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Riot! [edit]
by Paramore | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 12, 2007

Track Listing
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01. For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
02. That's What You Get
03. Hallelujah
04. Misery Business
05. When It Rains
06. Let The Flames Begin
07. Miracle
08. Crushcrushcrush
09. We Are Broken
10. Fences
11. Born For This
12. Lovesick Melody [Best buy exclusive]
13. Rewind (Demo) [Best Buy exclusive]
14. My Hero [Rhapsody exclusive]
15. Misery Business (Acoustic Version) [Rhapsody/iTunes exclusive]
16. Emergency (Live) [Rhapsody exclusive]
17. My hero (electronic remix) Raphsody exclusive
18. Temporary Demo [Fueled by Ramen exclusive]

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Logan (12)

Excellent | Posted February 17, 2008
Sum-up: One of 2007's best albums.

Songs to Download: "Hallelujah," "Misery Business," "CrushCrushCrush," "Miracle," and "We Are Broken."

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art10 (115)

My Thoughts On Paramore | Posted August 22, 2007
First off, I'm personally dissapointed with every person that posted a favorable reveiew of this album. Kudos to "justinisthecrazy", she actually gave the band a bad review, and asked the same quesion I did, is this band Christian? I recently posted a blog on the band, but for those of you who won't go to my page to read it, here it is.

I have XM Satellite Radio, and they have a channel called "20 On 20" that plays the top 20 hits voted on by you on the channel's website, they usually have artists like "Lifehouse", "Mat Kearney" among others on the top lists. Now I'm not against Christian artists going mainstream, in fact I encourage it, I want to see Relient K on Jay Leno. So while I was listening to the countdown (Lifehouse came in 5th) I stumbled onto "Misery Business" by Paramore. I listened, hoping for a good rock song to knock off "Sean Kingsdon." What did I hear? Another song yelling I hate you, just like Kelly "Never Again" Clarkson and Alanis "You Otta Know" Morrisot. The song was pretty hateful to say the least. In fact, let me post the main parts.

WARNING! You might find this offensive!

I'm in the business of misery
Let's take it from the top
She's got a body like an hourglass
That's tickin' like a clock
It's a matter of time before we all run out...
When I thought he was mine
She caught him by the mouth

I waited eight long months
She finally set him free
I told him I can't lie
He was the only one for me
Two weeks and we had caught on fire
She's got it out for me
But I wear the biggest smile

Whoa...I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now
But, God, does it feel so good
Cause I got him where I want him right now
And if you could then you know you would
Cause, God, it just feels so
It just feels so good

Second chances, they don't ever matter
People never change
Once a whore, you're nothing more
I'm sorry, that'll never change
And about forgiveness
We're both supposed to have exchanged
I'm sorry, honey, but I passed that up
Now look this way

I watched his wildest dreams come true
And not one of them involving you
Just watch my wildest dreams come true
Not one of them involving...

Whoa...I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now
But, God, does it feel so good
Cause I got him where I want him right now
And if you could then you know you would
Cause, God, it just feels so
It just feels so good

WHOA! That's pretty bad for secular radio, I think Mr. Timberlake would be hard pressed to be that hateful. Wait, you have to hear the actual song to get the real feel of it, I get the feeling that the singer wants the other girl dead. Wait, that's not the end of it, you haven't heard about the music video. Here's Wikipedia's summery of the video.

WARNING! Some might find the following offensive!

The music video starts out with the band playing the song with an assortment of "RIOT!"s in the background. It switches from the band playing to a high school, where a girl in a blue dress and heavy makeup walks in. The girl pushes the school cheerleaders aside her as she walks into the hallway. She cuts off a girl's braid with scissors, grinning at the girl while showing it to her. Later, as she is walking down the hall, a boy comes out of the Nurse's Station with his arm in a sling. She proceeds to push him into the wall, further injuring him. The band plays more, and the girl walks up on a girl and a boy together, obviously in love. She pushes the girl's face out of the way, and goes into a passionate kiss with the boy, then leaves, smiling. The boy's girlfriend starts crying, thinking he was in on it. It switches again to the band playing, then the band comes out of a classroom together. Hayley (Williams) and the girl confront each other in the hall. Hayley reaches into the girl's bra and pulls out pads, then uses a towel and wipes the girls makeup off, exposing her for what she is. The video ends as the band finishes the song.

