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Silly Wins, but their clear about their faith-awesomeness.
Posted August 25, 2007
By MJchick,

Wow, Relient K has done it again. I think this album though, is their silliest yet. And for Relient K Silly=Amazing.
Chap stick, chapped lips, and things like chemistry- Good Song, A genuine Relient K song.
Mood Rings-personally I think it's the best song on the entire album, actually I think it's their best song ever. I never knew a guy was that smart. Matt is a real genius. It talks about girls who let their emotions et the best of them and so the solution to know when their gonna blow or not is to buy all the girls mood rings so guys will know just what we're thinking. It goes through all the colors and what happens and what you should do for each one. It's spectacular.
Falling Out-A very nice rock song. Adds a bit of Seriousness to start to even out the album
Forward Motion- About the same a s above. Though I like this song better.
In Love with the 80's (Pink tux to the song)-A cute song, very silly.
College Kids-another genius/dumb song. Though everyone I know wants to go to college. but I guess it's there to listen too if I ever decide for three minutes that college would be terrible.
Trademark- Don't really know what this ones about.
Hoopes I Did It again- Ah I love this song. Makes no sense. And does anyone know who in the world Dan Vicitus is? Adds a lot of wait to the foolish side of the scale right now.
Over Thinking-This one is about a girl. The music is really good. But it's not amazing. I wish he would've used his amazing brain and added something clever to it.
I am understood?- This is a pretty song. Like "Getting Into You" it shows clearly their faith. It's a good "Pick-me-up" song when your feeling down, it reminds me that God really does care about my stupid problems.
Getting Into You - this song is really, really good. It shows that Relient K isn't always acting goofy-they are very serious about their faith and giving their all to God. This one was a hit.
Gibberish- Hark! Another silly one. These guys seriously sing about everything. Half of this song is just as the title says-gibberish.
From End to End- This is good, I don't really listen to it much though.
Jefferson County Aero Plane- The tune and lyrics are very catchy. I have no clue what this song means. Please leave a message if you do because I'm dying to know. Also, if you fast forward this song about 3 minutes after the real song is over you'll run into the most amazing crazy song ever. It's like "Bohemian Rhapsody" in a way. Words can't explain it-just listen to it. We call it the "Silly Shoes Song"

There you have it. I'm afraid though (or not) that on the scale- the silly side won with 2 pounds more then the serious side. Oh well!
One of Relient K's finest, buy it. Now.

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