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  • "Human for Me" from God of Fireflies
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    Katy Kinard
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    "God of Fireflies" entwines the whimsical and the edgy parts of faith and love. 
    The careful crafting of lyrics brings depth to subjects not often discussed and unique perspectives, like Jesus' life as a child "learning how to be human," and a true story (inspired from an article) depicting Mother Teresa's advice to a young mother from the U.S. 
    Creepy, brilliant production supports a song that "seeking after God" is getting crowded out by a fast-paced world of distractions, and a unique spin on why God ever created fireflies (or "helicopter leaves" - or dandelions) does the album's title track justice - as this God of Fireflies becomes more lovable with every line.

    "God of Fireflies" Album Preview

    Singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist Katy Kinard isn't content leaving questions unasked. As a faith-driven lyricist, she will tell you she's been all kinds of believers: one of childlike, liberated faith; a Pharisee and a legalist; a charismatic miracle seeker; and what she calls a near-atheist and "cynical scribe."  But she's quick to embrace all areas of her journey, the end-all being a consistent pull to Jesus.

    Her influences range from the vocal and lyrical styles of Nichole Nordeman and Sarah McLachlan, to the guitar-driven rock of Sheryl Crow and playfulness/depth of David Wilcox, within the pop, rock, and folk genres. 
    Katy attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN, where she studied Commercial Music and Music Business.  She is a winner of the 2013 International CWIMA showcase, the '09 International Acoustic Music Awards folk and Americana categories, the '09 Independent Music Awards Popular Vote, and Embassy Music's regional choice.   

    Katy has co-produced and toured four CDs:  "Headed Back" (2005), "You're Still Better" (2007), "Lullaby Hymns: the weary soul" (2010), and her latest: "God of Fireflies" (2016)

    What fans are saying...

    "Your song changed me today.  You pulled me out of misery, across the nation, with a song.  You can help people feel the truth of the Light when they're lost. I know because you just did this for me. I haven't felt that chill from a song in so long, I was forgetting. ...I cannot thank you enough."

    “I am blown away by the beautiful lyrics and the providence of the message behind your songs. Hearing your music has inspired me to find my own voice again - after 8 long years - and I've come back home to my Father where I belong. Praise Jesus that he has given you such a gift to touch people's lives. I thank you and my Savior, from the bottom of my heart.”

    "Your gift from God is to heal peoples' hearts with your songs! They're like little prayers, helping all the day through, even longer sometimes. I believe music gives people life and energy; unfortunately it's often negative or mixed energy.  Living with a debilitating illness, I can see/feel it more than ever.  You didn't know it but now you're singing for me, ok?"

    “OH MY GOSH, i came across you while searching on myspace. You are awesome, girl! Your testimony is awesome too! I love honest, thought-provoking lyrics like Nichole Nordeman , and I can never find anyone else like that...until now!!”

    “Hearing you play REALLY touched my heart tonight, because I have been struggling…Your lyrics: ‘I know you're searching, but you've made faith so hard and now you're hurting - come back to my arms, come back to my heart…’ THANK YOU for putting into words how I feel...I have been really hurting physically & emotionally and trying so hard to TRUST it all to Him instead of handling it myself.”

    “I heard your music on Pandora. For the next few hours I sat and listened, read your bio and testimony, and thanked God. In reading your story, I found myself there-- so much the same, and I want to say thank you for sharing. On top of that, also being a musician, I appreciated your creative instrumentation as well as incredible vocal tones. Beautiful. It is sometimes easy to hide my struggles with faith, but I am grateful that today I don't feel like I have to, and your honesty has contributed to that.”

    “I just have to thank you for your music, it's absolutely amazing to listen to. I recently recommitted my life to Christ about 6 months ago after a long, overdue battle with an eating disorder, depression and anxiety. God has brought SO much healing into my life. Your music has become part of my quiet time with God each day.”

    “God introduced me to your song when I had never felt such despair or disconnectedness with God. The lyrics to “Wedding Song” resonated so deeply within me, and it hurt to think of His longing for me and my keeping my heart from Him. I believe you have rightly portrayed the Lord's heart here and it’s a beautiful testament to God’s undying love for us. What a blessing this song has been to me.”

    “I came across you on Pandora's radio and fell in love with your soul. I just wanted you to know how powerful and wonderful your music is to me.”

    “If you only knew what God was doing through your lyrics. I finally felt understood. It was my song, for this season. Thank you for following Him, it was just what I needed.”

    "Katy Kinard's rendition of the hymns are haunting and breathtaking. Her entire "Lullaby Hymns: the weary soul" is a beautiful, naked, heartfelt mix of raw emotion sprinkled with the most exquisite embellishments. Pure devotion!"

    “We’ve added Katy’s song ‘Here’ to our heaviest rotation on our radio station. Her voice is excellent, deeply emotional and pure; reminiscent of Natalie Merchant in her prime.”

    "Radiant...honest.  Others will find strength in this music and it will heal their lives."

    Entry last edited by ktkinard on 07.22.16
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    TRENDING NRT NEWS: Hillsong's Mike Guglielmucci | We Are Messengers 4th Album Coming | NEEDTOBREATHE Essentials

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