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So far it has been decent, would like to see Dekker do some new stuff, maybe a realistic fiction piece....
Leaving Eden by Brandon Leaving Eden by Brandon
Leaving Eden presents a new Brandon Heath. This isn't actually good. Heath leaves his traditional songwriting which was good, and aims for a more spiritual writing focusing on inner turmoil. For instance...
No Far Away by Chris No Far Away by Chris
No Far Away is very close to perfect. The highlights of the album are the first six songs and It's Always Been You. Battle and 7X70 are the two most amazing songs on the album. The only song that seems...

Great CD | Posted May-04-2010
All the songs are great on this CD even if you can get the live version they are even better. Especially You Reign and So Long Self. Check out Word of God Speak of course.

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Different but a good Different | Posted May-04-2010
MercyMe's new album mixes the good old worship and the new beats that they can do really well. This Life is the introduction and it well introduces you to the new sound and then right in to a Beatle-esque The Generous Mr. Lovewell which is a great song.

Move is probably the farthest from the MercyMe style. This Life could be but that depends on your prespective.
This album is great so far.

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Digital EP one great song | Posted April-20-2010
Rain it Down is the only really good song. The other two I don't reccomend because they are very typical ccm. What I mean is that they aren't going to be the biggest hits anywhere but Whittaker does shine in Rain it Down.

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Good Beat weird song | Posted April-19-2010
Skeleton Bones. I never understood the song. Weird but with the nice beat it makes for a good listen just needs to be explained to me a couple of times for more stars.

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Good But not great | Posted April-08-2010
The music sounds great but the lyrics are second rate and for me hold no imagery. They seem to be very flat and two dimensional. I would love this band if you add lyrics like Leeland and Phil Wickham with soaring imagery and great guitar you would be amazing.

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Okay but not great Dekker | Posted April-08-2010
The Bride Collector, the seecond book for Dekker from a secular publisher, is another thriller. With thrillers from Dekker including Three and Boneman's Daughters. Bride Collector comes off as trying to hard. Dekker creates a murderer that is very generic and has been seen before.

FBI Agent Brad Raines almost seems like the same agent as one in his previous books Adam. With each Dekker book before this I found new and exciting characters but with this book having it's two main characters very similar to previous characters.

In conclusion Dekker has an okay book. One that some fans will enjoy but I would like to see new everything in the next thrillers from Dekker.

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Good | Posted March-02-2010
Sanctus Real will never be able to reach the skill in Say It Loud but they can come close like in this album which has some good songs and does make you want more of there melodic rock pop sound.

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Great Debut | Posted March-02-2010
Say It Loud is an amazing debut and the raw rock and deep lyrics it will be very hard to repeat or do better than this CD. While Sanctus Real will always be good this is them at their finest.

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Amazing Album | Posted March-02-2010
Sanctus Real's fourth release is great and will bring in a totally new fanbase. Some of the old fans will probably not enjoy the move from rocky to soft more cotemplative sounds.

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The Face of Love | Posted March-02-2010
Overall this album is very good and has amazing songs. The minus half star is because they could have changed Don't give up on love to Don't give up on God and it would have been a better song.

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