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Stereo:The Evolution of HipRockSoul [edit]
by 4th Avenue Jones | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: March 29, 2005

4th Avenue Jones is a band that has consistently pushed the boundaries of its sound--a groundbreaking blend of rock, soul and hip-hop influences with energy reminiscent of the glory days when music was art and innovation was king. The 4th Avenue Jones' Hiprocksoul is a flavor that defies conventional songwriting with a combination of energy and precision. Frontman Ahmad Jones calls the project "an optimistic celebration of music, and its ability to help quench our despair."

Track Listing
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01. Jenny Intro
02. Stereo
03. Fabulous Dramatics
04. Unhappy Birthday
05. Overloaded
06. Take Me Away
07. Sorry
08. Monumental Continental
09. Who's Watching Me?
10. Ceasar (Interlude)
11. Why
12. Rush
13. It's Over Now

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OK, so not all hip hop is awful | Posted August 09, 2008
Most of us get stuck on the music of our high school and college years. It seems that the sounds that please us then draw boundaries around what we will like in later years. If you are not there yet, don't be too quick to say, "Not me." I said that too.

I also said that the words "rap" and "music" should not be used in the same sentence, unless there was a "not" in there somewhere. I grudgingly made an exception for DC Talk's "Jesus Freak," but always thought the song would have better without the rap.

Then I read a positive review of 4th Avenue Jones' album "Stereo: The Evolution of HipRockSoul." I tried the song samples. I debated. I broke down and ordered it. And this is not easy to admit. It grew on me. Here's why:

It's hugely melodic.
It's reminiscent of 70's soul music
It's got fantastic vocal performances

Another factor is that most of the raps are interspersed with singing. It's more like "rap lite" instead of non-stop patter, and it works. Ahmad and 4th Avenue Jones have created a fun, rocking record that drips charisma and style.

Personal favorites include "Monumental," a song about getting "enough for me and all my kin folks" (including a big, huge, monumental, stretched out, four door Continental). It's a reflection of life in South Central LA and dreams of better. Ultimately, it communicates the deeper longing for Heaven, where all things are fair and right and good.

Another that follows the same theme is "Caesar." Ahmad builds the song one instrument at a time until he's ready to add his lyrics. It's a catalog of wrongs perpetrated by the powers that be, and a warning that the Messiah is going to set things to rights.

For me to give a record with any rap in it a 4.5 star review is, um, monumental. Try it--it's worth the trip.

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Stereo | Posted December 17, 2008
I'm not into hip hop much but I really liked "Stereo" and the some of the other tracks were pretty good. so if you like this genre you should probably check this group out. I just wish their lyrics were more Christian focused.

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One of the more solid Christian hip hop albums to date | Posted October 31, 2008
I ran into 4th Ave first at a Christian music festival where I got a free sampler from Gotee. I was instantly playing Stereo over and over until I could get my butt to the store to buy the entire album. i can't get enough of this group and I hope they keep putting out quality songs with positive lyrics so I don't have to listen to someone like Eminem to have some quality hip hop (musically) to listen to. I have most of the songs off this album on my MP3 player and my computer so I can listen to them over and over...GET THIS ALBUM, you won't be sorry!!

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pretty good | Posted February 22, 2008
Its not something i would listen to 24/7 but i really like it! its fun and upbeat!

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I need to give em another listen; but... | Posted December 21, 2007
I think I really like them! They sort of grow on ya! Yay! Go 4th Avenue Jones! I should go check out their myspace! Actually, if I wasn't in need of going to sleep at the moment-I may have just popped them into my CD player! God bless you 4th Avenue Jones!

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lovin it | Posted September 17, 2007
i love this album at the moment, its a mixture of hip hop and everything alse bril bril bril top of my ipod list, its the kind of album that you will blast out of the window of your car.

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