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Two Lefts Don't Make A Right...But Three Do: Gold Edition [edit]
by Relient K | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 31, 2006

The idea for a Gold Edition of this album came from Gotee Records, who also released a Gold Edition of The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek on the same day. The Gold Edition of this album has remixed and remastered sound similar to Mmhmm (the album was remixed by the same people who mixed Mmhmm) and it is also enhanced with a music video for the song "Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry".

Track Listing
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01. Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry
02. Mood Rings
03. Falling Out
04. Forward Motion
05. In Love With The 80's (Pink Tux to the Prom)
06. College Kids
07. Trademark
08. Hoopes, I Did It Again
09. Over Thinking
10. I Am Understood?
11. Getting Into You
12. Interlude
13. Gibberish
14. From End To End
15. Jefferson Aero Plane

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art10 (114)

Relient K Brings Their A-Game | Posted July 11, 2007
Two years later and Relient K is ready to bring game. Songs focus on girls, God, and life's various challenges. While pop culture still pops up sporadically"Jefferson Airplane, Britney Spears, 80's" all referenced, they're clearly backdrops to more mature themes like moving forward in life.

Songs about the "complex infrastructure known as the female mind" are given droll twists"
ever give an emotional girl a mood ring? The band also found their forte"punk songs with wordplay. The best example would be "Mood Rings" with lines like, "If it's drama you want, then look no further. They're like the real world, meets boy meets world, meets days of our lives."

And the classic""And it just figures that we'll never figure them out, first she's Jekyll then she's Hyde ... at least she makes a lovely pair."
The highlight is "Jefferson Aero Plane," where the strengths of the band are united in an idiosyncratic song that takes wordplay up a few notches, provides stellar vocals, and one of the best melodies of the past five years. While the lyrics are cryptic at best, it's infectiously catchy, and one to remember, as genius flows a waterfall.

The tunes are fantastic as the guitar solos are brilliant and catchy in "Over Thinking." Overall, Two Lefts... is one for the CD collection. While imperfect, the album carries exceptional songs and is a worthy chapter in the band's legacy. As for entertainment, listen to the hidden track after "Jefferson Aero Plane," rest assured, you will not be bored.

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ok | Posted May 29, 2008
So first off this is realy good and entertaining music. It also is the relient k album with the least of jesus in it. but overall this is a good album.

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irocketh (88)

Love this one | Posted March 24, 2008
You will be dancing and laughing to this peace of art. End to end turned out to be my fav track even though I just heard it a few weeks ago. This will make you want to were a pink tux to your prom.

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Not my favorite... | Posted January 22, 2008
...but it's still pretty good. Definitely buy it if you haven't already. =D

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Relient K's third album | Posted December 05, 2007
Not one of their best. It has some great parts to it, but not quite up there with their other great CDs. A couple of the songs are complete nonsense. They're all just a little more electronic than their other ones, wiht not as much substance. High points for me were Forward Motion and Getting Into You. So since it's still Relient K, it's a great CD, but if you only get one CD by them, this one shouldn't be it.

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Silly Wins, but their clear about their faith-awesomeness. | Posted August 25, 2007
Wow, Relient K has done it again. I think this album though, is their silliest yet. And for Relient K Silly=Amazing.
Chap stick, chapped lips, and things like chemistry- Good Song, A genuine Relient K song.
Mood Rings-personally I think it's the best song on the entire album, actually I think it's their best song ever. I never knew a guy was that smart. Matt is a real genius. It talks about girls who let their emotions et the best of them and so the solution to know when their gonna blow or not is to buy all the girls mood rings so guys will know just what we're thinking. It goes through all the colors and what happens and what you should do for each one. It's spectacular.
Falling Out-A very nice rock song. Adds a bit of Seriousness to start to even out the album
Forward Motion- About the same a s above. Though I like this song better.
In Love with the 80's (Pink tux to the song)-A cute song, very silly.
College Kids-another genius/dumb song. Though everyone I know wants to go to college. but I guess it's there to listen too if I ever decide for three minutes that college would be terrible.
Trademark- Don't really know what this ones about.
Hoopes I Did It again- Ah I love this song. Makes no sense. And does anyone know who in the world Dan Vicitus is? Adds a lot of wait to the foolish side of the scale right now.
Over Thinking-This one is about a girl. The music is really good. But it's not amazing. I wish he would've used his amazing brain and added something clever to it.
I am understood?- This is a pretty song. Like "Getting Into You" it shows clearly their faith. It's a good "Pick-me-up" song when your feeling down, it reminds me that God really does care about my stupid problems.
Getting Into You - this song is really, really good. It shows that Relient K isn't always acting goofy-they are very serious about their faith and giving their all to God. This one was a hit.
Gibberish- Hark! Another silly one. These guys seriously sing about everything. Half of this song is just as the title says-gibberish.
From End to End- This is good, I don't really listen to it much though.
Jefferson County Aero Plane- The tune and lyrics are very catchy. I have no clue what this song means. Please leave a message if you do because I'm dying to know. Also, if you fast forward this song about 3 minutes after the real song is over you'll run into the most amazing crazy song ever. It's like "Bohemian Rhapsody" in a way. Words can't explain it-just listen to it. We call it the "Silly Shoes Song"

There you have it. I'm afraid though (or not) that on the scale- the silly side won with 2 pounds more then the serious side. Oh well!
One of Relient K's finest, buy it. Now.

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jwangy (31)

perfect | Posted July 27, 2007
this album has kept their standards high. This album is just to good to be true, and they only improve from here. I love this album and I would recommend these guys for people who like Switchfoot, Kutless, Pillar, Newsboys, Hawk Nelson, Anberlin and Day Of Fire.

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the best one | Posted July 26, 2007
This is the best Relient K album out of any of them. This was the last of the true RK before they were mainstreamed by Capitol. It's sad to see that this happy little band from Canton, Ohio is now the overproduced and overdone sound of Five Score And Seven Years Ago. This entire record is beyond amazing, from the guitar riffs to the deeper lyrics. Also, Matt Thiessen does a wonderful job carrying the entire thing, writing, singing, performing, etc. He's absolutely the band itself. That's why he could do Matthew Thiessen And The Earthquakes. If you don't know that band, you're not a true RK listener. That's where "Faking My Own Suicide" originated and it's much better than the version on Five Score. The RK that "A Penny Loafer Saved, A Penny Loafer Earned" or "Gibberish" was is the one that created the dedicated fanbase. They're now gone into the superficial music world of secular-ism. This is a rant, I apologize, but this band's sound is gone and it's a tragedy. They were their own genre and stand-out voice. Besides all that, I love this album to death. It's worth every penny you spend, or piracy seconds for that matter.

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