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Leaving Eden [edit]
by Brandon Heath | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: January 18, 2011

Since his 2006 debut, Christian music’s beloved and twice-honored Male Vocalist of the Year (2009 and 2010) Brandon Heath has won an Emmy Award, been nominated for two GRAMMYs, an American Music Award, and holds multiple GMA Dove Awards.

He is involved in Young Life, International Justice Mission, and Blood-Water Mission. In addition to raising $100,000 for the needs in his native Nashville at his annual Love Your Neighbor benefit, Heath’s soaring career includes three No. 1 hits, “I’m Not Who I Was,” “Wait and See” and 2009’s GMA Dove-winning Song of the Year, “Give Me Your Eyes.”

Staying true to his signature autobiographical style, Brandon Heath’s acoustic driven melodies are perfectly balanced by producer Dan Muckala’s pop sensibilities for his latest release Leaving Eden. Heath, and acclaimed co-writing partner/producer Jason Ingram, penned the record’s first single “Your Love” as a testament to God’s abounding love that never leaves us, gives purpose and lights our way.

Track Listing
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01. Leaving Eden
02. Your Love
03. The Light In Me
04. Only Water
05. Stolen
06. Might Just Save Your Life
07. It's Alright
08. It's No Good To Be Alone
09. Now More Than Ever
10. The One
11. As Long As I'm Here

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Top 10 Of 2011 - Best Album Of The Year! | Posted December 26, 2011
A few years back, Phil Wickham recorded my favorite album of the year, Heaven And Earth. The songs unlocked that connection we all feel with our eternal destiny and created a real sense of longing to leave this world behind and join our heavenly Father. Brandon Heath's latest album, Leaving Eden, returned me to that sense of longing with the opening title track, a beautiful telling of how we continue to move further away from Eden while closing the distance to Heaven. I love that picture because it's not a hopeful song until the end, when we realize that the darkness around us actually has purpose when we look for the light ahead. Brandon doesn't stay on this theme long, unlike Wickham did, returning to the topic only once more at the end of the album with the spectacular song "Now More Than Ever," but the music and lyrics are layered in the same vein. They are catchy enough to sound comfortable and familiar, but different enough of stand apart from the crowd of other Pop/AC artists out there.
Released in the first few weeks of 2011, I can still easily breeze through this release without hitting skip once. From the polished, best driven radio hits "Your Love," "Might Just Save Your Life," and most recently, "The Light In Me," to some of the deeper tracks like "Only Water" and "It's Alright", which pull back and rely more on acoustic guitar, piano and strings, this album is full of hit songs. "It's No Good To Be Alone" even brings in an island/beach vibe complete with horns. 

Lesser artists would get lost in this variety, but Brandon's vocals handle all styles beautifully, you get a sense that he and the producers took a few extra steps on each track, and he's never sounded better. Don't miss this fantastic release from one of Christian music's rising artists.

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New Sound, Same Great Storytelling... | Posted March 29, 2011
It’s the year 2007, and there is a new song on the radio you keep hearing with a catchy beat and virtually no chorus called “I’m Not Who I Was”, an unlikely choice for a radio single, but a brilliant move nonetheless. Skip ahead to 2011... Brandon Heath, the voice behind the aforementioned hit song as well as others such as “Give Me Your Eyes” and “Love Never Fails”, has not only become a two time Dove Award Winning male vocalist of the year, but he has also released two successful albums and been nominated for two Grammy’s. It’s no surprise that with all this success Brandon soon acquired a large fan-base, all of whom were wondering what Brandon had up his sleeve next. The answer? His third and newest release, “Leaving Eden.”

The album starts off with the title track, ‘Leaving Eden’, with a poignant and lyrically descriptive message about the growing darkness in this world, offering the reminder that this world isn’t our home. Eden‘s first single “Your Love” is next, a solid track that most fans will instantly gravitate to.

