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the best one
Posted July 26, 2007
By CheeesyFish,

This is the best Relient K album out of any of them. This was the last of the true RK before they were mainstreamed by Capitol. It's sad to see that this happy little band from Canton, Ohio is now the overproduced and overdone sound of Five Score And Seven Years Ago. This entire record is beyond amazing, from the guitar riffs to the deeper lyrics. Also, Matt Thiessen does a wonderful job carrying the entire thing, writing, singing, performing, etc. He's absolutely the band itself. That's why he could do Matthew Thiessen And The Earthquakes. If you don't know that band, you're not a true RK listener. That's where "Faking My Own Suicide" originated and it's much better than the version on Five Score. The RK that "A Penny Loafer Saved, A Penny Loafer Earned" or "Gibberish" was is the one that created the dedicated fanbase. They're now gone into the superficial music world of secular-ism. This is a rant, I apologize, but this band's sound is gone and it's a tragedy. They were their own genre and stand-out voice. Besides all that, I love this album to death. It's worth every penny you spend, or piracy seconds for that matter.

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