DOUBLE WHOA!!! That's just downright mean! And I think that might be putting it lightly. Now, imagine my shock when I found out that these people were Christians. Yes, that's right, they're even listed on this site. Shocking? Well, she did regret writing it. Yeah... She says she wrote it as a cleansing, yeah... As soon as she wrote the song she should have got down on the floor and asked for forgiveness, then burned the song. But what does she do? Records it, puts it on CD, releases it as a single, plays it everytime they do a show, promotes the song, and films a disgraceful music video for it. And they're CHRISTIANS!?!

I now have serious doubts. To compromise their faith that much! It's not even a compromise, it's a direct throwaway! Like I said, I have no problem with Christian bands on mainstream radio, but this is a direct shunning of God, and the complete abandoning of their faith. I'm sorry if Paramore had a spiritual first album, if they did, there's no trace of it left. I don't care if every other song is a worship song, this is the one that they're known for, they recorded it, they threw God out of the picture, end of story.

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Amazing | Posted January 15, 2008
in this seciular world we live in. its hard to cope with the peer pressure that is presented to us. Being a christian its hard for me to find a place where i feel accepted. most of my friends are agnostic or atheist. Listening to paramore i feel more comfortable being an outsider. since alot of her lyrics are metapors you would be surprised by how many of my unbelieving friends listen to paramore.

for example:

in the lyrics of \"we are broken\"
its says

\"keep me safe inside your arms like towers,
tower over me.\"

in psalms 18:2

\"The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.\"

and there are many other songs that i believe have spiritual inspiration behind them
some people disagree with contempary music
but what is there purpose behiind it, and every ones taste in music changes but if its all presented with the same accord, isn\'t that what GOd wants for all of us to be in one accord.

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ashley (4)

RIOT! | Posted November 18, 2008
I loved this album! I am a big fan of Paramore; they are my favorite band. This CD is awesome, and i love all the songs. If i had to pick a least favorite it would be... well I can't choose one. But my favorite songs definitely are crushcrushcrush, Fences, and Born For This (my absolute favorite).

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If you're a hater,STOP READING NOW ! | Posted October 18, 2008
If you don't like Paramore...I suggest that you stop reading now! Because I personally LOVE them! I think that they are a good band with an awesome lead singer. They definitely know how to write catchy,sing-a-long songs.Granted they are pretty cliche' in most cases,but they stil rock!!!!! RIOT! is one of my favorite cds EVER!!!!!!!!

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a good CHRISTIAN album | Posted September 29, 2008
yes the band is a christian band, if you don't like it i'm sorry. the song misery buisness is a good song despite what others think. it's about not being fake, not about being mean. it has alot of other good songs like crushcrushcrush and thats what ya get. but an overall good album.

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love on record. | Posted June 22, 2008
i absolutely lovelovelove this album. hayley williams is one of my certain heroes. i love her voice; i love what she stands for; i love the music the band creates. i recommend this album to anyone with a punky edge who's looking for a fresh sound and catchy beat.

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I LOVE PARAMORE! | Posted May 09, 2008
they are really good.
and there music rocks!
hayley has one of those voices thats totally different from others.
and thats in a good way.

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irocketh (89)

Everybody love Paramore | Posted March 24, 2008
All of my friends like Paramore so I thought I would check them out one day. I was surprised at how much I liked them. Heyley's voice combined with some very "getstuckinyourheadable" guitar tracks makes this a very good album.

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Wow! | Posted February 17, 2008
Man! This band rocks!!! Hayley's voice is so amazing. The band can really break it down! I LOVE "Misery Business". I think most girls can totally relate to this song. My high school years were not the easiest-it seems like the trashy girls were everywhere and got whoever they wanted. This song is true to life! One thing is for sure-this band is super talented-and this album rocks!!!

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leondu (9)

woooo so awsume | Posted December 22, 2007
yea this band rocks, dude they got some pure skill there... i love this band and reconmend it for anyone, but lets hope they come and tour New Zealand one day, yussss.. wooo

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