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Release Date: December 1969

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Good, But still want different | Posted April 06, 2011
So far it has been decent, would like to see Dekker do some new stuff, maybe a realistic fiction piece.

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pacemaker (319)
Rated 5 Stars

great book | Posted April 02, 2011
 ted dekker is such a weird but awesome writter. immanuel's veins is just another example.

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username2 (375)
Rated 4.5 Stars

It's like Twilight, except they don't sparkle and it's better written. | Posted February 04, 2011
As the back of the book states, "This story is for everyone, but not everyone is for this story." After reading I completely agree. This is Ted's most controversial book yet as it contains scenes that some people might consider offensive. But this is what I like about Ted's writing style. He is not afraid to push the boundaries of what people consider to be of good taste. This makes him one of the most interesting Christian authors out there.

As for the book, it is a great read. Especially for someone who has read the Books of History Chronicles as this book ties into those books. But you don't have to read those books to understand what happens in the story. It deals with trademark Dekker themes like the battle of good and evil and eloquently written scenes of love. If you can get past the overt sexuality that resides in the book, you'll find a great story that really makes you think about how you would go about loving someone.

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dark and light | Posted January 22, 2011
At times I was "weirded out" by the darkness of the book, but in the end the story was really good. I love how Dekker always does analogies in His book that shows Christ as conquerer. He's sometimes a little TOO descriptive of the women, but overall the story and the point of the story were, true to Dekker style...satisfying and encouraging.

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Bijan (1)
Rated 5 Stars

Absolutely inspiring! | Posted January 21, 2011
This book is amazingly well written and definitely inspired me to be chase after and pursue and love another as opposed to just chasing physical looks. It has Biblical references to the Nephilim which I learned more about through this book, and Dekker made them come alive in a way that captured my every moment during this read.

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Veins | Posted December 02, 2010
I'm a big fan of Dekker, always excited to read his new works. However, I was highly disappointed with Immanuel's Veins. Don't know what I was expecting but I had to force myself to finish reading it.
Looking forward to Priest's Graveyard!

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The Great Romance...& Immanuel's Veins | Posted September 08, 2010
All I can say is...wow. "Immanuel's Veins" really is completely different from anything Ted Dekker has ever written. Ever.
"Immanuel's Veins" tells the story of Toma Nicolescu, set in 1772 in Moldavia and told in the first person (a first for Dekker!), who has been dispatched by Catherine the Great with his friend Alek to protect those dwelling in a large royal palace during their "Summer Ball of Delights". Toma (whose name is the Russian equivalent for Thomas, meaning "twin"), placing duty and honor above all else, rushes to perform his duty. But when he and Alek meet the sisters, daughters of a prominent figure, named Lucine and Natasha (who happen to be twins), everything spirals downward.
Thus ensues a suspenseful romance between Toma Nicolescu and Lucine, as Toma struggles with his loyalty to duty and his calling to love. When a band of Russians come to the ball, Natasha and then Lucine are drawn into their trap to the Castle Castile. Learning what they are up against and realizing his passionate love for Lucine, Toma pursues and goes after them.
The writing itself was actually some of the best I've ever seen from Dekker, and the storyline was captivating as well. This story is virtual gold, one of my new favorites from Dekker. So then...drink deep. For "Immanuel's Veins" is a treasure to be remembered.

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