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Start To Believe - EP [edit]
by Silverline | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 25, 2009

What began as three guys playing songs in a basement transformed quickly into one of the most sought after bands in the country. After their 2009 signing to VSR Music Group, Silverline broke through the boundaries of the Christian Music industry with their debut label album Start To Believe.

Track Listing
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01. Get It Right
02. Start To Believe
03. Wake The Nations
04. Stop Me Now
05. All Consuming Love
06. One Step Back
07. Wake The Nations (Acoustic)

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IronJedi (114)

Already Believing | Posted October 12, 2009
Small label VSR continues to expand their roster of talented, yet overlooked bands with the signing of Minnesota-based Silverline. The label recently loosed the bandís 6 song debut, Start To Believe, on an unsuspecting nationwide audience.

Silverline demonstrates a seasoned maturity beyond their relative youthfulness. Start To Believeís smart, meaningful lyrics are ably paired with the distinctive, established guitar-driven, post-punk influenced sound offered by the likes of Green Day and Relient K. ďGet It Right,Ē the bandís current rock single, and the albumís title track, ďStart To Believe,Ē are impressive cuts that tease the listener with a sound that is both conspicuously fresh yet seems like they should be familiar.

If your playlist consists of artists like Wavorly, Run Kid Run, Number One Gun and FM Static, as well as Hawk Nelson, Secret & Whisper and Stellar Kart, head on over to the bandís myspace page and order Start To Believe. With any luck, we will hear a full-length project from this extremely talented band soon.

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gizmodad (75)

Alright | Posted May 31, 2010
I wasn't terribly amazed by this album. There are a few good songs on the album like "Start To Believe" and "Wake The Nations". If there was a bit more creativity from this band they could seperate themselves from other bands.

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Glimpses of potential, but coming up short. | Posted September 04, 2009
This CD was a bit of an impulse buy for me. I was already pre-ordering a few CDs from the deluge of releases that came out August 25th, so what's another 4 bucks?

Overall, I wasn't blown away by this EP, but I didn't feel like I completely wasted my money, either. These guys are trying to straddle the indie and hard rock genres, something that really isn't easy to do. Most of those experiments wind up sounding a bit contrived (ie later Papa Roach), and this isn't much different. After all, obtaining credibility from two distinctly different scenes is no easy task. Making that more difficult was some really weak production. There's not much excuse for that in this era.

So about the record...the opening "WHAT?! HAHAHAHA!" at the beginning of the first track "Get It Right" I found to be a bit cheesy. Not a good start, but the song wasn't bad overall.

Then came the real deathblow. When the opening riff of the title track, "Start To Believe" came on, I stopped it, and played it again. "Wow, that sounds familiar", I thought. Then it hit me. I dialed up Hoobastank's "Same Direction", and sure enough, SAME RIFF. It's a pretty egregious rip-off. Perhaps I'm reading into it a bit much, but when Christian bands do this, it furthers the stereotype that we live in our own little bubble. Seems like that's happening more often; last year, it was Pillar's blatant rip-off of Skid Row's "Youth Gone Wild" with their track "Reckless Youth". Hopefully, they'll remain the exception, not the rule.

But there were a few good moments. "One Step Back" was a solid track, with a pretty cool interlude at the end. There were some good groove riffs throughout the record, and the vocalist is clearly talented (this is more apparent when he's not screaming). With some better production, these guys could find their niche. A better producer will find that in them.

So to close, it's clear these guys have potential. Perhaps they could take a page from the books of some bands that have had some success combining these genres, ie Dropping Daylight and Falling Up. But it might be a good idea to stop short of completely stealing someone's pre-recorded musical ideas first.

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