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Can You Road? DVD [edit]
by HB | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: April 01, 2007

NOT AVAILABLE AT MUSICHRISTIAN.COM. Exclusively available in the United States at Young Side Records

HB LIVE AT TURKUHALLI (track list below)
See HB as they perform some songs from their albums Uskon Puolesta and Enne live at the 2006 Maata Näkyvissä Festival in Turkuhalli

DISCLAIMER: The videos are NOT from me, rather than other people from the web. I cannot take credit for the concert video clips on this website.

EXTRAT (Extras)
01. Can You Road, Part I:
HB's documentary of how they prepare for concerts. The preparations are always great. Well...

02. Galleria (Photo Gallery):
Slideshow with music featuring photos of various concerts and publicity photos.

03. Keikat (Shows):
Home Videos of Various Shows. No subtitles used:
2002-Hän Puhuu at Forssa
2002-Tee Mulle at Ryttyla
2003-Uskon Puolesta at Turku
2004-Himoa at Lempäälä
2005-Valvokaa (AKA Be Aware) at Alajäru
2005-Turhaa Tärinää? (AKA Frozen Inside) at Alajäru
2006-Herralle Kiitos at the Sunshine Tour
2007-Taivaaseen? at Lempäälä

01. Turku Palaveria (Turku Meeting):
See HB as they prepare for their concert in Turkuhalli

02. Can You Road, Pt. 2:
See more footage of HB on the road and get to say goodbye to guitarist Keijo Kauppinen.

03. Puhuja Kaartaa (Speaker's Corner):
This includes Johanna's testimony that was cut out of the concert video.

Also includes testimonies from Antti Niskala and Tuomas Mäki-Kerttula from other concerts.

PARENT'S NOTE: For some reason in the translating from Antti, the "s-bomb" (via-the subtitles) is used (some countries, such as the UK and Canada does not think of this as a swear word, but in the USA, it is).

04. Janne Täplittää (Janne On Spot):
Janne Karhunen, the guitarrist, is highlighted with his guitar playing ability.

05. Traileri (Trailer):
The advertizement for "Can You Road" DVD

The credits of the DVD creation

Kokoonaiskesto (Run Time): 130 min

Kuvasuhde (Aspect Ratio): PAL 4:3
PLEASE NOTE: this dvd can work only in DVD players that can play in the PAL format (and DVD players that convert PAL format into the NTSC format).

Aluekoodi (DVD Region): 0 (All regions)

This DVD can be seen either with or without English subtitles

Track Listing
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01. Herralle Kiitos (AKA "God Has All Glory")
02. Kunnia (AKA "Ambition")
03. Valvokaa (AKA "Be Aware")
04. Vain Yksi Mahdollisuus
05. Uskon Siemen (AKA "Holy Secret")
06. Himoa
07. Hanki Elämä (AKA "It Is Time")
08. Jeesus On Herra (AKA "Lovesong")

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HB- | Posted October 05, 2008
PLEASE NOTE: Those in North America who has DVD players that can play both PAL and NTSC DVDs can view this DVD.

ALSO: For some reason, someone (NOT ME) made the live concert available on Youtube.

Anyhoo, here is my review.

Luckily, my brother has a DVD player that can play videos in the PAL format (if he didn't, I would be 'shafted"). The "main course" (the HB concert that was recorded live Turkuhalli at the 2006 Maata Näkyvissä Festival) was both recorded great, the sound was awesome, and the concert was great too. Check out the songlist on this page. Essentially, six of the eight songs performed was from their Enne and two of the songs came from their first album Uskon Puolesta. The concert footage was great, but the downside of this is that they should have had more testimonials given during the concert (however, they did show up on the Deleted Scenes section of the disc. 4 1/2 stars.

The Bonus features are also great.

Can You Road follows the adventure of HB as they prepare to go to various concerts. Things go well for them. Well.....

This is a nice documentary. 4 stars

Photo Gallery: This is a slideshow set to music showing various photos of HB on tour as well as publicity shots. If you like slideshows, this one might be up your alley. 4 stars.

Show: This is a series of home movies (or "bootleg" footage) of HB in various concerts. Not bad though seeing some of their earlier songs being performed live. The gem in this section is the song "Turhaa Tärinää? (the original Finnish version of the song Frozen Inside) at a concert in Alajäru. This is the only way that english speaking people can hear "Frozen Inside as it was originally written and performed. The CD single is out of print. This section gets 3.95 Stars.

DELETED SCENES shows what did not make the concert section.

Turku Meeting: This shows HB as they prepare for the concert at the festival. The pray for the concert, and chat of how the concert will be like. 4 stars

Can You Road, Part 2: This continues where Can You Road, Part 1 left off. We see additonal footage of HB as they say farewell to guitarist Keijo Kauppinen. 3.95 Stars.

Speaker's Corner: This shows a scene that was deleted from the concert section of Johanna giving a sermonette (which should been left intact to give the concert a "Church" feel).

Ordinarily, I would give this one 4 1/2 stars, but when another footage of Antti was shown at another concert, for some reason, a word that he said was "loosely" translated into the (from the subtitles) "s-bomb". Perhaps, another word could have been used instead.

And one more footage of another concert shows Tumas letting people that they can get their CDs after the show.

Overall, this is a nice piece (with the exception of the "bad translation"). 3 stars.

Janne On Spot: Shows the newest guitarist, Janne Karhunen, with his amazing guitar skills. Kinda cool, though. 4 stars

Trailer: This shows the advertizement of this disc. Kinda cool of seeing this advertized. 4 1/2 stars.

Credits: Shows a single "screen-slide" of the people behind the creation of the DVD. Nothing fancy here. 2 1/2 stars.

OVERALL: This is a nice DVD to watch. I really liked to see on this disc HB perform (in the words of the wrestling legend, Dusty Rhodes) live and living color. My overall grade is 4 stars (reviewing a DVD is somewhat different than reviewing a CD/mp3). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE (with the exception of the "bad translation").

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