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Songs Of Mindfulness and Meditation
NRT's Kevin Davis lists songs that can help you come closer and talk to God

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL, Songs Of Mindfulness and Meditation
Posted: January 18, 2023 | By: KevinDavis_NRT
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As we begin the new year, we look for ways to improve our overall well-being and find balance in our lives. One practice that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the combination of mindfulness and meditation with music. This self-care approach can help reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and concentration, and promote a sense of calm and inner peace. 
As someone who has been writing devotional articles for 14 years, I find that incorporating music into my mindfulness and meditation practice is a powerful tool for reflection and spiritual growth. I’m often drawn to songs that challenge me to reflect on God’s Word. Songs that allow the Holy Spirit to, as Romans 8:11 puts it, “cast the light of life into my mortal body.” In fact, songs based on that scripture have become a constant source of inspiration for me as I’ve prayed for ways to experience mindfulness and meditation during the past two years of difficult times.
Incorporating faith into your mindfulness and meditation practice can deepen your sense of peace and understanding. It’s an opportunity to sit and wrestle with God. A chance to let Him speak to you with no distractions. To aid in this process, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite songs that serve as prayers of submission, asking God to send His Helper and Comforter to draw me closer to Him. They worked for me. I hope they work for you, too.
“Hold You Tight” by Dan Bremnes
If God is with us, we can endure anything. This song reminds us of the powerful truth that our identity is found in God as our Father, and that we are loved by Him as His child. This song is a beautiful expression of devotion. And if you have a relationship with Jesus, walk by faith and let Him guide you through prayer and His infallible Word, the Bible. Throughout the album, the vocals are emotive and resonant, and the lyrics have a contemplative and prayerful tone. "Hold You Tight" is especially moving as the song is sung from God's perspective, as described in Zephaniah 3:17.
“You don't have to worry/You don't have to hide/I know you're weary/Weary from the fight/You don't have to fear now/I'm here by your side/And I'm gonna wait here/Wait with you tonight.”

“Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled” by Jillian Edwards
The message of the song "Let
Not Your Heart Be Troubled" reminds us that God is always there to support us, even when we stumble. It encourages us to let go of our need to control every aspect of our lives and instead put our faith and trust in Him. The lyrics connect to the biblical passage found in Matthew 11:28-30 which tells us that by following Jesus, we will find rest and peace for our souls.
Let not your heart be troubled/Let not your vision fade/Remember all the promises He’s made.”

“Follow You” by Melanie Penn
This song is a powerful prayer that speaks to the call to have faith in God—even when we doubt our own strength. It includes the powerful lyrics, "It's Your voice I'm listening to/If You say go/I will follow You/I'll follow You", which remind us that with faith in Jesus, we can accomplish anything. The biblical truth found in the song is both convicting and comforting, helping us to focus on worshiping God and submitting to His will. "Follow You" highlights the importance of dealing with the emotions of our hearts as an open door to God's presence. He loves us deeply and when we lean on Him, He gives us strength. If you’re a follower of Jesus, you can be confident that God will never leave or forsake you.
“Like a pillar of fire/That lights my way/Your love leads like a cloud by day/It’s Your voice I’m listening to/If You say “go” I will follow You/I’ll follow You.”

“Enough Already” by Brandon Heath
Our thoughts are constantly under attack by the enemy. This song is a great way to submit to God and commit yourself to Him. The Bible says to trust in what God says about us, no matter how we feel about ourselves. With many areas in our lives, especially as we’ve faced this coronavirus pandemic, we spend a lot of time worrying, living in fear and anxiety. We need to let that go and allow the Lord to be our redeemer. Lay your doubts and struggles at the feet of Jesus, and He'll take them from you and release you from those burdens. God wants to hear from you. Jesus teaches that through belief in Him and the sacrifice he made on the cross, we're free from addiction, insecurity, and perfectionism. Brandon creates and performs songs inspired by God to uplift and encourage others. You'll be blessed by this beautiful stand-out reflective ballad.
“Nobody's harder on me than myself/And I'm about as beat up as I've ever felt/So help me see, how You see me/With Your loving eyes/Saying, "Son, just take it easy"/'Cause I'm loved already/I'm enough already.”

“Right On Time” by Jason Gray
This song conveys a longing for a deeper connection with God, expressing a desire for His presence and a personal relationship with Him. It gives the listener conviction to find purpose and cast out fear. Strive to know God, and He will come to you. We have the privilege of knowing Him, and if you follow Him, He will live in you and make you His home. You can face your daily battles with courage and strength knowing that whatever the outcome, based on His promise in Romans 8:28 that "God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."
“When we look back at the end of our lives/Will we see the way You made straight every crooked line?/Maybe by then we won't be surprised/To find that You were right on time/Right on time.” 

"I Am Yours" serves as a reminder of the attitude we should have both as people valued by God and as Christians who convey our value to others. It gives God a chance to whisper the truth about our identity. Psalm 139-13-14 says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Trust in what God says about you, no matter how you feel about yourself. God knows you intimately, and through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, He sees you as holy, righteous, redeemed, chosen, fully known, and forgiven—no matter what you've done.
“Cause I am yours/And you will always be mine/It seems like madness I’m invited to the table by your side/Cause I am yours/And you will always be mine/I'm a man whose one ambition is to dance with my divine.” 

“All I Need” by Citizens

“All I Need” carries a message of hope and redemption through the Holy Spirit. It reminds us that we can have a new life, free from guilt, fears, and worries, through the experience of being born again. It encourages us to embrace this hope and let it transform our lives for God's glory. Worship is an offering to God and through it, you can boldly approach the throne of mercy and grace to receive what you need from Him. Let it encourage you to unplug from your busy life and spend time with Jesus.

“You are all I need/In the air I breathe, in the joy of being/Hidden in Your time, until the life ahead/You are all I need.”

NRT lead contributor Kevin Davis is a longtime fan of Christian music, and an avid music collector. He credits the message of Christian music for leading him to Christ. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and three daughters.

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