Others songs on the album such as “Light In Me” and “Now More Than Ever” sound a lot like previous hits such as “Give Me Your Eyes” and “Wait And See”, while the more slower tracks on the album such as “Only Water” mirror material more likely to be found on his debut release. “Stolen” is by far my favorite track on the entire album. Musically, but lyrically as well. Brandon has a way of painting abstract word pictures that grab your attention, this song being one of them (““You catch me like a thief in the night and hold me when I put up a fight… “)

“Might Just Save Your Life” and “No Good To Be Alone” are a few example of some new sounds Brandon used on this new record, which are a bit different from what you’ve heard of his music before, but still brilliant in the end. “It’s Alright” once again comes back to Brandon’s straightforward style of writing what can almost be considered grown-up lullabies, comforting the listener with the promise of God’s truth, this song also having a beautiful string section that really ties the words to the music.

The album concludes with “The One”, another upbeat track with a convicting message to go out and reach the world around us, and the melodic “As Long As I’m Here”, which goes back to the resonating theme of the album of temporary life on earth, eternal life above and the opportunity to make a change and reach the world for Jesus while we are here. It’s a solid way to the album and I like the fact that it acts as a journal of sorts, seeing as it begins with a question and ends with an answer.

Overall, I enjoyed this new album. I particularly enjoy the new sounds Brandon has started experimenting with musically, moving from straight up acoustic guitar driven songs (which he does quite well, might I add) to playing around with some funky automatic effects as well as some heavier programmed beats that fit his voice and the songs nicely. Some longtime Heath fans may not be too into the musical changes this album takes compared to his previous two albums, but they can all agree that lyrically, he has and continues to be one of the most honest songwriters in the genera. I look forward to hearing what’s next from Brandon, because if it’s anything like this album, we should expect something great.

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Brandon Heath [Leaving Eden] | Posted January 05, 2011
Brandon Heath, GMA’s two-time reigning Male Vocalist of the Year, returns with a new 11-song project Leaving Eden, on January 18, 2011. Heath teams again with acclaimed co-writing partner Jason Ingram on four new songs including the hit single, “Your Love.” It was the first song written for the new album following Heath and Ingram’s previous No.1 radio hit collaboration, “Give Me Your Eyes.” Thematically, the project’s opener and title track speaks to a new awareness in Heath’s life that the problems of the world exist in part because of the knowledge of good and evil. However, even amidst innocence being slowly chipped away, Heath believes the world can be changed, even if it’s just one decision at a time. “The album starts with the title track ‘Leaving Eden’ stating the obvious pain in the world by just reading the headlines, but turns towards reconciliation despite the hate and frightening things that happen in life,” Heath explains. “I want to celebrate the goodness in the world, and that’s what the rest of the songs on the project talk about. I feel like I have a choice to protect what little innocence is still left in my life, because I think that’s what attaches me to God. It doesn’t mean other things can’t be healed, but why do I have to feel like I’m completely ruined, when I’m not?”

“Leaving Eden” is an incredible song and from the first listen I was hooked by the challenging message including “a teacher is hiding her Bible, but at least she has a job and my local Salvation Army just got robbed” and the very catchy melody. The main premise of the album is “there is no place like home.” “Your Love” is the first single and has “song of the year” written all over it. Musically, both songs feature that “Give Me Your Eyes” hook-filled musical vibe, comparable to OneRepublic and The Afters. Clearly good things happen when Brandon and Jason co-write songs, and that is evidenced throughout Leaving Eden, Brandon’s best album in my opinion. The chorus is a wonderful declaration of faith: “The only thing that matters is Your love, Your love is all I have to give. Your love is enough to light up the darkness, it’s Your love, Your love…all I ever needed is Your love.” From the first time I heard the song “I’m Not Who I Was” I connected to Brandon Heath personally and I’ve been a fan ever since. His story is also my story, and I struggle with balancing faith and fear of failure. Brandon’s songs are relatable to real life and he appeals to people from all walks of life, lyrically and musically. I find his songwriting to be especially sincere and relevant. “The Light In Me” is a surefire hit song which speaks about our walks as Christians with the worship chorus: “You put the light in me, the spark, the shot to the heart, the hope that leads me out of the dark.” “Only Water” is an acoustic guitar ballad and like “Love Never Fails” I hang on every word as Brandon passionately sings “It’s only water, and it washes over me, like a single river stone, it changes everything that has no power on its own, it’s only water.”

