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Forget And Not Slow Down [edit]
by Relient K | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 06, 2009

The stats speak for themselves: three certified Gold albums, a Grammy nomination, two Dove awards, and television performances on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, just to name a few.

Forget And Not Slow Down adds to the already impressive stat sheet. Blending thought-provoking lyrics with the signature Relient K sound, this album will appeal to any fan of the band over their lengthy career.

Track Listing
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0. Where Do I Go From Here (acoustic) [Japan bonus track]
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01. Forget And Not Slow Down (feat. Tim Skipper of House Of Heroes)
02. I Don't Need A Soul
03. Candlelight
04. Flare (Outro)
05. Part Of It
06. (Outro)
07. Therapy (feat. Brian McSweeney of Seven Day Jesus)
08. Over It
09. Sahara (feat. Tim Skipper of House Of Heroes, Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime, and Aaron Gillespie of Underoath/The Almost)
10. Oasis (Intro)
11. Savannah
12. Baby (Outro)
13. If You Believe Me (feat. Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime)
14. This Is The End
15. (If You Want It)
16. Terminals [Amazon Bonus Track]
18. Where Do I Go From Here (acoustic) [Japan bonus track]
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19. [untitled] [Digipak]
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20. [untitled] [Digipak]
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Amazing CD | Posted October 14, 2009
I got the forget and not slow down cd last week when it came out and since Relient K is my favourite band I was expecting a lot out of them and they did not disappoint. Many of the songs are very catchy and have gotten stuck in my head. I also like where the group is going, they have grown up a lot in the past few years and I still a very loyal fan after this very good cd.

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LampaFan (185)

FANSD .... [Review] | Posted October 12, 2009
relient K does it again with this awesome all new album! My favorite are the title track, "Candlelight", "Sahara", "Savannah", "Part of It", "This Is the End", "(If You Want It)" and "Terminals". Great job rK! ;)

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Forget and Not Slow Down | Posted October 11, 2009
Forget and Not Slow Down, in my opinion, has more of an older Relient K sound, then some of their other albums, like, Five Score and Seven Years Ago. My favorite song on the album is definitely Sahara.

All in all, Relient K's album is a prize in my music library. Maybe not as good as Five Score and Seven Years, but it still holds the Relient K spirit in the lyrics and catchy beats.

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justink (115)

It's good. | Posted October 11, 2009
I like it.
I was alittle apprehensive about this record- but i actually like it- reminds me of some stuff off of the birds and the bee sides. I like the feel that it has- mmmHmmm was still their best album.

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tanorj (2)

Relient K can't go wrong! | Posted October 10, 2009
Even after losing their drummer Dave to whatever, Relient K can still pump out some catchy tunes. They might have a little different overall sound than they did with their famous Mmhmm cd, but don't take away from the fact that it's still really good music. I've always appreciated Matt Thiessen's creative lyrics and he doesn't stray from that talent, but he's taking a different direction vocally. He's doing a lot easier things that aren't as hard to sing (not as many high notes). BUT... that can be looked at as a plus because now more it's easier for the masses to sing along with Matt! I like how the instruments are sounding more and more natural. It makes it feel more like a live show and authentic. Overall pretty good album. No complaints... just hasn't hit the perfect mark yet. Keep it up Relient K!

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still waiting to see... | Posted October 09, 2009
i've been a fan since "anatomy of the tongue in cheek". each album has been better than the last. honestly, it took me quite a while to warm up to "the birds and the bee sides". i feel the same way about this one. i felt that all the songs felt the same through out the entire album. the more i listen, the more the nuances show themselves. you can definitely tell that a break-up happened. so far my favorites are the title song and Savannah. very different for RK. but still waiting to see...

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Amazingness | Posted October 09, 2009
This album is awesome and great and amazing. Of course, I expected nothing less from Matt Thiessen and the boys. After listening to this album only once, I already was humming the songs throughout the day and couldn't wait to get home and listen to it again. It's been on non-stop since then. Great music and lyrics. The same harmonies you'd expect and then some. Some songs are a bit more Rock-ish than you may be used to from RK but still awesome, love it. My favorites form this album so far: Forget and Not Slow Down, Candlelight, Therapy, Sahara, and Savannah.

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Jcorkum (17)

As Good As Mmmhmm In A Different Way... | Posted October 06, 2009
Mhmmm is what got me into Relient K as a teenager, this release is so deep as far as lyrics but not as poppy as Mhmmm or even Five Score.

His fiancee called off the marriage while he was writing for this disc and you can see he used a lot of the songs to express this, it's true of songwriters myself especially that when your going through the hardest times in life that's when you write the best music you've ever written, and I feel this holds true for Matty T as well.

Very good disc from top to bottom, Sahara is the most catchy one, but the last three songs have tons of feeling.

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justink (115)

Remember and Speed Up | Posted January 04, 2011
Pass on this album- it's not really a good album. I find it musically boring. Lyrically cheap- and all the outros and intros are annoying.

Get it together RK.

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eh... | Posted October 06, 2009
This was a disappointing album to follow Five Score. I expected it to be at least almost as good as Five Score but it wasn't. It was a let down. I'm glad I didn't buy it, just listened to it with my roomate who bought it. Personally, I don't think it's worth it, but maybe it's just not my cup of tea.

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