuse of things like curse words and passing fads and trends. “There is way much more to music than something to Celebrate in the flesh, there is a spiritual element of it that requires one to submit in praise and worship which is taken very lightly by the secular world and on stage performers.”
    Revelation Music Ministries Became a greater and greater vision collaborating with as many Christian artists as it could find at the beginning, the likes of God Hears (Simeon Tavares), Courtney Antipas formerly known as IllCeey  who had just recently also had the same sort of awakening and epiphany, Flexxo (David Mutanda), Prophecy (Ngoni Mavera), and C-Bleech (Kudzai Gwaze).
    Revelation music started a blog aimed at bringing insight to Christian Hip Hop as praise and worship more than just songs, lyric and rhythm with the “content” of Christianity. The Blog Link is www.RevelationMusic1.Blogspot.com . The Ministry also started a Devotional Blog with Posts that direct people to the teaching of the grace of God by which we are all saved, the REASON for Christianity being more than a religion to an actually breathing relationship with God. The Devotional Blog is www.RevelationsInChrist.Blogspot.com .
    So far Revelation Music Ministries is part of a large network of artists that are standing together for Christ and Hip Hop in Zimbabwe with plans to change the way people think and act toward one another and the culture we have been blessed with.
    TeQ NiQ is aiming to bring that positivity of the word of God to the stage of African and Zimbabwean Hip Hop with the due effect of Praise and Worship. 

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    namzy (62)
    No words.............. | Posted February 11, 2015
    Okay, so since I have no words I will just say that your music my brother is Word up! very real and focuses on the main man Himself, Jesus Christ. Yeap!

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