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    Alex Boye
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    Alex is a recording artist from london, england who's greatest passion is expressing himself through music and using it to bring people, especially the youth to a closer relationship with Christ

    I once heard a youth pastor say,"If i held up 12 pictures of Christ's disciples, and 12 pictures of hollywoods Superstars, who would you know more about?" There was silence amongst the youth congregation, until one brave soul put his hand up and said "I know way more about the Superstars pastor!" I'll be honest with you guys and say the same as the kid did. I know more about the stars too! i could tell you which celebrity has just broken up with their girlfriend, or who has just had a nose job,who just came out of rehab, and Who went to jail just recently (the name of the person is the same as the capital of a country in Europe..Did you say Paris!!Ha!) well, i want to tell you an experience about a man that i admired growing up that pretty much influenced my in many areas of my life. were it not for him, i would probably not be singing today, even even have decided to choose singing as a career. Man, i tell you,i would dress the way he did,try to act the way he did, all kinds of craziness.he is a mega recording artist, and has sold millions of records all over the world. after i got hooked onto his music, it was not enough. I just had to know everything about the geezer!i wanted to find out more about his childhood, his background, how he made it in the industry, his hobbies, everything man!what can i say?, i was an out and out raging obsessive fan.i began to read up about him in all the glossy magazines,newspaper articles,and TV interviews. Church people! here is a compiled list of things i discovered out my favorite, and most influencial artist. i will not say his name yet, for now, i will just call him "Johnny". are you ready? 1994: Johnny, who is 27, secretly marries his girlfriend with a forged wedding license which listed her as 18. the young woman was 15. the wedding was annulled by a Michigan judge just months later. 1996: Johnny is sued for having inappropriate relations with a 15 yr old fan; he settles the case out of court for an undisclosed amount in 1998. 2001: Johnny is again sued for having inappropriate relations with a fan who was under 17; again he settles the case out of court for a large payoff. 2002: The Chicago Sun Times receives a tape showing Johnny (Now 36yrs old)having an inappropriate relation with, and then urinating on a 13 yr old girl. 2002: Johnny is arrested in Chicago and indicted for 21 counts of child pornography and statutory rape. 2002: Johnny is charged with no less than 33 counts of child pornography and statutory rape. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, MEET...MY ROLE MODEL. I know we must not judge. I am not perfect. but let me ask you some questions. WOULD YOU LET THIS MAN BABYSIT YOUR YOUNGER SISTER? INTO OUR HOUSES TO STAY OVER? HANG OUT WITH YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER, FRIENDS, OR CHURCH YOUTH GROUP? You would most likely say no, but unfotunately, WE DO -We allow him access to our younger sister by introducing them to his music. -We allow him to stay over at our houses by watching his music videos on TV -We allow him to hang with teenage daughter,friends, and church youth groups by saying to them, have you heard that new track by johnny?, It's off the chain man! In 2 Timothy, the bible says that in the last days men will become lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. Isn't that happening right now? Don't we see that on Tv?, on the internet?..On Myspace? may we be blessed with God's wisdom to be able to choose God's way, and not the world's way, and be given the power to know the difference.

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    TRENDING NRT NEWS: Hillsong's Mike Guglielmucci | We Are Messengers 4th Album Coming | NEEDTOBREATHE Essentials

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