“Stolen” and “Might Just Save Your Life” both bring back the electronic musical style and I love the song order of this album as it really causes me to focus on the excellent messages of each song while mixing up the musical styles. I could imagine exercising while listening to many of these songs as they have great energy and hooks. “It’s Alright” is another tender ballad which I could sing to my 3 young daughters when they need comfort as God sings over us“everything will be okay.” “It’s No Good To Be Alone” is another upbeat song with a reggae musical feel and uplifting message about being in community. The album is loaded with very positive messages including the next songs “Now More Than Ever” and “The One.” Closing song “As Long As I’m Here” brings the “leaving Eden” theme full circle to the day when we stand before Jesus in Heaven and the song stops me in my tracks with these incredible lyrics: “You gave me the heart and the time I would need to find You and make it back home, where I belong.”

Leaving Eden has set the bar incredibly high for new albums this year. There are no weak songs and this album is truly a masterpiece. This is already my favorite album by Brandon Heath and one of my all-time favorite albums. Every song speaks to me personally as a Christian and several songs reflect the brilliance of the album, including “Leaving Eden,” “Your Love,” “The Light In Me,” “Might Just Save Your Life,” “It’s No Good To Be Alone” and closing track “As Long As I’m Here.” The album’s theme is cohesive and the concept that we’ve left Eden is a great reminder of why we need our Savior Jesus. His Holy Spirit dwells in us as believers, and God wants us back with Him, but as long as we’re here, the album challenges us to ask ourselves “how well did I love?” Leaving Eden was well worth the almost 3 year wait and establishes Brandon Heath as the premier solo artist in Christian music for his exemplary songwriting and compelling vocals. This album is nearly perfect and gets 5 very enthusiastic stars.

Rating: 9.8 out of 10 (98%, A+)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from Click here to visit today!

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chaiann (21)

Brandon is the Best! | Posted June 04, 2011
This is an amazing album! He keeps getting better! Every new cd is better than the last one. I love how he can have good songs that still have a good message. My favorite song on the album is Stolen. It is just such a powerful, beautiful song! Way to go, Brandon!

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Even better than before.... | Posted March 14, 2011
I begged my mom to take me out to buy this cd, and it was worth it! i love the whole cd. To tell the truth I don't know most of the song names because I put the cd in my cd player & just let it repeat. My favorite have to be: Leaving Eden, Only Water, Your Love, and It's No Good to be Alone. Overall, one of my favorites, and definitely the best of '11 for me so far!

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AMAZING ALBUM! | Posted March 12, 2011
I've been a huge fan of Brandon's for a while now, and was totally pumped when I heard he was coming out with this new album. The first time I listened to it, I was TOTALLY blown away! It's awesome. Each song is just amazing-Brandon has such a wonderful gift with writing. Highly recommended!

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bull42 (50)

Leaving Very Impressed | Posted January 31, 2011
Brandon Heath's third solo album "Leaving Eden"
is IMHO, his best album yet.Brandon's voice is great and his writing skills are truly blessed by the Lord.The title tract,"Leaving Eden" is a great
song.I liked it from the first time I heard it.I
told myself, what could top that? Well, "Your Love"(The 2011 song of the year IMO)does."Stolen"
"Now More Than Ever" and "Only Water" also are great songs.However my two favorite songs on this outstanding CD are "The Light In Me" and "It's
Alright".I predict these songs will be #1 hits as well.
This is by far Brandon's best CD. I strongly urge everyone to get this Cd. You will not be disappointed.

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gizmodad (75)

Brandon Heath "Leaving Eden" Review | Posted January 28, 2011
With multiple GMA Dove Award victories, Grammy nominations and a bundle of smash hit radio singles to his name, Brandon Heath is no stranger to success in the industry. That fact will certainly remain a reality with the release of his brand new offering titled Leaving Eden. Brandon's much anticipated third studio album is everything that is expected from him,but with a few little surprises also thrown in to the mix. It's an album full of encouraging and upbeat adult contemporary hits that you're sure to hear on the radio throughout 2011..

