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Be [edit]
by Unhindered | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: October 20, 2009

Undoubtedly one of the Acquire the Fire weekend highlights is the worship experience that Unhindered bring. The band have been performing at almost every Acquire The Fire event in the US for the last three years whereby, they have garnered the reputation of being the soundtrack to the movement of Acquire the Fire. With 30,000 indie album sales to their credit and this their first general release alongside the support of one of America's most influential youth ministry, Teen Mania.

Track Listing
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01. You Are My Creator
02. We Will
03. Desperate
04. Father Will You Come
05. Who Is Like the Lord
06. Beautiful
07. People of God
08. Light Of This World
09. We Need Your Love
10. No Other Name
11. Farewell Lullaby

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If the record label EE-Taow looks a little unfamiliar at this point, that's because it's the brand-new arm of Teen Mania Ministries geared toward giving artists a praise platform. Though its intentions are certainly noble and there's no doubt that its first signees, Unhindered, are sincere, the group's national debut disc Be falls a bit short of the build-up.

Sure, the group can play with precision, and the project has plenty of uplifting tracks split between congregational participation and personal prayer time. However, one can't help but feel like the project is pretty predictable all across the board, from pleasant but uninspiring songwriting to upbeat but unremarkable production. "We Will" has youth-group appeal written all over it and may be able to connect with that generally receptive audience, but doesn't exactly break any new sonic boundaries. "Desperate" is amongst the more musically involved tunes, playing out as a piano-bathed aggressive rocker, but lyrically it reads bland and basic.

"Light This World" is probably the cheesiest tune on the record, literally sounding like a Christian cheer stacked with every cliché in the book. The group is much better off scaling back toward an acoustic setting for the emotive and unflinchingly honest "Farewell Lullaby," about renewing one's life for the glory of God. If only Unhindered could lean in this more introspective and mature direction rather than trying to just round the youth-friendly bases, Be would be a more promising introduction. —Andy Argyrakis

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LauraCC (256)

:) | Posted May 18, 2010
If Fee is the shortest band name in Christian music today, then Be is the shortest album
title. All you budding philosophers can get headaches wondering what the significance is,
but I'd much prefer to talk about the music. The appeal of Be, while geared towards
youth, isn't limited to their target market. I've seen people performing energetic music on
TV before to the excitement of worshippers of all ages.

Unhindered has become a favorite of the crowds at Acquire the Fire, an annual Christian
youth event. Considering the energy in some of the songs, it's a wonder they can
recuperate in a year. You won't catch yourself yawning while listening unless you're
really, REALLY tired. Rather, you'll find yourself wanting to stand up and cheer your
assent during the spirited "We Will" "People of God" and "Light This World", and
pleading along with the cries of "Father Will You Come". After you turn off your music
player, then the yawns will come. All that jumping and yelling, you know.

Unhindered also gives a spoken word performance before the music of "Who Is Like
The Lord". Although this might be awesome live, it loses some of its energy by not being
able to view the slides they no doubt show during this recitation. There are also a couple
of songs that begin with a count-off ("1,2,3") which again clues us in to the fact that this
band is meant to be an experience, not a CD.

I've heard some people think that their lyrics are unoriginal and are just a mish-mash of
overused clichés. But you gotta remember, these songs are Bible-based. I wonder if
anybody ever said, “I’m sick of David always saying, ‘Praise God’ all the time. Think of
a new word, Psalmist!”

My favorite song on this album is the last and the least like any other. “Farewell Lullaby”
is about letting go of fear and worshipping without boundaries, completely, well….
unhindered. By anything anyone thinks about us. Even if they call us crazy. The slow
melody, while fitting for a “lullaby”, seems a contrast to the message. And therein lies the
appeal; it’s reflective, and you imagine the singer is down on his knees, pledging to be
bolder next time.

It all comes down to this; to Be or not to Be? I vote yes. Be, live, love, worship. It
wouldn’t hurt to start here.

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Great album | Posted October 20, 2009
I love these guys' deep lyrics, their music that seems to come from their hearts. It's very genuine worship music. "You are my creator" is a great song. Great Album

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