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Live Unplugged CD/DVD [edit]
by Jeremy Camp | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 08, 2005

Join Jeremy in an unplugged album/live concert featuring storytellers setting with backgrounds about each song and stripped down versions. Includes a bonus DVD!

Track Listing
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01. Understand
02. Right Here
03. Take You Back
04. Stay
05. Walk By Faith
06. Empty Me
07. Restored
08. My Desire
09. I Still Believe
10. Beautiful One
11. This Man

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art10 (115)

The Christian Version of Hear Music | Posted July 30, 2007
If you drink coffee, than you know Starbucks. I personally hate the company, and drink for that matter. But if you've ever been in a Starbucks, then chances are you've heard their background music. That's Hear Music, Starbuck's own music brand who just released the new Paul Mcartney CD, and released the famous last Ray Charles duet album. The brand often releases "Unplugged" or acoustic versions of popular AC songs, i.e. Alanis Morrisote, Oh how I hate her.

This is the Christian's Hear Music album. A great CD to drink coffee to, or just read a book and relax.

Note: This is not a live album, it's just unplugged in front of a select audience of maybe 50 people. This is not what a Jeremy Camp concert looks like, there's no orchestra or conductor behind him.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's explore the quality of the album. Underrated is the word. Nobody liked the album because they thought it was "Live", so nobody bought it. But get the album's true art, and you'll love it. The album is an acoustic masterpiece. Every song is given a new layer, and many times improved upon. This is most evident when his wife sings with him as background vocals, nothing short of stellar.

The only problem is I wish it was longer, more songs. But overall, the album is truly an underrated classic work of art. The DVD is also a great bonus, totally adds to the album and music. The video work is very well done, and is award winning quality. So go into the album expecting a Starbucks style album, and you'll like what you hear, and want more.

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Unplugged | Posted February 12, 2008
Live CD's aren't exactly my forte but Jeremy Camp's incredible, soothing voice helps me to enjoy his live album. He sings all of his hits including songs from "Stay", "Restored", and "Carried Me: The Worship Sessions". Camp is an incredible writer, vocalist, and musician so I would recommend any of his records including this one.

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Elegance meets mastry | Posted July 25, 2007
Jeremy Camp outdid himself on this one. This one is a CD / DVD set in which you can see the whole unplugged concert on the DVD or listen to it on the CD. It is elegant to listen to him overscore the music with his wonderfully powerful voice and to even have his new wife Adie join in on singing the song that he wrote because of the death of his first wife. It makes you cry. It praises God. It touches your heart. It takes the mastery of Jeremy Camp and blends Praise into a style that is glorious to Christ!

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Love the Unplugged Sound | Posted May 28, 2009
To date, this is my favorite Jeremy Camp album. I love how he took his older songs and was able to transform them into toned down accustic sound. The strings/guitar/piano are amazing. His original songs are still fantastic, but it was great to hear the songs in a different light.

Live music I don't always care for. I would rather be at the concert rockin out then sitting at home listening to a live cd. Plus, I don't always like the crowd noise, artist talking in between songs, and how they tend to name the city they are performing in. This live cd turned out great because he didn't have all those extra features. (unless you watch the dvd which works seeing it live) The crowd is never over the top and it is set up to sound differnt then previous projects. Also liked hearing his wife, Adie, sing along in a couple tracks.

The DVD is great too. I was fortunate enough to see his accustic tour and the video is a great reminder of the concert.

Overall this is great album for any fan. There is nothing new to the cd, as far as song selection and lyrics, but the songs breathe new life into old familiar tunes of his. I enjoy his original songs but there is something magical in toning down the music and making them different by giving them an accustic sound.

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Amazing | Posted May 28, 2009
I first watched this DVD a few years back now, probably close to when it came out, and fell in love with it.

I Love every bit of this DVD, when his wife sings back up vocals for him, it is truly a work of art. I also love the fact that he has his brother playing guitar for him through the whole thing. I was also amazed by his drummer, during the whole DVD I couldn't help saying to myself every time the drummer came on "Wow, he is a really amazing drummer", Just the way he got into the songs and wasn't just another drummer, but a worshiper also, and his ability to play the drums was past amazing, all the different percussion instruments he had to accompany the drum was just incredible.

Every time I sit down to watch this DVD, I get goosebumps about how good he is, and I just sit, mesmorized until it is finished. If you don't have this DVD, go buy it.

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Acoustic is better than original! | Posted May 25, 2009
This CD/DVD set is like a greatest hits of Jeremy's first three albums. The acoustic sound really sets apart the lyrics and where Jeremy's heart is in the songs. On top of that you get a DVD of the concert as well. If you're saying I already have al these songs on the original albums you still need to get this album. It is well worth it.

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WOW | Posted December 16, 2008
so often live albums have very subpar vocals but not this one. His voice is very clean and clear. if only every live album would turn out like this. I also like the new arrangments and the strings.

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awesome | Posted October 08, 2008
This cd is so uplifting. If I'm having a bad day I turn this on with my iPod and it feels a little better already. Jeremy Camp has amazing vocals and this cd just lets them shine through anymore.

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aawesome ! | Posted October 07, 2008
i love jeremy camp's music! it is vibrant, passionate, beautiful, and glorifying to God. each song is unique and well written.... Great cd and i am excited for more !!!!!!!!!

God BLESS YOU !! Jeremy Camp you rock!!

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<3 | Posted April 26, 2008
jeremy camp is really good!
i got this cd for my birthday then went home and watched it and i love it.
live isnt my favorite but i do like this cd.

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