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Best of Christian Pop 2022
NRT's Bradden Ford highlights ten of the best pop songs of the year

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL, Best of Christian Pop 2022
Posted: December 08, 2022 | By: BraddenFord_NRT
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Christian pop music is one of my favorite styles of music. The songs convey joy and life to me. I love dancing and praising Jesus to them. And, if I like the song, I’ll share it with my friends—Christians and non-believers. 
But the message is king. I’m so used to listening to Christian contemporary and worship music that I easily forget that every song has a message. A message in a pop song differs from others' styles. A reason why I gravitate toward this genre.
2022 offered listeners many, great Christian pop songs. There are too many to mention, but here are five of my favorites that I'm sure you'll love.
TobyMac (feat. Blessing Offor) – “The Goodness”
TobyMac’s No. 1 hit song “The Goodness” is probably the biggest song on this list. Without a doubt, it’s many people's choice song of the summer. After going through some dark times, the veteran artist TobyMac returned with a powerful, yet a fun song that is a definite can’t-miss. 
Done in signature TobyMac fashion, the song holds together a strong pop sound mixed with gospel, R&B, and urban influences making it something different. Also featuring a new artist, Blessing Offor, the song is a sweet pick-me-up of God’s love and joy on a hot day.
The standout message is a reminder that God is good and surrounds us with His great love and faithfulness. He’s good—even when life gets hard. 

Joseph O'Brien – “Take Your Time”
Speaking of TobyMac, signed to his label, Gotee Records, emerging artist Joseph O’Brien made waves in 2022 with his standout pop song, “Take Your Time.” 
Joseph released his first song in 2019 after competing on the hit show, America’s Got Talent. Since joining Gotee Records, Joseph has released three amazing pop songs, including “Take Your Time.” 
The song is about patience: surrendering control of your life to God and trusting His timing over your own. There aren’t many songs about patience, especially ones that echo a prayer of surrender over high-quality pop production. The song is more than just a vibe, but is a prayer that we all need God’s help.


Tauren Wells – “Fake It”
Pop artist Tauren Wells is no stranger to Christian music, so you shouldn’t be surprised that he released one of the best pop songs of the summer (“The Goodness” has competition). Fresh from his latest album, Joy in The Morning, his hit song “Fake It” takes a full top 40-sounding direction with a slightly retro feel. The song grabs your attention with its smooth and upbeat sound. 
Add Tauren’s stellar vocal skills, a fun rap from hip-hop artist Aaron Cole, and a message on living out God’s love, and you have a song that will bring you to your feet. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this song has one of the best-choreographed dance music videos of all time.


Planetboom – “I Believe”
Planetboom is the youth band of Planetshakers Church, most well known for their energetic and spirit-led worship band, Planetshakers. The youth band is passionate about reaching young people worldwide with real worship, and genuine joy in praise.
As heard in their latest double album release, You, Me, The Church, That’s Us - Side A & B, Planetboom takes their energy in praise to another level. The standout song “I Believe,” is a pop/EDM/rap/urban-sounding mix of praise and life that we have as we place our belief in Jesus. This song is appropriate for listening, singing, and dancing.


Kevin Quinn – “Wildfire”
Actor singer-songwriter Kevin Quinn started his entertainment career on the Disney Channel show, Bunk’d. And, after the actor starred in the teen-focused Christian musical, A Week Away, he found Jesus and thus embarked on a journey into Christian music. 
After he finished touring with Winter Jam and promoting A Week Away, he released his debut single “Wildfire” in 2021. Shortly thereafter, he dropped his first EP, It’s About Time, in early 2022.
“Wildfire” is a testimony that the light of Jesus burns bright—even in our brokenness. The song has touched many listeners, and it showcases what God has done in Kevin’s life.


Grace Graber – “Do It for Me”
If you haven’t heard of pop artist Grace Graber yet, what are you waiting for? One of the few independent artists on this list, Grace has already come far. Last year, she won the We Love Christian Music Award’s 2021 Next Big Thing award.
In 2021, she released her self-titled debut and several new singles, including her fresh song, “Do It for Me.” Although not as upbeat as others on the list, the song is a powerful anthem of faith that blends its slow modern pop sound with a message of surrender and trust in God’s plan.


Stars Go Dim – “Satisfied”
Since Stars Go Dim came into the Christian music scene with their hit song “You Are Loved,” they have continued to release some of Christian music’s best pop albums. Their latest album, Grace in The Wilderness, is upbeat, strong, and heartfelt. 
The lead single “Satisfied” is a song of thankfulness for what God has done and how He has set us free. In Him, we don’t have to be running after other things, but we can rest in the faithfulness of His love. Along with Chris’s vocals and the well-done instrumentation to drive the song, “Satisfied” is one of the best pop songs released this year.


Switch – “Covered”
Ever since I first heard Switch’s breakthrough hit single “Symphony,” I’ve loved their music and excitingly been waiting for new music from them. After two EP releases, Switch released their latest pop album, Better View.
Honestly, it was hard for me to pick which song from this album I enjoyed the most. But I’ll go with “Covered.” I love the sound, message, vocals, and everything that came together to give this song a different yet chill pop vibe on trusting Jesus and knowing He’s covering us.


Natalie Layne – “Love Me Back to Life”
To be honest, Natalie Layne is the only artist on this list I didn’t know before this year. While scrolling on social media, I came across a video clip of her song, “Love Me Back to Life.” It’s unlike anything I’ve heard before; Natalie’s vocal and musical direction differed from anything I’d heard in Christian music. 
The song’s polished sound and reverent message of a new life from Jesus are worth a listen. You might not have heard of Natalie before, but I urge you to listen to this unique pop song.


VOUS Worship – “I Met Jesus in Miami”
If you're looking for a fun pop song that was released this year, “I Met Jesus in Miami” by the praise band VOUS Worship is a song you need to hear. The quirky-sounding pop song is an anthem for the worship band’s ministry. The song is a testimony of joy and thankfulness for how God saved them and how much they love Him.
It doesn’t have to come out perfect. He just wants our hearts to cry. If it comes out sounding like Miami, Nashville, Los Angeles, or wherever you’re located, God loves to meet you where you are. When He does, you’ll experience freedom and love that may even feel like Miami to you as you turn this song up loud and dance in the life that He’s given you.


Bradden Ford is a Christian music junkie charged with maintaining NewReleaseToday's new release database of artists and releases. He lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

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