Kicking off the album is the title track "Leaving Eden", a song which reminds us that the world is rapidly collapsing with each coming day. The lyrics are very similar to "Give Me Your Eyes", as he describes a handful of real life situations where Brandon feels like he's leaving the perfect world that God created. "I just waved to a stranger, he didn't wave back/....Teacher is hiding her bible, but at least she's got a job/ My local Salvation army just got robbed." Musically, this song is typical of Brandon, but it's the blend of rhymes that really make this song shine.

Following the title track is the first single "Your Love" and the exclusive pre order download "The Light In Me". "Your Love", which is already a powerhouse in Christian radio, highlights that God's love is all we'll ever need, while "The Light In Me" has a simple chorus which states that God is the one who puts the light in our hearts. I was a little disappointed that these two songs sounded very similar to his previous hit songs "Give Me Your Eyes" and "Wait And See" off his What If We album.

The acoustic driven "Only Water" is my personal favourite off the album. It sounds similar to "Love Never Fails" off the What If We album. It's such a peaceful song with Brandon passionately singing in the chorus "It's only water/And it washes over me/Like a single river stone/Changes everything/But has no power on its own." Brandon's perfect voice is at its best on this track and fits excellently with the low violin. It was great to see a song on this album that didn't have the expected hip hop beat like the others.

"Stolen" is a catchy and upbeat track that describes the captivating love of Christ, with its worship style chorus, "You catch me like a thief in the night/You hold me when I put up a fight/You chase me when I run from Your light/Because You love you won't give up."
"Might Just Save Your Life" sounds like a bit like a TobyMac track and it's the most unique off the album. It has some awesome electric guitar solos backing the pop beat. "It's Alright" is a piano driven song that is written in the perspective of Jesus talking to someone, comforting them saying that "It's alright/Everything will be okay/You just hold tight/I'll be with you all the way."

"The One" broadcasts the fact that is only takes one person to make a difference in the world, and someone just needs to step out and make a move. "As Long As I'm Here" is a perfect closer to the album, and has an airy feel and describes how one day we will be reunited with Jesus in heaven, so we need to spread God's word while we're here.

The main theme of Leaving Eden is temporary life on Earth, and the fact that we need to use this time to make a difference. The theme was one of the greatest factors of the album, and I believe that this a mission every Christian should strive to accomplish.

Overall, Leaving Eden, was a very enjoyable listen. The straightforward songs that are Brandon's speciality are excellent as well as the songs that contained new sound I didn't expect such as "Might Just Save Your Life" and "It's No Good To Be Alone". Long time fans of Brandon Heath might not enjoy the new sound as much, but I know I certainly enjoyed the mini transition. This album is not what you would call "Album Of The Year" material, but I am confident that it will bring more success to this profound singer/songwriter. This is Brandon's best work to date and also the first must have album for the year!

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10
Genre: Adult Contemporary

Top 3 Songs:
1. Only Water
2. Might Just Save Your Life
3. It's No Good To Be Alone

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Outstanding | Posted January 27, 2011
After open your eyes I thought it was going to be hard to like something new but Brandon did it. Leaving eden shows how talented Brandon is. Im into harder music but after songs like stolen and your love this has taken over my ipod. I feel the spirit move through Brandon and it will move through you if you let it. Brandon shows my hes a proven winner. I encourage you to listen to this and let the music move you. Thanks Brandon

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My favorite so far! | Posted January 25, 2011
I received this album last Tuesday on release day, I had preordered on iTunes! I had heard most of the songs already when they demoed it on the radio, but after actually sitting down with the album I fell in love! I think this is his best album yet in my opinion!

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Very Good | Posted January 23, 2011
I really enjoyed listening to this album and plan on adding it to my music library soon. This is a release that I think not only myself, but my wife and children would enjoy listening to as well. It is very Christ focused and many of the songs are very rhythmic with a hip-hop style beat. I really enjoy this type of music and am thankful for Brandon's ministry.

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Album | Posted January 20, 2011
I think this album is great.
I could listen to some of the songs over and over. I'm glad that I heard this album. If it weren't for the radio I wouldn't have some of the CD's that I have.

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