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Miracle [edit]
by Robbie Seay Band | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 23, 2010

Robbie Seay Band makes their home in Houston, TX where they work, serve, and love their local community. The band leads worship at Ecclesia, a church in the Montrose area of Houston where Robbie's brother, Chris Seay, is the teaching pastor. Robbie and his brother started the church and have watched God do some amazing things over the years. Many of the songs Robbie Seay Band writes and performs are inspired by events and people within Ecclesia and the community there, so his albums are testimonies of God’s faithfulness, our humanity, and how they intertwine as we live our lives. Miracle is just that, an honest and real collection of songs oozing with the vibe of Robbie’s laid back vocals, providing music fans with lyrics that encourage, strengthen, and challenge believers. The title track "Miracle", is a moving prayer to our Creator asking for Him to intervene.

Track Listing
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01. Love Invades
02. Awaken My Soul
03. Kingdom And A King
04. Crazy Love
05. Miracle
06. Your Love Is Strong
07. Let Our Faith Be Not Alone
08. We Are Not Alone
09. Long Way Home
10. Lament (We Cannot Wait)
11. Oh, Love That Will Not Let Me Go
12. There Is A Call [Deluxe Edition track]
13. Song Of Hope (Heaven Come Down) (Acoustic) [Deluxe Edition track]
14. Tasting Forgiveness [Deluxe Edition track]
15. Let Our Faith Be Not Alone (Live) [Deluxe Edition track]

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Robbie Seay Band [Miracle] | Posted March 22, 2010
Robbie Seay Band releases its third label project, Miracle, on March 23. A reflection of Seay?s work and relationships within Ecclesia Church in Houston, the record captures thoughts, feelings, and realities of his local community. Miracle is a collection of songs inspired by the real life stories of those around him. It is a call and response to life, to what God is doing in their midst, as it happens. Seay wrote the album?s title track, for example, in reaction to a friend who was diagnosed with cancer, while ?Lament (We Cannot Wait)? was penned to express the grief of his congregation over a church member?s death.

Opening track ?Love Invades? grabbed me right away, similar to Robbie?s opening track ?Rise? from Give Yourself Away. ?Awaken My Soul? is a great prodigal song and reminder that God pursues each and every one of us. ?Kingdom And A King? talks about the church moving together to reach those in need. The song is quickly becoming my favorite track on the album as in this era of political uncertainty the cry of my heart is to be a citizen of Heaven and to serve my King. This song so accurately reflects my feelings of loyalty to my King Jesus. ?Crazy Love? might be the most catchy track on the album and has a sincere cry to God to forgive our mistakes and learn to rely on His grace and love.

The title track and first single of the project, ?Miracle? came in the wake of devastating news. Robbie says ?I remember getting a phone call from one of my closest friends. ?Kristy has cancer. It doesn't look good, but we're believing for a Miracle.? I wrote the lyrics the next day. I prayed and believed with him. Kristy, wife and mother of three young boys would die two months later. The song is not a promise of a miracle. It is, however, the declaration that we all will find ourselves in great need of one at some point in our lives - and in those moments, we choose to believe even when we can't see our hands in front of our face.? The song is very convicting and a sobering reminder that God brings trials to remind us how much we need Him. I love the song order as the next song is an amazing cover of the Jon Foreman song ?Your Love Is Strong,? which is a worshipful response back to God including the words to ?The Lord?s Prayer.?

?Let Our Faith Be Not Alone,? sung by Ecclesia for more than a year before Seay recorded it, is a song meant to encourage the church as a community of faith. The next song ?We Are Not Alone? was co-written with Hillsong United writer Mia Fields and continues the theme of community, which is really the theme of the entire record. ?Long Way Home? is a love song from Robbie to his wife and leads to the haunting ?Lament (We Cannot Wait),? a stand out song on the album. The song was written in response to a tragedy affecting a close friend Karen whose oldest son was shot and killed. The song reflects another theme of the album, which is that God?s grace is our only hope in times of grief and desperation.

This is a very emotional album and if you?re not familiar with Robbie?s passionate vocal style, this album is hook-filled with catchy melodies wrapped around very introspective, biblical and emotional lyrics. My favorite types of albums grow deeper with each listen, and Miracle is the deepest album I?ve heard all year. For sure, this album will be among my top albums of 2010.

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piano89 (45)

Miracle | Posted March 23, 2010
Since the band’s debut on Sparrow Records, Robbie Seay Band has been known for its poignant and honest lyrics. The band’s third major release, Miracle, once again delivers some of the best lyrics CCM has to offer. The album doesn’t follow any particular theme; Robbie Seay simply shares his perspectives on life and his responses to experiences.

The first track, “Love Invades” welcomes God’s love and presence. God’s love is also a focal point on “Awaken My Soul,” “Awaken me to Your love/There’s no stopping it now/Love, there’s no stopping it now.”

