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Relient K Brings Their A-Game
Posted July 11, 2007
By art10,

Two years later and Relient K is ready to bring game. Songs focus on girls, God, and life's various challenges. While pop culture still pops up sporadically"Jefferson Airplane, Britney Spears, 80's" all referenced, they're clearly backdrops to more mature themes like moving forward in life.

Songs about the "complex infrastructure known as the female mind" are given droll twists"
ever give an emotional girl a mood ring? The band also found their forte"punk songs with wordplay. The best example would be "Mood Rings" with lines like, "If it's drama you want, then look no further. They're like the real world, meets boy meets world, meets days of our lives."

And the classic""And it just figures that we'll never figure them out, first she's Jekyll then she's Hyde ... at least she makes a lovely pair."
The highlight is "Jefferson Aero Plane," where the strengths of the band are united in an idiosyncratic song that takes wordplay up a few notches, provides stellar vocals, and one of the best melodies of the past five years. While the lyrics are cryptic at best, it's infectiously catchy, and one to remember, as genius flows a waterfall.

The tunes are fantastic as the guitar solos are brilliant and catchy in "Over Thinking." Overall, Two Lefts... is one for the CD collection. While imperfect, the album carries exceptional songs and is a worthy chapter in the band's legacy. As for entertainment, listen to the hidden track after "Jefferson Aero Plane," rest assured, you will not be bored.

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