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    It all started as a Dream, which has now evolved and developed into a reality. At a young age, he was faced with many obstacles that have now led him to where he stands today. While growing up in the streets of Miami trying to make something good out of himself, G-Notes made many wrong decisions and took many wrong paths. In his younger years, he didn't have the options and luxuries that many have now. Because of being a Peruvian immigrant, it was hard for him to communicate with others. The friend that introduced him to hip-hop was shot and killed at the young age of 14. Through the same music that this friend gave him, G-Notes learned how to speak the English language. It seems that the world had a lot to offer him (drugs, sex, alcohol, etc…), you name it. In his mind he believed that he had to be like the world in order to be respected and successful. He didn't realize the purpose and identity the Lord had given him.

    Death was after him and it had marked him from a very young age. In 1992 he was accuse and sent to jail for attempted murder. These accusations helped him realize that a change in his life was needed but he didn't know how to make it happen. 1998 was the start of that needed changed. G-Notes had been invited to a Holy Hip-Hop concert in which a group called 1Way was performing. They evangelized to him through the form of music. The Holy Spirit ministered and spoke to his heart. When the calling was given, he made the most important decision of his life; He received Jesus Christ into his Heart. From that day forward, He decided to never look back and surrender his ways to the lord.

    Hip-Hop has always had an influence on him and has now become a big part of his life. G-Notes was given the opportunity to be signed to Underground Blaze Records in 2005. The Lord allowed him to come out with his 1st solo project titled Life, Situation, and Stories. This album speaks of the real life situations that took place in his life. He knows that people will identify with his testimony because they've experienced many of the same issues. It's his desire through his music to show how God can take any situation, mend it and bring glory to himself. He also wants his music to inject encouragement into others and give hope to those in need of an answer to their situation.

    With already having one album released in ‘05, G-Notes wanted to give something new and fresh to the public. This is where Bright Lights, Magic City comes in. Through the process of this album, the Lord showed him many things; the techniques of how the world functions and how the enemy brings deceit to people. The purpose of this album is to expose the lies that the world tries to flash to block the true vision. In the Bright Lights section of the album, his focus is to reveal all the intentional snares planted for the souls who are unaware of the affects sin will lead and cause. Because of the lack of wisdom and knowledge of the Word, God's people perish and fall into spiritual blindness. Letting them know not to be consumed with the glam that the world shows off but refocusing the lens back to the creator. Bringing people to the M.I.A is the next step with the Magic City. Reaching the streets through hip-hop, evangelizing and preach the Word is what God has called him to do. G-Notes music takes you through a lyrical journey through the streets of Miami. Bright Lights Magic City will unlock the ear of the listener and captivate the heart of the lost. The Lord has opened many doors for G-Notes and has anointed him to carry out the mission of his Word.

    G-Notes has been given the opportunity to minister at many events, festivals and persions. G-Notes has also shared the stage with great men of God such as; The Cross Movement, Lecrae, Trip Lee, The Flame, Da Truth, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Pettidee, Grits, Rawsrvnt, DJ Morph , KJ-52,Urban D, Cool & Dre, Young Joshua, R-Swift, Canton Jones, Tonex, Mr. Del , Holy South, Mark J, Stephanado, Corey Red and Precise, Ritchie Righteous, FrontLynaz, Funky, Elements of God, Joe Justiz, Probly Pablo, K-Drama and many more. G-notes' vision is set upon reaching souls, using the talent that God has blessed him with and changing history for those to come. Setting a pattern while planting seeds wherever he goes marking God's territory with hip-hop so that the world can hear the good news of the Gospel is all done for the of God.

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    TRENDING NRT NEWS: Staff Voices: A Journey Through Sound | Sarah Reeves Essentials | Narnia Coming To Life

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