After encouragement from his wife and fellow church members, Seay crafted his own version of Jon Foreman’s “Your Love Is Strong.” Seay’s rendition is not as organic as the original, relying on heavily on ambient electric guitars. Yet, Seay maintains the song’s authentic vibe through his emotive vocals. Seay also modernized the 19th century hymn, “Oh Love That Will Not Let Go,” by adding a new chorus, “Rejoice my heart/Rejoice my soul/My Savior God has come to thee/Rejoice my heart/You’ve been made whole/By a love that will not let me go.”

Arguably the most poignant song on the album, “Lament (We Cannot Wait)” was written response to the death of the Seay’s friend’s son. “Lament” begins somberly, slowly building with Seay crying out to God and singing “we cannot wait.” At the climax Seay exclaims, “You are here/Your Kingdom come/Rescue us from all we’ve done/Help us move and be the love.” The title-track was also born out of grief and trying times but offers hope in believing, “I need a miracle/When life don’t see seem to make sense at all/I believe You hear me when I call/Oh, I believe.”

Miracle is insightful and authentic, qualities that are absent from most music these days. There has been some good music released this year so far, but right now, Miracle tops my list.

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Quick disclaimer: What I don't mean to say is "if you've heard one Robbie Seay Band album, you've heard them all." At the same time, RSB's latest batch of worshipful pop/rock tunes, entitled Miracle, features everything you've come to expect from the Texas four-piece and not much else. In this case, that's completely and totally fine. And that's because whoever's in charge of the melodies here might just be the finest songsmith in the genre.

Seay's trenchant song structures cut right to the good stuff, sharply moving toward an epic build or a quiet close. The result is an album that develops nearly every emotion possible with such a release. From somber considerations ("Lament," "Long Way Home") to exuberant refrains ("Crazy Love," "Your Love Is Strong"), RSB fully explores the rhythms of the spiritual journey.

It's difficult to name highlights when they span every portion of Miracle. The title track might be Seay's finest yet with every pop element perfectly in place alongside a soul-stirring chorus. Album opener "Love Invades" rides spacious guitar tones straight into an undeniable RSB guitar progression that demands for an instant replay. The sparser "Long Way Home" utilizes Seay's haunting falsetto and ideal drum work to great effect. True, Miracle is just another album from the Robbie Seay Band. But when every release is this grand, each is a cause for celebration. -Matt Conner

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gizmodad (75)

I'm impressed | Posted May 03, 2010
I haven't really listened to these guys that much but I was impressed with this album. My favourite song on this album is "Awaken My Soul". Fantastic song,

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Cool | Posted April 20, 2010
I havent really listenend to them that much but this cd was pretty cool,Great job guys!Now go buy there new cd or just listen to it on youtube or here or where ever else it may be.

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Not Bad | Posted April 09, 2010
I really enjoy this album! Robbie Seay really sounds like Matt Hammet from Sanctus Real I really enjoy his sound and he also has a real heart for the lost. Please check out this album its really good!

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ZPress (2)

1st time listener Review | Posted March 20, 2010
As the title says I have not heard anything from these guys before, but from what I hear going on in their latest album Miracle it sounds pretty good. Though not really a wow factor for me, thought they have some great lyrics with an even greater message. I would recommend this album to any Jeremy Camp, Mark Schultz, Bebo Norman fan. Solid contemporary Christian album, sort of reminds me Todd Agnew just a little bit. I will get it and will listen to it, so should any other Christian music fan.
The song miracle is really good... He sings a song with the lords prayer in it, that has to be my second favorite.

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bull42 (50)

Good Music | Posted March 18, 2010
I live near Houston,Texas which is where the Robbie Seay band resides.I have seen them several times. They have played at my brother's church as well as local venues.I enjoy their music very much.
"Miracle" by the RSB is an excellent follow up to their last album "Give Yourself Away". Robbie Seay has a unique voice.I enjoy his singing very much. This Cd has several really good songs on it. My favorites are,"Love Invades","Crazy Love"
"Your Love is Strong" and "Let Our Faith Be Not
Alone". IMO, this CD is the RSB's best work.
I completely disagree with a previous review saying this CD is bad.
The song "Lament" has a female backup singer.She has a great voice. If I knew who she was,I would give her some great props.Listen to this song and see if you agree with me.

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Love it | Posted March 18, 2010
Always good stuff from RSB. Lament is especially powerful. Great follow up to Give Yourself Away, which was one of the better Christian albums I've ever heard. It's great that you know the band backs up their lyrics with their actions, they genuinely want to draw people close to God and are very involved in their community.

If RSB is new to you, you've been missing out!

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sethamin (12)

Miracle | Posted March 17, 2010
RSB's new album is a great followup to their previous release, "Give Yourself Away." Robbie Seay's unique voice continues to rise on my list, and it is shown off quite well in the new album.

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