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Cast My Cares [edit]
by Tim Timmons | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: June 04, 2013

Tim Timmons, Reunion's newest artist, strives to invite believers about Jesus to become followers of Jesus through his own personal story. Tim's story is not living with an incurable cancer, but it is his perspective through it. That message is passionately put forth on his label debut, Cast My Cares, out June 4, 2013. It's a record filled with tender ballads and powerful anthems that speak profoundly to this generation. Timmons' earnest and compelling voice on the first single, "Starts With Me," spurs the intellect and moves the heart. Cast My Cares inspires an awakening within the church. Join the revolution.

Track Listing
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01. It's Your Revolution
02. Starts With Me
03. Cast My Cares
04. You Remain
05. Christ In Me
06. Let's Be Beautiful
07. For Your Glory
08. I Will Follow Love
09. Great Reward
10. Holy Unafraid
11. Only One Standing

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Raw and Honest | Posted December 31, 2013
There is always beauty in simplicity and that was proven no better this year than on the label debut from Tim Timmons, Cast My Cares. Through eleven tracks, we’re treated to songs that are stripped down to little else than a guitar, piano and drums, yet flow and drive with an urgency that quality production provides.

Tim’s testimony has been told quite a bit. It’s the core of who he is and what drives much of his message of hope and redemption. In June of 2001, he was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and given five years left to live. Twelve years later, with four small children at home with his wife, Tim was on the verge of giving up on his music career when Reunion Records came knocking.

Tim’s voice is unique, raw and honest. You know he believes what he’s saying because his story required him to walk some pretty dark roads filled with lots of questions about faith, God and his own purpose. Many of those questions make their way into the lyric on Cast My Cares. “What if I believed in [God’s] power and I really lived it?” He sings on “Christ In Me.” “What can I do to leave a legacy and speak with authority / When I can’t see you?” he sings on “Starts With Me.” On “Let’s Be Beautiful” he questions, “What are we all about? Are we lovely, are we shinning?”

Considering the circumstances, it’s no wonder Tim is questioning everything in his day to day. But they are not questions from a cancer survivor. For anyone who has lived, they are questions of just a survivor. I’ve asked myself these questions plenty of time without staring at a doctor given expiration date.

Closing Thoughts:
Much like how Jeremy Camp’s early testimony solidified his early music into the hearts of his fans, Tim Timmons walking miracle of a life personalizes these songs as not just truth in lyrics, but truth in life, humanizing the artist in a way that a simple song just can not touch. And my favorite lyric of the album? “We want to be tethered to your timeline.” I may just have to print that one out and tape it to the inside of my Bible.

Song to Download:
“It’s Your Revolution”

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Raw, Honest, Excellent | Posted May 31, 2013
Tim Timmons is far from your established triple-threat singer/songwriter/worship leader. Albeit, he balances all three roles, but for this happily married father of four, music isn't just a career, nor is it merely a passion he‘s possessed since childhood. For Tim, it's a potential movement. 
"If there's a word for me it's 'inviting,'" he says. "I want to invite people into a conversation about Jesus."
And invite he does. Having served as the worship leader for Mariners Church in Irvine, Calif. for 15 years, alongside his many co-writing accolades with key players in CCM, this seasoned musician has quite the story to tell. Diagnosed with an incurable cancer nearly a decade ago, he considers the sickness to be both a gift, and a timely assignment to broadcast the name of Jesus with fierce urgency. 
"I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything… the gift through an incurable cancer, or any other sorrow we face, is perspective. And perspective is the gift that keeps on giving."
Tim's world was rocked again in 2010 when the content independent artist felt called to lay down his role at Mariners and pursue a full-time career in the industry. After much poking and prodding from friends, family, and God Himself, he finally embraced the calling and embarked on a new season.
Coming three years later, Cast My Cares is Timmons' first major label release. The album is an 11-song flight that openly chronicles Tim's personal relationship with Christ over the last several years, through the mountaintops and the messes. 
"It's Your Revolution" kicks things off with an infectious groove and a solid dose of brilliant penmanship, a foreshadowing of things to come: "You are the air held in our lungs, it's not enough if we're not breathing / What good is a song stuck in a heart? / If we don't sing, the stones start screaming."
The inquisitive "Start With Me" reels you in with a funky hook, while the project's namesake "Cast My Cares" is a vulnerable reminder to continually cast our cares upon God, especially when life gives us more than we can handle. It's a message everyone can relate to in one way or another, and is set against yet another fantastic background melody.
"You Remain" begins soothing and builds momentum. It talks about our human tendency to run our own lives, only to see them crumble under the frailty of our own control, yet how every time, God remains near, ready to help us pick up the pieces: "I've tried to do this now for so long on my own / You'd think I would have figured this whole thing out somehow / But just when I think I can't fall faster, farther away, I turn around, and there You are."
"Christ In Me" perfectly balances Tim's ability to lead the listener into worship, as well as deliver an honest message about his own struggle with faith. 
Without a doubt the finest example of songwriting on the album, the 5-star song "Let's Be Beautiful" is an allegory that that edifies the Church on how we will never be seen as the shining bride of Christ till we throw away all the ugly divisions that ensnare us: "Let's be beautiful, with love so radical / Full of compassion, oh what would happen if we were powerful from grace that overflows? / Love into action, oh what would happen if we were beautiful?"
Tim channels shades of Gavin DeGraw with his soulful and passionate delivery of vocals on "For Your Glory." The lyrics share how God will take every circumstance we face, whether it be a victory or a valley, and use it for His glory.
"I Will Follow Love" is a song of complete surrender that declares our allegiance to God no matter what, even if it means losing everything for Him. It yet again showcases the raw depth of honesty in Timmons' songwriting and leaves the listener feeling both challenged and uplifted: "I still believe You're in the silence, I still believe You're ever near, I still believe You're in the fire, I choose to believe above the fear.
Both "Great Reward" and "Holy Unafraid" tap into Tim's worship leading roots and serve as great moments of holy intimacy on the record, the latter of the two being a great addition for any worship leaders looking for something upbeat to bring to their congregation. 
"Only One Standing" takes Tim's chief mission statement of seeing his private kingdom fall to the ground in order to see God's kingdom arise, and assembles it in the form of a four minute song. It's a solid way to end a lyrically golden album. 
Closing Thoughts:
Tim Timmons' Cast My Cares is one of the finest examples of raw, honest songwriting to come from a worship artist in a very long time. His ability to balance one's own personal struggles authentically, while still being able to lay them down them with wholehearted abandon, is refreshing and vastly laudable.
The first half of the album does feel stronger than the latter, and while it never boasts a surplus of musical diversity, the chill pop/soul style Timmons has chosen suits him extremely well, and is done in such a way that draws you in song after song. Unquestionably one of the strongest releases of the year by a male vocalist, you'll definitely want to keep an eye on this rising artist. 
Song To Download: 
"Let's Be Beautiful"

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Tim Timmons | Posted June 02, 2013
 Tim Timmon's new album, Cast My Cares, is one I intend to listen to over and over again.  Even the name of the album inspires me.  To cast your cares on the Lord is to release all burdens.  As I listen to the album my heart is lifted as well as my burdens.  I can't wait for more from Tim Timmons!

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