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Tonight by TobyMac Tonight by TobyMac
So far this will be the biggest release for the season. Toby always brings his original funky tunes to the market and this is no different. If you like toby you will love tonight...if you don't like...
It Is Well by Kutless It Is Well by Kutless
Not a fan of this project. As a fan of theirs it upsets me that they sell out to praise and worship music to gain more fans. Don't need to hear remakes of songs i have heard over and over again on other...
Breaking The Silence EP by The Letter Black Breaking The Silence EP by The Letter Black
Not to many female rock singers come to mind in the christian industry so when a new singer emerges I am anxious to hear the tunes. Breaking the Silence didn't disappoint. I think they are a little...

good but not great | Posted June-02-2009
I love acoustic music and this is exactly what West delivers in this ep. I was somewhat dissapointed with the ep because I wish the songs were a little more upbeat.

Think the originals are better and more catchy. I do like the acoustic version of The Day Before You, but still like the original by Rascal Flatts better.

Overall these songs are great for any fan, but don't offer anything outstanding. It is fun to hear the songs toned down with the acoustic vibe but still feels like it left me hanging.

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Love the Unplugged Sound | Posted May-28-2009
To date, this is my favorite Jeremy Camp album. I love how he took his older songs and was able to transform them into toned down accustic sound. The strings/guitar/piano are amazing. His original songs are still fantastic, but it was great to hear the songs in a different light.

Live music I don't always care for. I would rather be at the concert rockin out then sitting at home listening to a live cd. Plus, I don't always like the crowd noise, artist talking in between songs, and how they tend to name the city they are performing in. This live cd turned out great because he didn't have all those extra features. (unless you watch the dvd which works seeing it live) The crowd is never over the top and it is set up to sound differnt then previous projects. Also liked hearing his wife, Adie, sing along in a couple tracks.

The DVD is great too. I was fortunate enough to see his accustic tour and the video is a great reminder of the concert.

Overall this is great album for any fan. There is nothing new to the cd, as far as song selection and lyrics, but the songs breathe new life into old familiar tunes of his. I enjoy his original songs but there is something magical in toning down the music and making them different by giving them an accustic sound.

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it's ok | Posted May-28-2009
I was disappointed with Jon McLauglin's follow up to his amazing album "Indiana." He is still a gifted individual, especially on the piano, but I thought this project was lacking.

The main problem I had is that he changed is style of music. He went from accustic/pinao/jazz vibe to singing pop. Maybe he changed his style because "pop" seems to be huge, at the moment, but he should have stayed to his roots. I miss the accustic/piano sound that he brought on the first project. Also I could relate to many of the lyrics on his first project, not so much on his latest.

For people who never heard of McLauglin prior to this cd, maybe this upbeat pop vibe works for you, but for fans of Indiana this is not the same music that fans (such as myself) came to like about him. He is very gifted and I look forward to future projects by him, but if he doesn't go back to his roots and keeps selling out as a pop artist I will not bother.

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Amazing Piano | Posted May-26-2009
This album is amazing. It has a music diversity that ranges from funk rock, to jazz, to classic piano, and to a rag time vibe. This cd is very unique and features some powerful lyrics and his crazy piano skills.

I was hooked from the get go with the amazing piano intro to the song Industry. Other noteworthy songs are Beautiful Disaster and Just Give It Time. (one of my favorites on the album. When ever I feel down or discouraged this song tends to lift me up and gives me hope for a better future)

All and all not much more I could want in an album. Catchy songs/powerful lyrics/great vocals, and some amazing piano melodies mixed throughout. It is rare to see an artist who can jam out on the piano. I am use to the killer guitars, and drums, but seldom come across an artist's unique skills at the piano in the christain industry.

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Simply Amazing! | Posted May-26-2009
Simplly Nothing is Shawn McDonald's first, and still my favorite, album (of his) released. It has great acoustic sounds/amazing lyrics/and great vocals. The album focuses on life issues of searching, struggling, questioning, and pain.

The entire album is fantastic, but my favorite songs are Take My Hand, Simply Nothing, and All I Need. He brings a unique flair to each song and stands out in the christain industry.

Rock is my passion, but it is nice to mix things up a bit with some great acoustics and some amazing vocals.

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Another spine tingling thriller | Posted May-26-2009
Dekker is back with another spine tingling thriller. Just thinking about a killer who brakes bones gives me the creeps. The themes of god's love, forgivness, and redemption works well in the story. Also enjoyed the concept on how far a father will go to save a lost child.

For fans of Dekker I think you will enjoy this book. I don't feel that this is his best work to date. Didn't think it had as many twists and turns as some of his other books. I also thought it was somewhat predicatable, but it does keep you guessing on how the characters might react to certain events that unfold.

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Red Rocks! | Posted May-23-2009
Back in June 2006 I was mesmorized by a new band known as Red. To date, this could be my favorite christian rock album around. The single "Breathe into me" was released prior to the album and I counted down the days until they released the full project. Luckly, I was not let down by the killer music.

The main reason I love this album so much is because of their style in music and amazing lyrics. In between songs, I love how they showcase the strings. Love how one minute it is pure rock then it slows down with an instrumental section, then comes back full throttle.

The deluxe edition is great for fans featuring
-live performances
-behind the scenes
-acoustic performaces

It has been 3 years since this band exploded into the christian market and I still find myself crankin up this album and rockin out. Their follow up "Innocence & Instinct" is amazing, but for me this is the project that started it all. I was hooked from the get go. Hopefully Red will be around for sometime because they bring a unique sound/style/and message to the christian market.

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Continues to rock | Posted May-22-2009
Crash is an amazng rock cd that has pure lyrics, emotion, and sincerity. They cover a variety of topics that everybody faces at somepoint in ourlives.

At first I wasn't sure if I would be a huge fan of the cd. Mainly because the main singer Caleb Oliver was replaced by TJ Harris. Anytime a band gets a new singer it can either be amazing, a flop, or so so. For me, I thought Harris brought the band a dynamic sound through his amazing vocals. The band has grown and matured in their 2nd project.

Right off the bat I was hooked with the song crash, and the rest of the cd turned out to be amazing. My favorite song is "Best I Can" The lyrics are amazing and I could relate to their message.

Kudos to decyfer down for a solid sophomore release. From start to finish I find myself hooked on their melodies and wanting more.

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Greatest Hits Indeed | Posted May-20-2009
I am not a huge Mercy Me fan. On every album they have bits and pieces that I enjoy but find the overall cd lacking. Finally a greatest hits album. This has all there #1 hits plus 3 new songs with the london symphony orchestra.

Since it is a package deal I am also giving the review on the dvd too. Not only does the cd bring their best hits but also has music videos, live performances, story behind the song, and more. So this truely is the ideal package for the fans.

They are a little to contemporary for me, but I must admit they have great songs around, i can only imagine, so long self, homesick, bring the rain, and word of god speak to name a few.

They are also one of the few bands around that knows how to produce a greatest hits album because it features all their #1 hits to date and has tons of bonus video. To many bands put out a greatest hits album, then a new album, then another greatest hits album to include the new songs. example Newsboys. They have 5 greatest hits albums 3 normal 1 worship 1 live.(which is similar to a greatest hits except that it is live). Also liked the fact they included a dvd full of extras.

This is a greatest hits collection. Love the cd mix + video content. Not much new they bring to the table but the bonus songs aren't to shabby. If they release another greatest hits anytime soon I will be frustrated, but for now it works.

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delightful surprise | Posted May-20-2009
I usually don't find to many female artist out that I enjoy listening to. Mainly because I listen to more rock then contemporary...and lets face it their aren't to many female rock artist around.

So imagine my surprise when I was listening to francesca (non rock) and found myself hooked on her voice. She has an amazing voice, powerful lyrics, and doesn't sound like your typical pop/contemporary artist. she has a soulful piano pop sound that is amazing to hear. The cd covers great themes that focus on trust and taking risk.

Main reason I give her a shot is because I saw how many dove nominations she recieved (I think 7 if I remember right) and figured she must be talented. Sure enough she is brillant. I was sad came out empty handed for this project. (once again if my memory serves me right). Hand down I think she should have won female artist of the year.

She set the bar high on this project and I will look forward to a follow up album, hopefully down the road. It is a rare treat where I am hooked on an artist that is young, full of life, and who isn't a rockstar but isn't your typical popstar either. This project is just brillant.

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Hillsong's Mike Guglielmucci | We Are Messengers 4th Album Coming | NEEDTOBREATHE Essentials

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